What's For Dinner - #329

ann_tDecember 5, 2012

Rob, If only you lived closer.

Annie, I hope you are going to share photos from Makayla's concert.

Just a few of the things we have eaten this week.

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup with Croutons.

Grilled Chicken Breast with roasted potatoes and local Shiitake Mushrooms.

Veal Piccata with a side of pasta.

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Can we come over for dinner!
Looks luscious!

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It does look delicious, all of it. The soup looks particularly good. Much better than the lamb chops we had. Elery loves them, so does Cooper, so I shut up and eat...one. I just can't make myself really like them much.

Here, what's for dinner is more like what's for breakfast. Bud and Makayla gave me my first dozen eggs from their laying hens. They've eaten some, but these are the first "extras":

Elery made some Oeufs en Cocotte, a fancy name for an egg baked in a ramekin on top of some and fried slices of potato:

I made breakfast one day, also eggs and homemade toast, but I made some sausage out of venison, chopped bacon, some seasonings. Those seasonings included chipotle powder, crushed red pepper, I couldn't eat it, it was just far too spicy, but Elery loved it. Cooper wouldn't eat it either, LOL

So, I took the leftover sausage, crumbled it and made some chili for supper. I added some frozen corn from this summer's garden, a container of leftover pinto beans, a cubed sweet potato, a quart of home canned tomatoes and half an onion, a leftover chipotle. The chili was so hot that I couldn't eat it either! I added yogurt. It didn't help:

I gave up and had peanut butter and jelly. (grin)

Oh, and I baked some bread for Madison's birthday party sandwiches. Yup, it's really pink. Here it is before baking.

I think that should be pink enough...


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Ann, I agree that the soup looks delicious! It's getting cold here and I haven't been able to get warmed up in days.

Annie, haven't ever seen pink bread before!! What kind of sandwiches are you making? My youngest granddaughter who's two LOVES pink. You would be her hero!

Dinner last night was a Thai Peanut Chicken Lean Cuisine. Yeah, I know but frankly it was the best dinner I've had in a couple weeks. Doesn't say much good about what we've been eating, does it. Once every couple weeks one of our neighbors brings us something homemade but other than that we've been eating out three meals/day. Our first home cooked meal is going to be a roast chicken dinner!


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Dinner last night was meatloaf and all the fixins from Boston Market. It was hot, fresh, and good, and I didn't have to cook it.

I probably shouldn't have spent the money, my car is in the garage and it will probably cost close to $3000 in ransom money to retrieve it! But I left work late and the kids were hungry, so I ordered online and picked it up on the way home. Very handy.

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I cannot wait for you to have that home-cooked meal from your own kitchen tricia!

Last night was chicken marsala a bit of angel hair pasta, peas, and prosecco. Then the chocolate, hot chocolate with a dab of whipped cream. With real cream. :) It was worth the wait for the prosecco and chocolate.

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Tricia, just a word of advice. If yu make pink bread, ever, put the dye into the wet ingredients and make the bread. I tried kneading colors into bread dough, that didn't work well. Or at all. (sigh) We have cookie cutters shaped like crowns, the party will be a "Princess" theme and there will be little pink and purple sandwiches shaped like crowns, castles and hearts. Yeah, Ashley is one of those "artsy" kind of people who will cut 100 sandwiches with cookie cutters, LOL. Tomorrow I'm making pink macaroni and cheese, we'll see how THAT goes.

Mom, I'm sorry about the car, that's especially bad right before the holidays. (sigh) I got an $800 well repair bill at the farm yesterday and just was grateful that I don't have kids at home and have already shopped for all the grandkids. Good thing for the stock that I found the local Aunt Millie's outlet sells those bags of little powdered sugar donuts cheap.

Rob, chocolate makes everything a bit better.


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I'm toasting with a giant cup of happy for Maddie's birthday!
AnnieB, at first glance, I thought Maddie was getting a slab of ham for her birthday. Forgive me, I went to bed really late last night, and I'm only on my first cup of coffee.

I like the idea of pink bread for the little one. And I'd like to see what the sandwich fillings will be, and the rest of the birthday girl's menu.
Btw, Maddie's yummy picture in the previous WFD thread, munching on a soft roll, ought to be on Yum for Kids.

Robin, Prosecco and Chocolate? Sounds like a victimless crime, and one which I need to explore.

Well, I've been cooking, just lacking the energy to photograph anything. But now that I've sold my business, I should have more time to dedicate to my online brigade.

Annie, your 'wolves on coyotes' look so good to me right now. As does everything else, including the Chili.

Ann's mushroom soup also looks good to me; I love mushrooms so much, I will sometimes eat them raw, much to Jim's chagrin.

Most of these photos were taken in late summer. I have some that are more recent, but I figure this post is long enough already, so I'll save the others for another time.

The guys' favorite, CC cookies.

BBQ Ribs.

Hey guys, check out my tomatoes! ;)
Actually, my next door neighbor bestowed us with an avalanche of tomatoes last summer. Good thing, since we didn't have the time (or inclination) to plant any.

I think I've posted this one before. We made this a lot, so it didn't make much sense to take pictures of the same dinner, our favorite Lemon/Garlic Chicken.

More cookies. These are PB.

Needless to say, snorting sugar is not all I do. I also try to follow a healthy diet. A fruit or green smoothie in one hand and a cookie in the other is my idea of a balanced diet regimen.

And I've been religiously snacking on pomegranates.


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Sol!!! I'm so glad to see you again!!!

Maddie is just waiting to eat one of your honey rolls. Ashley won't let me give her one because she's not supposed to have honey until she's a year old. That's today, so the next batch is gonna be yours, the kids love those.


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Your photos are a pleasure to look at. Please post often.


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Hi Sol!!! Wow, what a joy to see all of your portraits. I'm going to have to copy your lemon/garlic chicken recipe. Absolutely drool-worthy.

Great to see you again, I hope you'll be able to stay.

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Annie, powdered sugar donuts sound perfect. They are my favorite.

Welcome back Sol, I was just looking at one of your recipes and wondering if I'd seen you post lately. Good to "see" you.

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Sol, I've missed your beautiful photos. Glad you are back.


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Mom, they are the favorite of my wonderfully good natured shaggy bull, "The Dude" and my Bossy Cow too. The horses will eat them, but the cattle LOVE them, LOL.

What's for dinner? An egg sandwich last night and I'm on my way to Ashley's to help her cook for the birthday party tomorrow, so it'll be fast and easy tonight too.


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Sol! I am so glad to see you. You can be my partner in crime any time.

Ok, this is just weird! I had fried eggs on toast last night, an egg sandwich. I swear I'm not copying you Annie! We had a Winter Concert to attend and it was late when we got in.

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Ann, two of the most difficult foods to photograph well, one is soup, the other is pasta. As everyone can see, you have done a beautiful job on both.

Annie, it's always fun to check out what's going on in your kitchen. You always have such fabulous fun food for the family.

Sol, God endowed you with great talent in making delicious food and beautiful food presentation, it would be selfish for you not to share with all more frequently.

