Occasional drips from b/tub faucet - residual water?

mangomoonJanuary 29, 2010

A few months ago I posted a problem that may or may not be related to my current issue. Back then, I could hear a drip through the wall half hour or so after using water. Knowing for a fact that no pipes exist behind this wall, I was told on this forum that it was just residual water that makes a loud ping within the PVC pipes, but that it was likely I had no leak. I still hear it but not as frequent, so I am not worried about it. Several months later, all of a sudden I will see water dripping from my shower/bath tub faucet for about 10-15 minutes, then it stops and the shower has not been used as of the night before. Why is this happening? My shower does have a shower system with an attaching hose, but I release all water in the hose via the valve, and the center knob between the hot and cold water to make sure it all got out, but I am surprised as to where this is coming from and it is is residual? It is not a leak from valves that need washer replacement because the fixtures and the entire shower ensemble are less than a few months old.

It doesn't happen all of the time (at least for now), but once a day or once every other day for several minutes. If a pipe had a leak, why would it come back into the tub instead of elsewhere? FYI, this is an older trailer mobile home.

Any clues as to what might be my problem?

I live on the coast of Central CA, cooler climate, marine layer, fog, some freezing during Winter if temps fall below 37 at night. FYI

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Is it a single handle faucet? If so, it may be where the handle is left. i.e. It may leak at the 3 oclock position but not the 4 oclock position.

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No, it is not a single handle. I thought at first it was residual from the 5 ft hose from the shower system that converts to hand held. After its use, I turn the valve in the actual shower so it will drain from the actual fixture, then after a minute or two, I will turn the converter at the top of the shower where the system is hooked up, to the right, and drain what is left in the hose from the hand held portion. 95% of the time all of the residual water will drain. I don't understand where it is coming from but it will happen 8-12 hours after the shower had been used. Why all of a sudden is beyond me, but it will diminish after about 20 minutes, so it has to be coming from somewhere, as there is no leak that I am aware of and no water is in use when this happens. The water heater is on the other side of the shower wall. I don't believe there is any connection between the two?

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Could be water in the riser i.e. past the valve leading up to the shower head. After a shower, I always push the tub diverter down to let it drain. Otherwise it basically stays there until some random moment (seal get's broken?) when it finally drains out the spout on it's own.

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