Has anyone installed Caesarstone London Grey or Frosty Carrina?

blondelleMarch 1, 2013

I think some gals here mentioned they chose London Grey for their counters. Has anyone done the install of it yet? Would love to see, if you have. Also would love to see the Piatra Gray and the Frosty Carrina if anyone has installed those. They are all gorgeous.

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I have not installed it, but it is a top contender. I have samples of Torquay, London Grey, Frosty Carrina, and also a Vicostone product. The Torquay and Carrina have a very white background while the London Grey is a bit darker. I wish I could see a whole slab.

In terms of cost, I live in Virginia and the Torquay was priced at $69/sq ft (includes fabrication/installation and taxes). The London Grey is a level D product and is coming out to $75/sq ft. (includes fabrication/installation and taxes). Hope this helps someone.

I would also love to see photos of anyone who has installed London Grey and Frosty Carrina in their kitchen/bathroom.

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Do you have samples of the Vicostone product? I've only seen a few mentions of this, and most of them have been "promotional" posts from the distributor.

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I have a tiny sample (4inch square). You can barely see any of the veining. I tried taking several pictures but the piece just looks white. From what I can see, the background does not have any dots/speckles like Torquay and the veining is slightly thicker than the Frosty Carrina. I wish they would send larger samples.

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I just saw a slab of the London Grey and I really liked it. The Misty Carrera was there and I don't like that at all!!!

The London Grey looks similar to the Calcutta Gold I selected but now I think I might go with the quartz for practicality!

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We are being templated next week for London Grey! Will upload pictures as soon as they are installed!

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My templating is tomorrow!

Has anyone thought of suitable edges for these new materials? My default is a 1/8" eased edge, but I can always buy up to a miter, dupont or ogee. For warranty reasons, I see they recommend a min 1/8" profile.

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Gooster, when do your tops go in?! I am dying to see them! Our template was pushed back to next Tuesday. Could not come soon enough!

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I am set for the install tomorrow! So excited.! However, I have the PG (the OP asked to see these as well).

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The OP blondelle also asked to see the Piatra Grey. Here's the PG, just installed this morning. It reads a little more of a brown undertones in the photos than in real life.

Against White:

Against a cherry stain:

A long view of the island, showing more of the slab; the lines are caused by a reflection from the ceiling

And as a bonus pic, contrasted against the true Carrara Bianco marble that is going on the raised ledge/sill (an original detail we chose to retain)

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Gooster, your Piatra Grey looks beautiful. I am still deciding between Piatra Grey and the London Grey, your pix are swinging me towards PG. Thanks for sharing!

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Gooster, BTW do you happen to have a picture of the Piatra Grey against the white? Thanks!

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Oh, I'm sorry, I made a mistake by posting images that were too large. The White got truncated. Let's try this one:

Here's a close up of the edge, which shows the color under different lighting

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Thanks! It looks beautiful, it reads a bit softer than say the Caesarstone Raven, it seems to have an elegant feel. Is that an eased edge? Any thoughts on what kind of backsplash you are going to put with it?

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It does read softer than raven. The veining also helps break up the grey expanse. We are pairing it with a Bianco Carrara subway It goes in on wed/thurs. there are also a few areas where slab Carrara is being used... Like on the shelf shown above

Oh and it is an eased edge. About an eight or 3/16

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Hi Gooster, I'm excited to see the backsplash installed. Any pictures to share? Thanks!

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Still awaiting grout, so I had to peel back the paper and snap a quick photo. Here's a closeup showing (under north facing light) showing the corner, plus a little of the white cabinet. I went with a medium veined Carrara marble subway on purpose, as the PG is a direct match for the veining. They read as photo inverses, to an extent. Grouting is tomorrow, and we'll see how the look changes.

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gooster, I love your backsplash, love your white cabinets and your cherry stained cabinets, and I love your Piatra Grey counters! Thanks for sharing.