Silvis, the previous WFD thread may be gone but I still remember that luscious Hazelnut, strawberry crumb pie!

A few dishes.


Grilled meatballs with asparagus and beet stems

Pan fried plantain

Sous vide beef tenderloin

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dcarch, the tenderloin looks nicely rare, but what is that stuff around it? It almost looks like rocks of salt...


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Dcarch - the extras in the pic look just like a chunk of Himalayan pink salt someone gave me as a gift.

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Annie, Teresa, yes those are Himalayan pink rock salt crystals.

The conception of that dish is just my thinking of giving respect to animals and nature from Jim's" Where Chickens Come From" thread. In the Native American tradition, man communicated with the Creator through interaction with nature; the animals, the forest, the earth. Harmony is achieved thru a balance of all elements.

The cilantro symbolizes the forest, the beef for the animals which includes humans, the rock salt for the earth, and the sauce for nature as in air and water. The design of the sauce represents the complete cycle of harmony of all the elements. We give respect and thanks to animals for nourishing our bodies.

The three pieces of meat represents the consequences of Past, Present and Future.


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Dcarch, your beef tenderloin looks perfect.

Adapted my scone recipe to make

an Oatmeal Walnut Orange version.

Dinner last night,

Italian Chicken

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Annie I would love to see that pink bread after baking I have never seen colored bread before.

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Annie - I bought very brightly coloured rainbow bread when the girls were about 5. They loved their rainbow sandwiches, but, hmmm, how can I say this delicately... The after affect caused one dd to run screaming from the bathroom after an electric blue "deposit."!

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"Electric Blue Deposit". That would be scary. LOL!!

Our meals this past week:

Grilled Pork Chops with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Greek Salad

Fresh Steelhead Salmon

Roast Chicken Dinner

Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks with baby baked potatoes

Linguine with Grilled Chicken and Broccoli in a Parmesan cream Sauce.

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Ann, your salmon platter looks so tempting, as do all of your recent meals.
Nice to see you and your beautiful pix again, Sol.

DH and I baked a large quantity of cookies this year to send to DD in Afghanistan. I also hosted a tea party Open House on Black Friday to revive my friends who "shopped until they dropped" and those who wanted to relax instead of venturing out to the stores. I will soon start cooking for our annual Christmas party on Friday night.

We have had some good meals but I haven't taken any photos until last night, when we had butterflied Shrimp Casino over yellow rice.

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Ruthanna, I wondered where you had been. I've missed you posting your wonderful meals.

Beautiful big shrimp.

Dinner tonight - Pot Roast

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Hello there, food brigade! Thank you for the warm welcome!

Annie, I'm preening my feathers proudly, knowing that sweet little Maddie gnawed on the rolls! A honey roll for a honey child. Happy Belated Birthday Maddie! Pictures?

Jim, thank you! I've also missed seeing your wonderful food photos; I hope you'll get back into it.

Jasdip, thank you for the sprinkles you've scattered all over my day! xoxo

Dear mom47, it's good to see you! I've only done a few drive-by posts in the past year, but I do try to read and keep up with all of you, as much as possible.

Dcarch, you're one of a kind, and yes, I mean that in a good way. I've enjoyed the beauty, care, as well as the playfulness in all of your presentations. You have turned food into an art form, so I am flattered by your kind words.

Rob, you and I could get in a heap of trouble in Nashville. But, there is no one I'd rather do time in the pokey with :)

Thank you Wonder womAnn! This thread would not be the same without your mouthwatering contributions.

Ruthanna, I'd bet my money on your delicious Shrimp Casino!

I just got done baking for Santa and his reindeer, and I'm exhausted. So I came here to relax a bit, and wish you all the best this holiday season!

I have no food photos today, so I'll leave you with this, which I guess it's, somewhat, food-related.
Last fall, this hungry praying mantis landed on Jim's face. Shameless hussy. It appears to be sizing up its prey's big head, no?


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apple crumble topped with ice cream

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Ann - Beautiful looking dishes, they look so appetizing!

Annie - Your cooking is the ultimate comfort food, delicious!

Sol - I am amazed at your photography skills, all the pictures are so unique paying attention to all the details, gorgeous! And the last one with Jim, the praying mantis colorings match his eyes, how did you do that! lol

Dcarch - You have the most creative and beautiful meals, very inspiring! And the meaning of the food makes the experience complete.

Ann - I see your wonderful meals again, they are perfect pairings!

Ruthanna - That shrimp dish looks so well presented and tasty!

Pretty.gurl - Apple crumble looks perfect with the ice cream.

Mussels, cheese, hot sausage, gallego bread for dinner

With tomatoes and a salad


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Silvia, those tomatoes look delicious, I have about 7 or 8 months before I'll get those again. Are those radishes on the salad? I've grown radishes that are red inside and white on the outside, I think they called them "Watermelon" or something similar. You know how I like to grow things that are just different, LOL.

Toby, I can happily say that the colored bread seemed to make no significant difference in "deposits", LOL. Not even for the dogs, who ate the leftovers!

Sol, that is one interesting picture of Jim. (grin) You let him have the most unusual pets...

Ann T, every darned thing there looks delicious, especiall that rare beef.

OK, so what's for dinner? Or Maybe breakfast, which I seem to have more of lately?

I made some overnight steelcut oats, with raisins, nuts and maple syrup:

The Monkey Princess and Bud spent the night and so we made French toast. His was shaped like tractors sprinkled with copious amounts of colored sugar, he'll never let me do it any other way, I think. He had double servings of both bacon and sausage. He's a growing boy, you know...

His sister is daintier, had a single piece of bacon and sausage and French toast shaped like flowers and butterflies...

One morning I made gingerbread pancakes for Elery and I, with fresh homegrown eggs and chicken sausage from our own chickens:

I got a good buy on sauerkraut, so I canned some:

We had a pot of Mayacoba beans, grown just about 30 miles away at Carlson-Abrogast Farms in Howard City. It's an old heirloom type bean from South America, very creamy and delicious. elery added some of the homemade Kimchi to his.

Lamb. Yes, I ate lamb. Lamb chops grilled, which Elery loves, along with some potatoes and sweet/sour red cabbage cooked with pears:

Because I still don't care for lamb, I consoled myself with cookies from the freezer:

The next day we had pan fried cod with mashed rutabaga and sweet potato fries:

Elery bought some smoked salmon, so he rolled it up with cream cheese and we had that with crackers one evening:

I took the rest of the salmon and made sandwiches the next day with avocado and homemade ciabatta:

And so, now I'm caught up. Escept for the pictures I still have on my camera, LOL.


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Ohhh, such yummy looking photos of deliciousness food! I love the WFD threads because I get my food porn fix!

Here's simple fare we had tonight...rosemary and olive oil sourdough bread from San Luis Sourdough waaaay up the coast, made into a wonderful, toasted roast beef and cheddar/jack sandwich. Cheesy broccoli soup not pictured.

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Guess I must have taken the photo off the desktop before it got uploaded. Here it is.

