Thyroid Disorder in Dog

whistle_gwJune 25, 2009

I have a 6 year old beagle that has just been diagnosed with hypothyroid disorder. For the last couple of years I have been dealing with what I thought was skin allergies. My conventional vet suggested that I might want to explore homeopathy. So earlier this spring I began seeing the homeopathic vet who works in the same office. I understand that this method takes time, but after researching her symptoms, I asked for a thyroid test. It came back very low. (Sorry, I didn't get numbers). Now, my question is, do I treat conventionally or homeopathic? I would really like for her symptoms to clear up quickly, but I want to do what's best for her in the long run. If you have experience with either method, I would appreciate your help. Thanks so much for your help.


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Homeopathy is very effective when it works & when the practitioner finds the right remedy quickly, but hypothyroidism is nothing to dabble with, *it's a killer*.

I lost my beautiful Sunny to hypothyroid that was diagnosed too late.

Don't take chances;
put your dog on thyroid hormone & get her stabilized.

If you want to explore homeopathic remedies, do it later.

I wish you the best.

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Not to stir the pot, but to my knowledge, there has been no studies to date that prove homoeopathy is effective.

If you're into natural stuff, naturopathy has a slightly better record but none have been as effective as conventional medicine when it comes to the big/serious stuff.

Hypothyroidism is easily treated by conventional medicine, my partner has had it for years.

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I had a dog on Soloxine for Hypothyroid for 8 years. She lived to be 18. She didn't have any side effects that were noticeable. In her last year she had an episode of dermatitis around her vulva. We thought it was immune mediated. I learned a trick (home remedy)to keep it under control.
She was on the same dose of Soloxine for 8 years and was fine.

Most dogs treated for Hypothyroid with Soloxine seem to do well on it.

Currently I have a dog with a TRIPLE problem- Cushings, Hypothyroid and compromised Kidneys. It seems that her Thyroid is well under control with a small the other 2 problems are quite challenging.

I'm not sure IF there is a holistic way to treat Thyroid. Be careful. Endocrine system is complicated.

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Thank you all for the responses. I have spent most of this evening reading about the side effects of some of these medications and it's all very confusing! I at least have some hopefully intelligent questions for the vet.

sylviatexas, I so sorry about your Sunny. That's why I'm trying to gather as much information as possible.

And dabunch, it does seem like you have your hands full with all three problems.
Thanks again to all three of you. If anyone else has in experience with this please post.


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My dog was just diagnosed as hypo as well. I have no wealth of information to provide you regarding dogs, as I am new to this. However, I'm hypothyroid (have been for 40+ years) and it's been a topic of conversation with many people over the years. There is indeed homeopathic remedies for thyroid disorder for people (assume they use them on dogs too.) Based on reports from people, I would NOT recommend it. Traditional thyroid medication is relatively slow acting--often taking months to get the proper level diagnosed and built up in your system. Homeopathy is obviously MUCH slower. I would not want my dog to suffer any longer than necessary. Further, the people I know who tried it, have all given up and returned to more traditional medicine. Many put a brave face on for a long time, but eventually could not stand the misery. I have tried Armour (a natural form of thyroid medication) but I did not have good long term results with that, so I have returned to levothyroxine. (which, incidentally, was what my dog was also prescribed.) My husband calls them 'happy pills,' and I have suffered no negative effect from them. I do suffer without them.

Of course, ultimately, the decision is yours. But considering the relative short life span of our companions, I wouldn't even consider taking a long, convoluted route to a remedy. There is no cure for thyroid disorder, but properly medicated, it's a insignificant disease. I suspect anyone who claims to have had a homeopathic cure of the thyroid, were barely boarder-line to begin with.

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