Litter box dilemma

glaserberlJune 20, 2010

We have 3 cats and 5 litter boxes. Added the fifth when we went away for a long weekend and didn't have anybody to clean them. I just never bothered to put one away.

One of the cats likes to pee standing with his front paws on the edge of the box. On occasion he'll balance all four paws on the edges (tipped the whole box over a couple of times). I tried different litters and it doesn't matter to him. Lately he must have changed his stance slightly because he frequently pees straight across the box onto the wall/floor. No big deal, the boxes are in the unfinished part of the basement and I douse any spots with enzyme cleaner.

I want to replace the boxes with something that prevents him from peeing on the floor. My thoughts are either three large rubbermaid type flat storage containers or four high sided litter boxes. I think the litter boxes would contain the stream of urine better, but he wouldn't be able to stand on the edge. My dilemma is will he use the box or will he decide to just not use it at all? What would you do?


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Try one of the litter boxes with a lid

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If you have a lowes or home depot nearby try a couple of their concrete mixing boxes. They are larger than the average litter box, have a bit of an edge, and sturdy enough that filled with litter even a large cat probably wont tip it. Another couple of pluses with them is that they are cheap (around $5) and have rounded ends that make scooping easy. There is also a large litter box at Petsmart I think that is bigger, deeper and sturdier than a normal box that costs around $20.

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I'll look at the concrete mixing tubs.

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I had a cat who hung her little butt over the side of the box and hit the floor. I bought a Clevercat covered box: has a hole in the top where the cat enters. It solved the problem and also results in a lot less litter tracked out of the box.

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Marita, I was looking at those at Petsmart and was wondering how easy the cats adapt to it. One of ours is older and a little round. She would definitely not get out of it.

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We have a large sized kiddie pool in the basement for our outside cats to use in the winter when they are inside most of the time. Right now, a mommy cat with her litter are staying in the guest house and she uses the pool in the basement.

The kittens are 6 weeks old now and still nursing but are starting to nibble at the kitten kibble and drinking water. They are excellent about using the upstairs litter trays. They will be following mommy downstairs soon. I look forward to getting the litter out of the main floor.

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Our new male cat does the same thing! In addition to what goes in the box, he gets the wall behind the box, or drips down the side of the box. I now keep a large plastic bag under the box. It isn't everytime, but enough to drive me crazy.

Please let me know if anything works for you and your cat!

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I think I will by one high sided litter box and one of the cement mixing tubs this week and see what he prefers.

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My girl pees backwards (okay, probably not really, but it sure seems like it), in corners, and she has a tendency to raise up during the process. We've had a terrible time finding litter boxes because we need one that is high sided, but also very smooth in the corners and bottom edges- otherwise it's impossible to scoop with the way she pees.

We ended up buying a plastic filing box at an office supply store and just tossed the lid that came with it. We've had that for a few years and it works great.

Since you keep so many litter boxes around, it seems like it would be easier to try adding a new style without upsetting any of the cats. Look everywhere, at every plastic bin/tub you see, and you just might find your next good litter box.

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I use a plastic tote/storage box. It's a pretty big one, about 24"X36" 24" high or so. I do have 2 cats that share box. I did cut a entry door/hole on one end. I don't use the lid, I think it was trap odors too much and not dry. I had a problem with cat going over the side onto the floor and digging sand out of box. I had switched to a box that had 10" high side, but that wasn't high enough. Storage box works well.

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Rubbermaid makes a litter box that is basically a high-sided tote with a cutout for entry/exit at one end. It is gray and kind of ugly but it is very deep with smooth sides. My little cat loves to dig in the box and can throw litter all over the room. This box is the best I have tried. She didn't like the covered boxes - she is kind of an out-there cat.

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I went and bought 1 large, flat storage box and 1 litter box with high sides. After a week we only have one miss and that was by one of the two remaining regular boxes. All the boxes seem to have the same amount of usage and I think I will replace the 2 reg. boxes with high sided boxes. Looks like and easy fix for my dilemma.

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