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Annie - Thank you, I still have tomatoes and tomatillos in the garden, have to use them up.:) And yes those are watermelon radishes, I also have the rose radishes.

Your love of cooking shows in all your dishes and you did a lot of sauerkraut, good for you!

Sooz - That looks like a tasty sandwich.

Dinner tonight shrimp with tomatillo sauce, basmati rice, roasted chinese cabbage, tomatillo chutney.


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Sol, I can't remember the last time I saw a praying mantis. Great photo, but, it kind of creeps me out.

Pretty.gurl, you can't go wrong with apple crumble.

Silvia, your meals are so appealing. I'd love to dip some bread into that bowl of mussels.

And your dinner tonight, beautiful big shrimp.

And there's those tomatoes again. Winter Gold!!

Annie the kids must love staying overnight. No one spoils better than you.

I'd liked Elery's breakfast, especially your chicken sausage. I bet it is wonderful. Did you season it with sage?

Did you like the lamb?

Sooz, that is a sandwich that Moe would love.

What we have been eating the last week, starting with tonight's dinner and working back.

I picked up some halibut on the way home from work.

We had Christmas dinner with our neighbour. He cooked the turkey and I did all the sides. But when you don't cook the turkey you don't have leftovers.

So I roasted a turkey Thursday night so we could have

hot turkey sandwiches Friday night.

Boxing Day's Dinner was a New York Strip Loin roast.

We had dinner with our neighbour again, so I cooked the roast a little less rare, because Clif doesn't like his beef as rare as we do. He had an outside slice.

Sides were Yorkshire Puddings, roasted potatoes and steamed green beans and corn.

Matt and Dana were home for Christmas. Christmas Eve was our traditional


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Sylvia, I am in tomato hibernation until next summer and yours look so delicious.

Everything looks so good!

My WFDs should include the explanation "Fiirst you win a big spiral sliced ham..." We had it for our Christmas morning brunch and then ham and shrimp Creole over rice.

Strips of ham, asparagus, leek and shiitake pie

Not visible in the pic is ground ham mixed with parsley in the bottom of cups of baked eggs for breakfast (cheese on top)

Ham balls baked in peach halves

And the bone cooked in beer for lentil-barley-vegetable soup

We had other meals in between but I can definitely say that What's For Dinner in the near future will NOT be ham.

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Ruthanna, you are much better than me on using up a whole ham. I'm impressed. AFter the ham dinner, ham and eggs, toasted ham sandwiches, ham salad sandwich spread, and sometimes soup, I'm hammed out. The pie looks great.

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Ruthanna, you sure know how to use up a ham, LOL. I'd have portioned it out and frozen it for later, probably, when I got all "hammed out" like Ann T!

Elery and I did have black eyed peas and geens with a smoked ham hock for New Year's Day:

We also had what I call a Monte Cristo, but Food and Wine magazine needed a "recipe". This was made with homemade French bread, leftover sliced ham, gruyere cheese, dunk the sandwich in egg and fry it in a lightly buttered pan. IT was good no matter what it was called and used up ham.

Bud and Makayla came to spend the night one night and they made pizza, Makayla carefully took notes so she could do it at home.

Their pepperoni and cheese pizza:

Bud "only" ate 6 pieces, in spite of his sister's cheering to try for 10, LOL.

The Monkey Princess managed to eat 2. Only two.

I had some leftover soup, chicken with basil gnocchi. Not even for the Grandkids could I manage to eat pizza, especially pizza with pepperoni on it. They were happyt, that meant there were a couple of pieces to take home for breakfast, LOL.

I made Elery some scrambled eggs and fried okra for breakfast on New Year's Eve.

A couple of nights ago we had grassfed burgers and oven fried parsnips and fingerling potatoes, all homegrown except the buns. We used those 100 calorie Sandwich Thins because I hadn't made time to bake buns!

Yeah, I know I'm not caught up yet, but I'm working on it, and photobucket has changed its format AGAIN and won't keep my pictures shrunk down. Pffft on them.


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The pizza party looks like fun, Annie. I'd probably join you in sitting it out. Pizza hasn't been in our nest since it emptied. Thanks for reminding me about the red cabbage with pears. I'm going to be making some tomorrow.

One dinner this week was a macaroni and pork casserole with green beans and crunchy onions.

Last night, I made flounder filets with an orange stuffing sandwiched in between them. Tonight, we're having spaghetti with meatballs I made yesterday. Our tea time treat this week has been fruited gingerbread.

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Annie, great way to start off the New Year.
Love the pictures of the kids enjoying their pizza.

Ruthanna, I'm not a fan of mac and cheese, but I would love your mac and pork casserole.

We ended the year with our traditional lobster and champagne dinner.

Grilled Baby Back Ribs - Greek Style

Another rib roast.

And French Dip Sandwiches from leftovers.

I bought a whole lamb this week - 35 pounds of free range, grass fed lamb.

And oh is it good. We had one of the racks for dinner last night. I'm looking forward to eating more lamb over the next couple of months.

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Ann_t, Many magnificent dishes, especially the lovely rack of lamb,

Ruthanna, I am a very good judge of food from looking at the pictures. I can tell your macaroni and pork casserole is very delectable. Very impressive ham pie and beautifully plated butterflied Shrimp Casino over yellow rice.

Annie, Nice recipe and directions for a very cheese-y and perfectly round pizza.

Silvia, I can really eat those shrimp with tomatillo sauce every day, every meal. You are so lucky to have great quality shrimps. I love the design of the bowl for that colorful salad.

Pretty.gurl, that's a pretty apple crumble.

Sooz, toasted roast beef and cheddar/jack sandwich, that's a wonderful way to make a sandwich.


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I had an extraordinary stressful cooking experience over the Holidays. To make a long story short; not going into how I ended up volunteering to cook in four different kitchens in three cities for friends and relatives. I cooked for about 12 meals, for 6 to 21 people.

Stressful because I had problems finding anything; utensils, cookware, seasonings in each of the four poorly equipped kitchens, and I had no planned menu/recipes. Three of the four kitchens were electric. I don't like to cook on an electric stove.

I felt like I was making meals in a toy kitchen.

Many new dishes were created, for instance, I was making a lemon chicken and was looking for sugar. Instead of sugar, I put what looked like brown sugar which turned out to be raspberry Kool-Aid powder on the chicken. So lemon chicken turned bright red. Actually it was amazingly delicious. I will have to try that "recipe" again.

Obviously no pictures of the whole experience other than some wonderful Dungeness crabs we had in Vancouver.

Some simple food after many Holiday meals

Tofu poached in chicken broth

Pan fried chicken thighs

Sous vide brisket and Latkes

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I love this post! I love how dcarch arranged the foods into works of arts. Thanks for posting those pictures.

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Dcarch, cute little kitchen. A Crab feast. You can never go wrong with Dungeness Crab.

Baked bread yesterday

and used some of the dough to make pizzettas. Four little mini pizzas that we shared. Each with a different topping.

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We had chicken twice this week.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken using boneless chicken breasts.

