Worrying to much over pets

debbiep_gwJune 11, 2009

Are most pet owners like me?I worry nonstop it seems over Lucy(6yrs old basset)I have two female bassets Lucy and Sally(5yrs old)I hardly ever worry about Sally and her problems are probably as bad or worse as Lucys.Their personality's are like day and night though and I think thats my problem.Sally is a happy dog,Lucy is more sullen.Sally is a velcro dog and Lucy is a bed/couch dog.I look at Lucy and she seems sad,I look at Sally and you can see her happiness.Lucy is alpha female between the two and she gets everything first.She gets lots of attention and love as well as Sally.She has a good bit of health issues like allergies,acid reflux,etc.but I'm always worrying something is wrong with her and it could just be her personality that makes me think some of it.She has her moments when she perks up,if she hears the jeep keys rattle shes like a puppy(likes her ride)she sprints across the pecan orchard on occasion,loves company to come.Most of the time she is sullen though,so I was wondering if any other pet owners worry like I do?Needlessly it seems..Debbie

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For the first 2 years after I got my current dog I thought something was horribly wrong with him. Turns out he just isnt "INTO" anything but riding in the car. He does not like to eat much, we actually have to pretend we are going to steal his food to get him to eat (going on 14 years now) he hates camping, only wants to hike when he is in the mood, isnt into playing with other dogs etc. He is broken. Not normal. I keep thinking he was a reincarnated buddist monk or something - does not like to eat, just wants to meditate all day...I have just had to learn that is the way he is. Always has been always will be. Im not so worried about him all the time now. Just every so often.

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I always worry about my cats...unfortunately, I have good reason. They have many health issues. Just try to stay in the moment and love them with all your heart.

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Animals have different personalities just as humans do.

If an animal is healthy, they are just being what they are.

You characterize Lucy as sullen. Being sullen is a human behavior. Dogs are not sullen. They may have less energy, be less inclined to act like another dog in the same house. Lucy is simply Lucy. Let her be Lucy and you can be rid of that worry.

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*LOL* She has you wrapped around her pinkie paw *LOL* I adore Basset Hounds. Lucy sounds like a very confident and independent soul.

I worry all the time over my Saint Bernard. He's 7 and he knows how to push my buttons. This morning he was laying on the floor whining. My first reaction is 'oh my God, what's wrong?!?. I feel his nose - he hardy moves and looks at me with those big sad eyes. The big test is when I say the word 'RAT!' So I say the word. Off he goes barking looking for a rat. Nothing wrong, he's a talker and a whiner. Totally has me pegged. What's worse is when he's crying at 3:00 (every morning) and stamps his feet. I thought he needed to go potty - nope - he wants in bed.

My little rescue Cocker is laid back and confident. Never causes me a moment of worry.

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I suppose your right todancewithwolves.It seems we have dogs alike.Its the eyes I believe.Like yours you can mention certain words and she perks right up..

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