Bleeding Air From A New Faucet

justme4nowJanuary 28, 2011

Just bought a new Delta kitchen sink faucet with a side sprayer.

Followed the instructions to bleed air from the lines.

The instructions were to remove the diverter valve, run hot and cold water, full open for a minute, re-install diverter valve.

The problem is Worse!

I have done this three times and nothing seems to work?

Any ideas will be appreciated and Thanks.


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What problem is worse? The instructions are intended to let any loosened debris pass out before the parts are reinstalled.

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Did you also remove the aerator when flushing/bleeding the system? I also remove the spray nozzle so random debris won't be caught there. Don't forget to aim the nozzle-less hose in a 'safe' direction for this.

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Thank You for the responses.

Yes, I took the aerator off and .. I guess that I misunderstood what the 'flushing' 'bleeding' of the system was for.

I thought that it was also for bleeding the air out of the lines.

I am having problems with 'sputtering' out of both the hot and cold sides of the unit when I first turn them on.

I know that it is from air in the lines but I can't seem to get the air out?

Again, Thanks.


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Run some other faucets and for a longer time.

Unless you are on a well, air cannot enter a pressurized water line very well.

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Thank You brickeyee

Does it matter which other faucets to run?

This problem didn't exist until I installed this new faucet and it isn't in any others as far as I can tell.


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You have to open enough faucets to get any air that entered the line out.

Starting with the highest faucet can help, but in a small pipe the water may not be at ht bottom (or the air only at the top).

Supply lines are often not installed to 'drain' easily, allowing air to get trapped at dips and turns in the piping.

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