And Friday night was roast chicken. One of the sides was Roasted Butternut squash with rosemary and brown sugar. Dana, stopped for dinner on her way home from up Island. Her job requires her to do some consulting at all the hospitals on the Island.

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Ann T, that chicken looks delicious, both times. It's nice that Dana gets to stop by sometimes too, not that you need an excuse to cook dinner.

Ok, I'm going to give this another go, although Photobucket's help site says that some of the features aren't working yet. Figures....

Elery and I are trying to eat in a more healthy manner in the new year, so we made bacon, LOL. I'll post a separate thread on that. (grin)

For breakfast this morning we had whole wheat waffles, venison breakfast sausage (thanks to that nephew who hunts the farm to try to keep the scourge of rats on hooves at bay), and eggs from the farm:

Yes, Bud and Makayla's little flock of laying hens have been busy, as the weather here has been unseasonably warm so far.

Tonight for supper Elery made some eggplant rolled up around a low fat cottage cheese filling of some type, topped with my home canned tomatoes. WE had that with roasted vegetables including butternut squash, rutabaga, fennel and parsnips:

One of the other things we've made lately is peameal bacon. You can't buy it here or apparently find it anywhere outside of the Toronto area, so we just found a recipe and made our own!

We've also had chicken twice lately, once was a Moroccan kind of thing that Elery made up, with a side of chickpea stew, also something Elery made it. IT was just a little spicy for me, I'm a wuss...

I ground some more chicken for breakfast sausage and so used some of that for a Thai style lettuce wrap, one of the few ways I actually voluntarily eat lettuce, LOL:

A local store had a seafood sale, so we bought some lovely big shrimp. They were already cooked and then frozen, so they weren't fresh by any means and were a little watery when thawed, but weren't horribly expensive and were entirely passable. Cooper liked them too.

I made a nice batch of chicken jello....um chicken stock with the bones too!


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As usual, you guys blow me away with your meals and pictures.

I resolved to improve my photo skills, but have been distracted by some health issues.. I hope to be half as good as you all when I finally get cracking at it.

Good to see you all and nice to see sol thumper posting again, along with lots of new 'faces'.


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Ann and dc, the downtrodden casseroles of the world thank you for your kind words.

Ann, it will be interesting to see what you make with your lamb. The rack looks wonderful.

Dcarch, that must have felt like you were on that TV show Chopped where a basket of mystery ingredients is presented. The kitchens on the show are probably much better equipped though. That brisket looks so tender and delicious.

Annie, I'd like every meal in your photos.

I finally did get to make red cabbage with pears and onions and added some white basalmic vinegar and molasses. Thanks for the inspiration, Annie. We also had baked potatoes topped with creamed spinach and pork chip steak with bourbon sauce.

I marinated the leftover pork in the sauce and mixed with brown rice, eggs and steamed vegetables for a rice bowl dinner on another night, along with a marinated cucumber and onion salad.

My friend and I went to a British tea room last week, where I ordered a cherry-almond scone. I thought it would contain dried cherries but it was packed with maraschino cherry chunks. It made me think of Annie's pink princess bread. LOL. The desserts were standard but the tea sandwiches were excellent. I'm going to make the turkey with cranberry cream cheese for my next tea party.

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You all inspire me. Hopefully I will soon get back to trying new recipes. Lamb chops, fritters,Yorkshire pudding and tea sandwiches are all on my list, wish I could get fresh seafood here!

Today was cold and raw in Ohio so I went with an old easy standby, German Sausage Chowder.

The short Meyer lemon season has me buying and freezing the zest and juice for our favorite lemon pudding cake. Last year I almost froze enough to make it through, but I'll double the amount this year so we can indulge more often!


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Annie, you can find Peameal bacon just about everywhere in Ontario. I'm not sure about the other Provinces, but I finally found it out here and in two different grocery stores. I hope they both continue to carry it.

I bet your homemade is better.

Ruthanna, I always enjoy your "Afternoon Tea" posts. There hasn't been one in a while. There is something special about little tea sandwiches.

Di, that soup looks good. It is potato or cream based?

I pulled the last of the Tourtiere out of the freezer, topped with the leftover chicken gravy and homemade fries.

Leg of Lamb, Greek Style.

More bread.

Tomato Macaroni soup.

Grilled Pork Chops with a potato gratin cooked in chicken broth.

Pastrami on Rye

Tossed Salad

    Bookmark   January 18, 2013 at 10:47AM
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Tried two recipes from the Peterson "Fish And Shellfish" cookbook.

I'm starting a fish binge.

This was salmon, braised in a fish bone broth and red wine. The braising liquid is then reduced to a sauce. It had promise but I overcooked the salmon :-( Also, I learned later that I should have brined the fillets, as that prevents the white streaks of protein from coming to the surface of the fillet during cooking.

This was "true cod" - what is that? Looked like eel to me - braised in sake, then the braising liquid is mixed with coconut milk, Thai green curry, Thai fish sauce, mint, cilantro, lime zest etc to make the sauce.

    Bookmark   January 21, 2013 at 2:26PM
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I just had fish Saturday night John! Must be in the air. It was a butter/dill sauce on mild fish over green beans. It's supposed to be over black bass, but I can't find that in Nashville. It was good along side the lemon-mushroom risotto. Another of my favorites. I did make Sol's yellow grits souffles, but right about the time I was going to plate it... the upstair neighbors started drilling and ceiling bits fell on them. Oh well. I'm better off without them anyhow, just extra calories.

    Bookmark   January 21, 2013 at 4:08PM
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I would be so happy and blessed to sit at everyones table! You guys really do blow me away when it comes to good food! I have copied and pasted so many recipes from this thread. Wow!

Sol, OMG! Just OMG! That's all I have to say! ;-)The pictures of your food is great but that prayng mantis on your husbands head is just wrong! Gives me the heeby jeebies! Years ago I saw a praying mantis go after a hummingbird. If my memory serves me correctly I hit the feeder then started running to the door. I'm not sure that certain hummingbird ever came back to our feeders. Scared us both to death!

Annie, I love all the dishes that you made but Makalya's written recipe floors me. She is an amazing young lady.

Ann, When I saw your picture of the large bag of lamb I thought that I'd jump throgh the screen and run home with it! Wow!

For us it's alot of fresh fruit, salads, fish, salads, eggs, tuna, yogurt, turkey, chicken, freshly made salsa, ...oh wait did I say salads a few times? Nothing picture or post worthy.

It's good to be back!

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Good to see you back Riverrat. I can never get enough La. connections.

Going to make this brief [for me]. After cutting the chicken into pieces and helping prep our nice Sunday dinner of roasted chicken on veg. Potatoes, carrots, brussels, mushrooms and onions. Rosemary and thyme on veggies and chicken pieces. I had to go prop up leg so Christy finished the baking and serving. I left her the camera to take a pic in the baking dish. She forgot so she took a pic of what she set aside for me to eat later. I told Christy that she was channeling Annie when she took the pics. This is the clearest one. Grins. Although in fairness, Annie, many of your pics lately have been way clear.

