7 year old Shih Tzu started digging in chair

stu2900June 22, 2009

We've had one of our Shih Tzus for 5 yars and he's always been a darling. All of a sudden he has started digging at the back of the chair I usually sit in. He's almost dug through the fabric. I tried putting a towel over the back of the chair, but he just keeps clawing at it until it falls down and then he digs in the same spot again. DM thinks he might be mad at me because I went to visit DD for a few days, but he's always been DH's dog, and doesn't ususally care wether I'm around or not. Any ideas?

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I think he just found a way to play/occupy himself. Maybe he enjoyed bugging you (for attention)while you sat in the chair, or got you to sit in the chair after you've placed the cover over it...Now he's hoping you'll sit there and pay attention to him. He must know that IT got a reaction out of you. Just a guess.

Shih Tzus are very smart. Only their owners know their personalities. They're like little people. They communicate with you. My dogs were/are bilingual (Shih Tzu and English-lol) THEY understand me. I don't understand them. Whose smarter??? I would talk to mine and from their reaction, they understood. The Shih Tzu I have left has like fifty balls and knows them by color or description. Unbelievable. I never taught mine tricks. Tricks are for dogs-LOL. From what I've noticed, people do not see them for who they really are. Shih Tzus act kind of aloof with strangers.That makes the non-owners think that they they're just dumb little dogs. Contrary!

Anywhoo,I had a Shih Tzu who would dig at my DH's butt, while he was sitting on the rug folding laundry...or just sitting on the floor. It became a ritual. As soon as she would see him sit down on the floor, she would run over, lie down on her side and start beating his behind like she was digging. She had the biggest smile on her face. It was their special time together. He would rub her belly. She did it until the end... I miss her so much. She lived to be 18. The. best. dog. ever.

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He does it mostly when we are gone, but the couple of times I caught him at it, he was working so hard at it and then turned to me and I swear, he smiled!

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Try some new toys and give him a blanket in the chair or wherever his bed is. A lot of dogs like to 'nest' so they'll dig around to try and get the bedding just like they want it.......even when it's a solid/smooth surface.

Have you checked to make sure a favorite bone, food or snack isn't lodged in the crevices of the chair?

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My suggestion is that you take the dog out for daily 45 minute walks. when you know you are leaving, take him out for a short walk to tire him out. Then if you need to protect your chair, you can either teach him to leave it. or put some cookie sheets or other obstacle up to make it harder for him to continue his behavior.
And leaving him with toys which will keep him occupied while you are gone (like a treat filled kong) is a great idea. Good luck

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