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It looks wonderful, very elegant! Nice choice on the backsplash tiles, I think the veining is a terrific match with the PG veining. Do you mind sharing where you found the marble subway tile? Looking forward to seeing the grouted finish. Thanks for sharing!

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I saw these Ceasarstones last week and was impressed. gooster, your Pietra Gray countertops look wonderful. Did your get to look at your slabs before they were fabricated?

I've ordered up the London Gray sample. I took in my neutral white cabinet door as well as walnut floor sample and all seemed to blend nicely. I brought in a gray glossy backsplash subway sample in the same tone but am not sure I want a gray backsplash.

If anyone sees the London Gray, could you imagine it with good quality brass hardware, either antique, satin or polished? I'm leaning that way given my cabinet/kitchen design and house fixtures.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading the warranty .pdf (it's 35 pages) which I sought out yesterday. I to review it with my fabricator.

Izhwong, I'm in Virginia too and received the same price per square foot. I forgot to ask if that quote ($75/sf) permits a semi-pencil 3/16" edge. Did you make a decision yet?

Thanks all. Let's keep this conversation going to help one another with details.

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lynn2006: Thanks and I am happy to share, just as others have shared before me.

erinf8: Attached is a grouted picture; sorry this was at night with the undercounter lighting on; you see we are getting some reflection from the LEDs. It is not bad from far away, however, just at certain angles up close. The grout is Platinum. We went with this choice to make the veining the star, rather than the grout lines. The UC ighting is also a slightly cooler temp (3K) to emphasize the contrast.

The tile was actually my second choice, my first choice was online at the Builders Stone Depot, but that did not work out. After some searching at dealers by my GC and I, I found these, in stock, at a regular warehouse called Liberty Builders in South SF.

SparkingWater: Thanks. I did not get to view the slabs before hand. I jumped in with both feet first! I never made it to the Caesarstone local warehouse.

Someone asked about the edge earlier: it is mitered and slightly eased, by about 1/8", I think, per the Caesarstone Warranty specifications.

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Gooster, looking GREAT! Post more pics of everything! I am so excited for you. I love the backsplash....need to find Liberty Builders.

We are two weeks away from demo and I am getting excited
to finally start everything. Your project makes me envious, since you are so close to being DONE :)

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Gooster, beautiful tile on the backsplash, and I love that that the grout lines aren't too pronounced. Do you think you are going to do a final reveal here on GW...I hope so!

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firsthouse: I'm about two days from being signed off on the GC portion of the kitchen (just a table, barstools, window treatments and some decor after that.

I'll be sure to post a full reveal later...

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Once again GW is so helpful! We are considering doing piatra grey around the perimeter (on white cabs) and london grey on the island (with a stained maple that looks like cherry.) Do you guys think they would compliment each other? I am so happy to have finally found counters that excite me! Gooster, your kitchen is totally gorgeous-- I saw the reveal post, too.
Elbyphoto, do you have any photos to share?

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Thanks for sharing pics, gooster. We too have chosen Piatra Gray for our perimeters against Benjamin Moore White Dove cabs. Our search now is for the island top. We want a contrasting whitish with gray veining. Our fabricator suggested London Gray, but we weren't sold on it. We're leaning more towards Cambria's Torquay if we go with quartz. But i'd love to see pics of them installed if anyone has them.

Our first choice for the island though would be a natural quartzite. Just having trouble finding anything we like. We thought Super White was the answer we were looking for, but this stone seems to be so unpredictable, we don't want to run the risk of getting one that turns out to be marble. The Princess Whites we've seen have too much green quartz for us and is on the higher price range in our area. So we're still searching, but i think we'll need to decide soon.

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Hi All - Would love to see pics of our finished kitchens with FC, LG, PG ... I was going to go with Raven, but now I'm torn with these great new colors.

My apologies if you've posted them already and I missed the thread. Please share!

Thanks so much!

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