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No pictures but made ham, spaetzle and red cabbage for dinner. First time ever making spaetzle. It was fun!

    Bookmark   January 21, 2013 at 8:53PM
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thanks for thinking of me coconut. somehow my dinners look clearer than my pictures, LOL.

RR, she's quite a girl. she says her mom is going to let her use the stove when she's 10, she wants to be ready!


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Di, that looks like a perfect meal for a cold winter night.
Ann, I see you're working on your lamb. That looks great!
Looks like you're off to a good start on your fish expedition, John.
Rob, the fish hunger must be national because it reached me here in PA too.
Nice to see you, RR.
Dancing queen, You must have been happy to have conquered spaetzle. That's not easy to make.
Your dinner looks yummy to me, coconut. I really like oven-baked dinners.

This is the time of year that DH and I like to try different restaurants for a big lunch and then have a soup dinner but I still don't have a good technique for photographing soups.

I had a craving for meat loaf last week - with burgundy-tomato sauce, roasted potatoes and Brussels sprout leaves.

Tonight we had salmon baked with honey tangerines, sauteed chard with chopped Kalamata olives and a "puff" salvaged from riced overcooked cauliflower. Our tea time treat will be date and pecan bread.

    Bookmark   January 22, 2013 at 8:22PM
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Ruthanna, the food looks delicious, but I really like that pink plate!

Ann T I missed your question about the lamb. I just don't really like lamb vey well. (shrug) I age about 3 bites of it and Cooper got the rest. I don't hate it, detest it, but I just don't like it very well, not well enough to waste calories on it. Elery loves it, though, so I make it and eat a few bites, enough to make him happy, otherwise he fusses that I made something for him that I won't eat. Cooper is VERY happy, though! (grin)


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Coconut, I'd be happy with your roast chicken dinner. Looks good to me.

Dancingqueen, Love spaetzle and it is so easy to make.

Ruthanna, I really like how you scored the roasted potato. And I like the addition of the Kalamata Olives to your chard.

John, great picture of the Cod. Looks delicious.

Some of our meals over the last 10 days.

Spaghetti Bolognese with Gorgonzola Garlic Bread

Mexican twice - Chicken Tacos with homemade corn tortillas.

Chicken Wings finished off on the grill.

French Laundry's Apple Kuchen

Grilled Burgers

Cranberry Pistachio Shortbreads with White Chocolate Drizzle

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Why, River, the Praying Mantis is actually kinda cute.
Give the little critter a name, and pretend it's wearing a top hat and a cane, while performing "Puttin' on the Ritz," and your fears will all dissipate. Promise.

The trick, however, does not work with all scary monsters...I'm still working on in-Fidel Castro. Shudder.

Sol - I am amazed at your photography skills, all the pictures are so unique paying attention to all the details, gorgeous! And the last one with Jim, the praying mantis colorings match his eyes, how did you do that! lol

Querida Silvia, believe me when I say there was no magic, or photoshop involved regarding Jim's eyes. They really are that green.
In fact, we're all a green-eyed family, from Jim and me, to the kids, and yep, our two cats :)

Sue! It's been too long since the last time you graced this forum. Please, stick around.

Well, I've enjoyed the world of deliciousness you're all bringing to the CF table. I think I'll stamp out my inky funk and start cooking.


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I had to go looking for the WFD thread and found it on page four.

Picked up Sushi one day for lunch.

Roast Pork with Garlic and Fennel

Had a late lunch one day so dinner was just homemade bread and a few things to pick at.

Halibut twice in the last ten days. It is an easy dinner to make on a work night.

Steak and Moe's favourite Baked Potato.

    Bookmark   February 12, 2013 at 8:28AM
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Some of what we have had since last post.

The last of my Christmas Fruit Cake.

Served on one of the beautiful handmade serving dishes that I received in my swap box from John. This lovely little dish was made by John's wife.

Breakfast - Biscuits with Sausage Gravy.

Grilled Greek Style Baby Back Ribs.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Orzo.

Chicken Piccata with a side of Pasta.

More lamb. Grilled Loin Chops.

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Ann T, it all looks wonderful. Well, I'm not sure about the fruitcake, LOL.

I'd try to help you out on this thread but I haven't eaten one darned thing that was picture worthy since my last post.


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Still nothing picture worthy, but this was on page two, so I thought I'd "rescue" it.

Tonight we had venison black bean chili. Lots of vegetables, including onion, yellow pepper, celery, carrots, plus a quart of my home canned tomatoes. Just a few beans and a pound of ground venison, a canned chipotle in adobo and some Penzey's Chili 9000.

It was a good choice for a cold snowy evening.


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I hear ya Annie. Since the Valentine's dinner I keep forgetting to take the camera back out to kitchen. If it's not there when we are ready to eat....not getting pics. Although Christy got me a clip on light to help with the pics so who knows what the future may bring.

The other night was our cold days so I made one of my big batches of chili. I had lots of mushrooms on hand as well as yellow squash so they both went in. The freezer is a bit full right now so the peppers I reached first were the mixed red, orange and yellow sliced. So, the chili was nice and colorful as well as delicious. I used both light and dark red beans and lots of them. Oh yes, almost forgot that I also had steamed a bunch of string beans aside from those used for the Valentine's dinner so put them and a couple cans of corn in. Very healthy veggie based chili....as usual.... I've put too many pics of my chili up so... no biggie that I didn't take any.

Friday I had to go for some xrays and on the way back we stopped at the farmers market and picked up some fresh veggies and herbs. Today Christy cooked. Baked a chicken with fresh sage under the skin, and a lemon inside. Fresh Brussels sprouts were very good and cauliflower was good too. She has to have mashed potatoes with such a dish so I helped her make some gravy too. Nice meal. We still had some of her birthday cake for dessert. I made a devils food cake with a white buttercream icing flavored with almond and vanilla.

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Wow, all foods are yummy!

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Last night we had some unexpected company for dinner but had more than enough to eat.

Made breaded pork cutlets that I cooked in a pan with a little olive oil and Orchietta pasta with kale, bacon, and sun-dried tomatoes

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchietta, Kale, Bacon, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

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Academy Awards means lots of foods in front of the TV. DH took that to mean Cheese Fondue, a seldom made favorite. We had two other couples join the fun and they contributed additional dippers and other goodies. First the fondue made with the Le Creuset recipe. I've owned the book for a few years, this was not part of my recent LC splurge!

Next time I think that I'd toss the cheese with a tablespoon of flour prior to melting. I had another recipe that I used for years with much success using that technique. This recipe seemed to get clumpy and I had to whisk it to emulsify it.

As to the dippers-- we particularly loved the roasted fingerling potatoes, the sweet cherry toms and the pears. My friend contributed mushroom caps too, but they were too large to dip and lent themselves to being filled with olive tapenade from TJ's.
Sorry for the lopsided image, I couldn't work around to rotate it on my work computer.

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Lots of good meals here, glad everyone is eating well!

