Brand of Kitty Litter able to go into septic???

amtsJune 1, 2008

Automatic Litter contraption that cost $100 going bad.

It's a few years old, so looking for different solution.

If I put kitty box in Bathroom, I can see myself (and 12 year old son) actually scooping out and into toilet. But, we are on septic. Will this hurt the system? A particular Brand that would work?

We have a new kitten, only 5 months, and are "relearning" to be cat people.

Just trying to figure out way of keeping kitter box tidy.

Thank You in advance.


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My DD used one that was made by Arm and Hammer I think.She had a septic tank and it never caused any problems.You might Google and see what is available.I know there are quite a few out there.
I keep a bucket (an empty one that the littler comes in) lined with a plastic bag next to the litter box and scoop every day into that and snap the lid back on.When it's full just remove the bag,tie it up and take it to the dumpster.I also put one of those stick up air fresheners in the bucket,under the plastic bag,and that helps with any odor problems.

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Worlds best cat litter is septic safe. I have used it for a few years (not in a septic) and may cats enjoy it. There is a slight dust to it, but contains the smells well

Here is a link that might be useful: Worlds best

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I love Nature's Miracle, although I don't think any litter can go into a septic! I do put the poops in, though!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nature's Miracle Cat Litter

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According to DH (licensed septic installer and used to design them as well) there is no septic safe kitty litter.

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If you are just putting the litter in one scoop at a time, and not dumping the entire box into the toilet, then Feline Pine and Yesterday's News would be okay for a septic system. But in small doses...

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Thank You all for your responses. Interstingly @ the local Pet Shop they said it was illegal, yes a law or ordinance actually on the books, putting kitty litter the toilet.
I am sure this was into the usual toilet because it causes havoc at the sanitation filtration site. Urban Myth? Perhaps. But Thanks once again. AM

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lilliepad has the right idea, it really isn't good to put any cat litter in the septic. I have a septic and will put a poop in it everyonce in a while.

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Regular kitty litters that consists of clay or inorganic compounds would be bad for a septic system. The biodegradable litters that I mentioned wouldn't be harmful. Considering the we put human poop and toilet paper in the septic system and the litters that I mentioned are totally small quantities they won't do any harm.

I design septic systems for a living, btw. The laws for septic system vary state to state and even from county to county depending upon where you live.

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