Sigma Faucets?

ipswichclamJanuary 23, 2012

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Sigma kitchen faucets?

We like the looks of their single lever kitchen faucets, but we have not been able to find out much about their reputation.

Are they reliable? Are parts easy to obtain?

Any information would be appreciated.

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I am also interested in these faucets and hoping someone provides feedback. I was looking at Grohe (which I think is a safe bet), but I want polished nickel and they had limited choices w/that finish.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Do not be lured by the look and colors as I was. They are extremely poor quality.

We built a new house and have been living in it for 18 months. We had sigma faucets in the 2 sinks in the master bath, the shower, and the powder room. Before we even moved in, the faucets in the master bath both leaked. We replaced them and shortly after we moved in, one went again. We called sigma and their customer rep said it was the plumbers fault for over tightening them or it was our fault for damaging them from under the sink. Mind you, we are in a house with 2 adults only, no children, so our usage/abuse rate is very low and our plumbers have been in the business for 20 years and know how to install faucets. I'd had it and we replaced them with Moen.

Then a few months later the shower valve wouldn't stop leaking and we needed a new cartridge. Mind you, my husband takes his showers at the gym so the shower is really only used by me...very little wear and tear.

And now the spigot in the powder room started leaking. We called sigma about our powder room and they told us that we could order a new spigot and then send the old one back or we could send the old one to them and they'd repair it and send it back....figure 2 weeks and 2 plumber bills for removal and installation. And they would not extend the warranty on the product. At least this rep didn't blame us for the problem.

So as we have done in the master bath, we just ordered a new faucet for the powder room by moen. The only sigma we have left is the shower valve and we haven't replaced it yet as it means tearing out sheet rock and then patching and repainting. I suspect we will have to do that eventually though.

The moen faucets we have are working just great and may not be the exact color I wanted, they are very attractive. No problems. When we were building and talking to plumbers they all said, don't go with any brand except moen or delta...they work great, parts are easy to get they won't cost as much and will have little maintenance issues. We should've listened. We are sorry we didn't.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Also, I forgot to mention. When I was looking at the paperwork about the faucet to see what parts might be causing the link, I noticed the small print at the bottom which said they have lead in their faucets and recommend running the water for awhile before drinking or using it in cooking...yikes!

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As an alternative, I would suggest Graff. They have a range of contemporary and modern fixtures and seem well received by high-end designers. Their customer service has a good reputation, I'm sure you wouldn't have the problems you've been having with Sigma.

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