I made lasagna this week using no boil pasta sheets. It was the first time I've used them. Made for a fast meal but I thought they were a bit mushy, maybe I baked it too long.

Last night I made black beans and yellow rice. Pure comfort food this week!


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Well since I can't seem to post two photos at once....here's last nights rice and beans.


    Bookmark   February 28, 2013 at 11:10AM
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While I don't share on the WFD thread, I am a regular visual consumer because I so enjoy seeing and reading what the real cooks are serving.

I want to thank all of you for generosity in sharing your ideas and talents.


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We love boneless skinless breasts baked with my breading coating (melted butter, dijon, garlic and worcestershire, then coated with bread crumbs). Alongside I roasted carrots and reheated scalloped potatoes. Scalloped potatoes just get better, the more they are re-heated!

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JASDIP, your post reminded me of a dish that turned out very well, thanks. My DGS is very picky, he will eat chicken and fried onions so I put the two together and he loved it. I have to admit it was pretty good, I need to make it again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Onion Chicken

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I was feeling ambitious the night before I had my cast put on and decided on German food. I used boneless pork chops to make Jagerschnitzel posted by Clarion, Spaetzle from AnnT and Betty Crocker's hot German Potato salad. It was so yummy if put parsley in again must mince instead of chop, the bigger pieces pluged up the holes. Patty

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All the dinners look so yummy!

My dinner tonight was light since we went out and had a big lunch....

Kale, potato and chicken stew

Alsatian pear tart with almonds and currants


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"All the dinners look so yummy!"

I totally agree, not only they look so yummy, they also look beautiful!

Low (150F) and slow (10 hours) smoked some pork chops.


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Jasdip -- I used to make the same chicken dish, it was always a winner! Next time try adding finely grated Parmesan cheese to the breadcrumbs. I assume that you dip chix breasts in the butter/dijon/worcestershire/garlic mixture and then roll them in freshly made bread crumbs? I clipped that out of a newspaper more than 20 years ago and it was my crowd pleasing go-to recipe . It's been a long while, I ought to try it out on my grands and see if it's a winner with them too!

    Bookmark   March 3, 2013 at 4:04AM
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I use homemade breadcrumbs, dried, Compumon. You're right about the dipping and rolling. Parmesan cheese would be good!

I made 2 loaves of the Honey Whole-Wheat today

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Tonight was brown rice rice with onions and carrots baked in the oven in chicken broth. Pork chops, and boiled cabbage as well. We love cabbage!

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Was very bored this afternoon decided on Chinese food for dinner. I made hot and sour soup, pork fried rice and veggie egg rolls made with what ever was in the fridge. Of course must have hot mustard and plum sauce. I glad I started early this cast on my leg really slows me down. Patty

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Every one's meals looks so good!

Haven't made pork chops in quite awhile. Thanks jasdip for the inspiration! Your bread looks amazing too! Husband just commented today on how I haven't made bread in awhile.

Pattypeterson2208, your chinese food looks wonderful, and like it came from an authentic restaurant!

Dinner tonight was a sirloin roast, cooked rare/medium rare (was thinner at one end), roasted potatoes, wild mushroom gravy, salad full of veggies, and a sauteed asparagus/cherry tomatoes/onions and goat cheese dish.
Picked up some pretzel buns from Costco in the States, to go with.(They were REALLY good)!

Was planning on leftovers tomorrow, but dinner was such a huge success, there was nothing leftover but a very small ammount of roast beef and a few tablespoons of gravy.

Dang! Means I have to come up with another meal for tomorrow, which wasn't in my plans :)

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It looks like lots of good dinners going on.

Due to some unexpected events, I haven't been doing as much cooking as usual. I did take pix of a few meals.

Roasted turkey breast and potato with chicken heart gravy and carrot ribbons.

Crab cake dinner. The stuffed baked potato was from the farmers' market.

Portobello ravioli, sauteed spinach & watercress, veal cacciatore.

Pierogi-making at church this week so I have a big container of Irish beef, cabbage and barley stew and one of ham and collard greens soup ready for action.

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Nice to see more people posting to the WFD thread.

Some good looking meals.
Silvia, I like the idea of your kale, Potato and Chicken Stew.

And DC's smoked pork chop and cauliflower.

Jasdip, beautiful loaves.

Patty, I'd love your dinner.

Shelley, Sirloin roast is a favourite here. I tried to cook one that is just big enough for dinner with enough left for beef dip sandwiches. Doesn't always work out that way here either.

Ruthanna, wondered where you have been. Miss all your wonderful meals. I would like everyone of your dinners. Would have to skip the carrots though.

Matt was here on the weekend. He stayed with his dad while I was at work. If he hadn't been here I wouldn't have cooked much. Moe's appetite has been off because of the surgery. Starting to come back though.

WE had Mexican a couple of times,

Pork Chile Verde with homemade flour tortillas

Leftovers used for a Layered Dip. Fried leftover flour tortillas chips.

Spicy Noodle Soup

Creamy Lemon Oat Bars

Lettuce Cups

Chicken Souvlaki

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This is not for dinner tonight.....Getting on to spring and Easter it is a bit out of season....but...it is such a gloomey Sunday afternoon I am killing time going over last years pictures. Found this one and thought WFD needed alittle nudge right now....I need practice posting pictures here anyway. I get so intimadated when I try....I usually just forget it. You all are so good!! I enjoy everyone of your
posts. Thanks for all your sharing.

This is one of our family Christmas traditions that must be on the menu. Angel food cake iced with a microwaved 7 minute frosting. I make the holly and berries from red and green Brachs gumdrops. Shirl

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Wow, your Christmas cake is beautiful. With the tree in the background - perfect picture! We missed the holiday season this year and already anxious for the '13 season.

We're having whole wheat 'ghetti & meatballs here tonight. The meatballs have been browned and are simmering in the sauce. Everything is quiet until time to put on the pasta. Still a bit over an hour 'til dinner time here.


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Shirl, Your cake is a work of art. Very beautiful. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks.


    Bookmark   March 10, 2013 at 8:30PM
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Beautiful cake, Shirl, what a nice tradition.

Ann T, I'm glad Matt could stay with his Dad and even more glad to hear that Moe is getting his appetite back.

I had Madison today for several hours and so we made a pot roast with mashed potatoes. She loves mashed potatoes, Elery said she's like Grandma. I love potatoes in all forms, so she's coming right along, LOL.

I've actually made a couple of meals but I don't have the pictures loaded on the computer yet, I have to catch up.


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Thanks Annie. He is feeling better. Will have his second physio appointment tomorrow.

I stopped on the way to work and picked up some local Vancouver Island hormone and antibotic free ground beef . We had grilled burgers on homemade Kaiser buns and oven fries for dinner.

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Love this thread. Such beautiful food and it does give me cravings and often influences what we cook. Right now Ruthanna's crab cakes reminded me that I have a can of lump crab in the fridge.

Ruthanna, love your food and what a great sampling of all your dishes that I love. You know your red is special to me, but I don't think I've mentioned that I used to collect commercial dishes too and love the ones you have that I've seen.

