lily316June 12, 2010

Today is hot and humid so Wally celebrated his two week anniversary living with us by getting a bath in the big galvanized tub in the back yard. He was very good but note to self. Next time do Ziggy first because the water got deep for my little doxie. Happy cool dogs are chilling now waiting for their walk.

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i've been trying to figure out how to give my dane girls baths at home. no way i can live them INTO any sort of tub. i've tried it with the hose but all they want to do is play in it!

glad to hear things are going well with your new guy!

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Pet Food Express stores have bathing areas for dogs, they are reasonable and you can do it yourself, they have areas for big and little dogs, hope you have one near you!! When you o give them a bath you may want to put down a lightweight cheapo beach towel - the thinner the better, it will help them keep there footing and they are thin enough that the water will drain but the excess hairs wont clog the drain as much!! Pictures of bath day with your pups would be much appreciated!!!!

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we do have a Pet Supplies Plus store where we get our dog food and i'm pretty sure they have a walk-in shower sort of deal for big dogs. i'll have to check it out!

those should be some interesting pictures! LOL

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When I was remodeling my bathrooms, I thought about being able to bath my dogs ... nina, even your danes would fit in here. Took the tub out and made a giant shower.

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Super set-up. We did the same thing but for my husband. LOL. The hand-held head would be a God-send for the pooches. My DD's Rhodesian Ridgeback is scared to death of hose pipes and overhead showers. But your set-up would work for him.

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Great set up.

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pamg that is exactly what i did! I took out the tub, and created a walkin with handsprays, PLUS a bench for me to sit on!

view without the glass...

view with the glass...

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calliope ... well I did do it for myself also ... over 50 with ankle and knee problems! But had to think about the pooches also ... it worked great when Dakota had all his skin issues ... he would stand still in the warm shower and let me shampoo him ... made him less ichy.

cindy .. great minds think alike!

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