Ann, your food is always beautiful and the latest dishes don't disappoint. Speaking of inspiration/influence, your Mexican dishes make me want to make tortilla's. My poor tortilla press. Last time it was used I was smashing clay for some craft project. Smiles. Good thing I use acetate/saran. That Kaiser roll. I showed Christy..she drooled. Burgers are one of her favorites so...

Shirl, I love that cake. And I love pressed glass. That cake plate is so pretty. I really would like your recipe for the microwave 7 minute frosting.

Christy got me a light for our Anniversay so my pics won't be so yellow, or dark. Smiles. So I'm subjecting you all to yet another pic of pasta from me. I made a nice big batch of my Northern Italian brothy sauce. Every time I make this sauce I remember how much I love it. It has potatoes in it and they soak up the sauce and are so good. I got the recipe from an old PBS show from Italy. An older English or French[?] woman chef had guest chefs on frequently. The show was shot from her Villa in Northern Italy. Does anyone know who this was? One one show this young woman chef made this recipe. She used that end of the Parm in the sauce and the potatoes and my favorite, lots of basil.

My Method for her dish: Very hot cast iron dutch oven. Cover bottom of pot with ground pork and beef. Let sit until meats are quite brown on the bottom. You can smell it. Flip over biggest pieces of the meat you can and allow it to brown. Then break up meat. I leave some fairly large because I like some medium hunks. Add sliced garlic [I've been hoarding Tricia's garlic and this was about the last], diced canned tomatoes with juice [I used my last jar of home canned red and yellows and commercial diced], beef broth, and the stems from basil. If you have a rind of parm add it now. Allow to simmer for about 45 minutes, then add diced potatoes. If you don't have a piece of rind add some grated cheese now so the flavor will get into the sauce. I use Romano often. Cook for about ten minutes, then add whatever soft veggies you want. This time I added yellow squash and mushrooms. I often use eggplant, string beans, etc. Check for salt and add what's needed. When veggies are about done add lots of fresh or frozen basil. Done.

This post was edited by coconut-nj on Mon, Mar 11, 13 at 0:57

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Coconut - the first person that comes to mind would be Lidia Bastianich (sp) although I am not sure how many years she has been around. Here is a link to photos of all the PBS chefs. I'd be interested in knowing who is was.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Chefs Featured on PBS

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Ann, Mexican is probably my least favorite cuisine but I'm sure the meals in your photos could bend my preferences in a positive direction.

Patty, hope you are healing up OK. Your German dinner inspired me to take a drive through the countryside to a German restaurant this weekend.

Shirl, your cake is lovely. I would also like to try your microwave frosting.

Coconut, I can imagine how great your house smelled while your meal was cooking. It looks delicious. DH and I went to a fabulous restaurant auction in December. They had carton upon carton of dishes, glassware and equipment but after 10 hours, all I came home with was a massive St. Patrick's Day Guiness sign, a carton of sake cups and pitchers and a stained glass lamp.

I tried a recipe for a new beef stew containing beef, cabbage, rutabagas, barley, etc. and split peas for thickening. We had crunchy rye bread with it.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2013 at 10:59AM
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Thanks for trying to find her for me Teresa. She's not on the list. This was probably 20 yrs. ago or more. She wasn't Italian. She was English or perhaps French, but I think English, living in Italy. I think she had a cooking school there. She had white hair. A rather dark kitchen, but you could see the lovely hills out of the windows behind her. I've tried all kinds of Google searches but no luck so far. Thanks again for trying.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2013 at 11:20AM
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Coconut - now I am thinking it was the Great Chefs series that PBS developed. Each show highlighted a chef - so none of them are everyday names like Nigella, etc.

I loved watching those shows on PBS. Now I am going to be crazy till I figure out who this woman was! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Great Chefs series

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You might be thinking of Madeleine Kumman who had a show on PBS years ago.


Here is a link that might be useful: Madeleine

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Hey you!!!!

How is it going? So lovely to see you posting.....


    Bookmark   March 11, 2013 at 1:39PM
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Hmm.. I don't think so Teresa. This was her weekly show, in Italy. I think the Chefs of the World section had many chefs during that season...hmm... I'll check some more.

Cookingrvc, I was trying to remember Madeline's name because I thought someone might think it was her. Nope. I did enjoy her shows quite a bit though.

I'm afraid that now I'm spreading my obsession to find this chef. Smiles. Maybe it was part of the Chefs of the World on the Great Chefs series.

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Hey Sharon! I'm doing well. The road has been rough at times but I cook almost every day, though I haven't posted pictures. I have some, let me see if I can focus enough to post them. Hope all is well with you and Clive. Thanks for the shout out!


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I almost always walk away from this thread with Marty Feldman's eyes. And with good reason. Everything looks delicious.

Howdy Sue (cookingrvc), it's good to see you!


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Some recent cooking:

Escarole, bean, and Bacon soup

Cobb Salad

Beginnings of chicken stock

Final Chicken Stock

Momma looking for chicken scraps

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Recipe for Microwave Frosting I use for my Christmas angel food cake. I originally called it a Microwave 7 minute frosting, when I looked at recipe it is 5 minute. Years ago my Mother made a 7 minute frosting using a double broiler and beat by hand forever it seemed like. I have excellant results with this recipe.......thanks for the interest in the recipe....Shirl

Microwave 5 Minute Snowy White Frosting
(not Microwave 7 Minute frosting as I first stated)\

1 cup sugar
½ cup water
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
Dash of salt
2 egg whites
1 teaspoon vanilla

Combine sugar, water, cream of tartar and salt in 2 cup (I use a 4 cup)
glass measure cup. Microwave for 5 minutes on High or till mixture boils (about 200 degrees)

Beat egg whites in mixer bowl till soft peaks form as the syrup mix cooks.
(I find it takes a good 5 minutes for eggs to get to soft peak stage).
Gradually pour the hot syrup into the beaten egg whites and beat for 5 minutes more or till thick and fluffy. Blend in vanilla.

Frosts a 13x9”, 2-9” layers or 1 angel food.

Recipe from my 1978 Litton (500 series) Microwave cookbook

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Thanks, Shirl. I'll give it a try.

Coconut, the first Italian cooking show I remember was Romagnoli's Table in the 1970's, with Margarent and Frank Romagnoli. It wasn't filmed in Italy though.

Good to see you, Sue. Your chicken stock looks good enough to drink straight from the containers.

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Sue it is so nice that you are cooking and posting here again. Missed you my friend.

I agree with Ruthanna, your stock does look good enough to drink. Really rich looking.


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Shirl, thank you for sharing your microwave frosting recipe. I've saved it.


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Hello All,

I've not seen this forum before. Everything looks so delicious and I have a question: Do you also post receipes for these dishes?

Seeing the cat brought to mind my cooking--Too many cat-astrophes! :(

Thanks, noss

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noss, welcome to the forum. We post recipes on other threads, or when people ask for them. Many have been posted before but we're always happy to post them for you again.

There is a newer What's For Dinner thread going, we usually voluntarily limit the posts to 100 because of all the pictures, it takes so long to load. So, just feel free to look around and if you find anything you like and you don't get a recipe by searching (the search function is abysmal) just ask, someone will get it for you!


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"---Seeing the cat brought to mind my cooking--Too many cat-astrophes! :( Thanks, noss"

Welcome noss. This is a great forum. You eat everyday and cook a few times a day everyday. Nice to exchange ideas.

Sounds like you are a cat lover. Tell us about your cat-as-trophies stories.


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Hi Annie,

I take it you're telling me that this forum is full and to go to the other one? I Just stopped by here because when I was looking at another forum and saw the shrimp dish that was to the side, I HAD to look in to see what it was. Looks so good! I didn't know it was full.

Hi dcarch,

I love all animals. I like cats, but am very allergic to them. Even so, I raised two tiny kittens after Hurricane Rita went through here. They were from two differenct mothers. One, Stormie, had just opened her eyes and the other, Windie, still had her eyes closed. The two mothers kept their other kittens, but refused these two. Having raised and shown Yorkshire Terriers for over 20 years, I knew if these kittens could survive, they would and since Yorkies are tiny dogs with teensy puppies, I had all the nursing bottles and supplies right here. Plus, I worked for a veterinarian and that was handy in case anything went wrong, which it did with Windie. The kittens' fur didn't bother me until they were older and I had a lot of fun snuggling and petting them. They liked to crawl under my hair and sleep, purring away. So precious. Windie was a brown tortie tabby color and Stormie, a beautiful blue and pale taupe tortie tabby. Her stripes were dark blue and orange with blue and pale orange patches, on a background of light blue and, where a normal brown tabby would be white, Stormie was a very light taupe. She had two-tone green eyes. Just gorgeous and I wish I'd taken more photos of her, but she had better things to do than sit still long enough for that. Both kittens thought I was their mother and so did I. I was their mother. Windie got a forever home very young and Stormie got a home, but was brought back when she put a large scratch on the people's new leather couch. Cat + leather couch=DUH! The man told me he was going to put her outside and they lived in a busy street, so I told him to bring her back. She stayed long enough to get old enough to spay, then, after the was 18 months old, I placed her in a great home.

I could do anything with her and, though she hated having her nails trimmed, she never tried to bite, or claw me because I was her mother. She would lie in my arms and put her two front paws on my face with her claws sheathed and look deeply into my eyes and I, hers. I will always miss her.

You don't want to hear my cooking mishaps-I'm just a klutz and if I try to talk and cook at the same time, it just doesn't work. :D

Happy Hew Year to you all.

Bye, noss

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Hi Noss,
Oh, Annie didn't mean that THIS forum is full, not at all!!! There is Always room for new members. And you don't have to be a bona-fide chef at all to be a member here. We'd love to hear of some of your klutzy mishaps....we've all had them, or still have them! :)

I know what you mean about getting here from clicking on the shrimp dish. The pics on the side don't take you to the current topic, thread etc. Last week there was an awesome pic of brussels sprouts but there was no pic or recipe for that dish when I clicked on it.

Anyway, the part of the forum that is "full" is the What's for Dinner postings. They are limited to 100 postings because of all the pictures, then a new one gets started.

You can see a whack of them by using the Search button.

Regardless if you want to hang out and join in the conversations, you are more than welcome!!!

Oh I have 3 cats who are all spoiled rotten.....we were even laboring over the size of a box to bring home from the grocery store, to make sure that they could enjoy it!

I'm glad you had some, even through your allergies.

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OK, I'll bite--What IS this forum if this is only a thread? LOL! I thought it was a forum. I'm sorry to be dense, but I saw this thread to the side of another that I had gotten in my email and clicked on it. I'm totally lost.

My SNAFUs are boring things like messing up what I'm cooking by talking to someone while I work. I think I have Some form of ADD, no kidding.

Once, I was baking our two pumpkin pies for Christmas and the one was done. My father-in-law called when I was just putting the second one in and I forgot to turn down the temp after 15 minutes and remembered when the pie was almost done and the top was very dark, but not burned quite yet, so I took it out The crust was inedible, but I didn't care about that because I don't eat the crust, anyway. I was surprised that the pie was very good, though kind of dry. Dad thought it was funny and wrote me a poem about the overdone pie. He would write poems to tease family and friends.

So, most of my SNAFUs are not amusing, IMO, and most turned out to be saves, but they are frustrating.

I once made crawfish cornbread and forgot to put the oil into the batter. Never mind the bottle of oil was sitting right there in front of me--It was too late to do anything about it, so I let it cook. The cornbread turned out just fine! It was a little more dry and a little more crispy on top, but it was edible and good. I guess there was enough oil from when I cooked down the veggies to save the dish and crawfish is kind of fatty in itself. I wouldn't want to make it that way again, but I'm still surprised that it was enjoyable.

It's the anxiety that is the catastrophe, for me. I was just making a dumb joke about it.

Watching the Food Network shows has made cooking enjoyable for me because I had lost some sense of smell and taste from allergies and I lost the joy of cooking the dishes I did well. I got real inventive in getting out of cooking.....

The Food Network showed me I could put a lot of flavor into food that even I could taste and enjoy, plus Cajun food already has a lot of flavor to it. It's not just about the heat. Heat without flavor is just heat.


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Here is the whole forum noss, welcome!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooking Forum

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Oh, no, noss, this forum is never too full to have another member, we're always happy to have new people.

If you click the link that Denise gave you, it'll take you to the entire Cooking Forum, and you'll see many topics or threads. Click one of those and you'll find all the posts made about that thread or topic.

If you have a specific question or topic, go to the very top of the page and click "post a message". That'll start a whole new thread and people can post replies, give you recipes, ask questions, whatever.

I'm glad to have you, another person who eats the filling of a pumpkin pie but doesn't care for the crust!


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Hi Annie,

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the clarifications. I'm real glad to k now there is a Cooking forum! :D

I am tickled to know you like to just eat the filling of the pumpkin pie.

I've tried just making pumpkin custard, skipping the crust, but it doesn't taste the same. There's something about the custard cooking in the crust that seems to make it better. It was still good, though. Yum!

I need cataracts removed and I've been having a real hard time reading the print on the computer because it's small and often too light, so I miss a lot of things and appreciate the help and patience y'all have given me.

Hopefully, things will improve some after the clouds are gone. I didn't realize how bad my eyesight had gotten until I started missing so many things in print and needed to start using a flashlight to see into the base cabinets in the kitchen.



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Hi Denise, Thanks for the link and I didn't see it before I replied to Annie. Thanks for your help.

Happy cooking, :D


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Hi Noss,

Right beside where you Post a Message, it says "Return to the Cooking Forum"
That will take you to forum in general, and to all the other forums that GW has to offer if you click Forums above that and the drop down menu

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I'd say wonderful dinner choice. But unfortunately i can't cook these days otherwise i must give them a try, besides it i am saving some good recipes for the future when i am at home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Icook24.com

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