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quirkyquercusJune 17, 2006

I know there's a website that lists pet-friendly establishments but it doesn't list retail stores. Since I have a new puppy and want to socialize him in a safe place and love to take my older dog out to explore, I have this short list of places that I have found to allow dogs. Feel free to add to post more places that you know of that are chain stores. I'm posting this here because these get indexed in google very well and I thought people would like to know.

(pet supply stores not included)

In alphabetical order

1.) Bloomingdale's Department Store

2.) Home Depot

3.) Lowes Home Improvement

4.) Nordstrom's Dept. Stores

5.) Outdoor World

6.) Rite Aid pharmacies

7.)Sak's 5th ave dept. store

8.)Tractor Supply Co. hardware/farm/feed

I have found the department stores to be an excellent place to socialize a puppy because there are many people there of different ages and ethnicites an positive encounters are easy to come by. The hardware stores have many noises like whirring saws and forklifts that you can expose your puppy to. And socialization is an important developmental deadline... around age 12 weeks.

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Wow! this is a great thread.

We have a large dog that we're trying to socialize. He's obedient, but does the "puppy thing" which at 100+ lbs. frightens people. He's now very obedient, but we need to bring him into business establishments to have a dog that is "cool".

We take him into the bank, and he goes into the "beauty parlor", too. But so many places are "no dogs allowed" or are unposted. I am hesitant to simply bring him in when there is no policy stated; not because I'm afraid of his behavior, more because I don't want the business owner to be alarmed.

I so wish America was less phobic about dogs! When I was in France, no one flipped out about dogs coming into shops. When I was a kid, no one was too concerned about dogs, either. When did we become so "afraid" and so less tolerant?

We allow dogs into the shop where I work. I allow dogs in my own workroom... if they're jerks they get banished to the car until they are trained!

My dog is better behaved that a lot of kids! (sorry, had to add that...)

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Our Home Depot in New Hampshire does NOT allow dogs in the store. I have seen them tell people to take their dogs out of the store. Hummmmmm

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Lowes here is not "dog friendly", but HD is.

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I should add that your mileage may vary as they say. Call first to confirm. According the some people I've talked to at HD, they say it's not an official policy but that they aren't going to ask you to leave. I see dogs in there all the time. Same with Lowes. I have a friend who works in lowes on the other side of town and she said they do allow dogs so I assumed they all did.

And Chelone... if some attitudes changed about it then perhaps there wouldn't be so many morons leaving their pets locked up in the car when it's hot out.

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Quirky, It was kind of you to share your list, and it's a great topic! I suspect though that in most areas the majority of these stores might be tolerant of a pocket sized dog in your arms, but not a large dog on leash. Even though large dogs may be more well behaved than small ones :) I see the tiny dogs tucked into carry bags in places like Home Goods, and no one says anything. But If Chelone walked in with Biggie Boy, there would be much attention.

I do take one of my dogs with me when I get the oil changed in the car. And outdoor garden centers are usually ok to take female dogs. I know my male would lift his leg on a shrub, so not a good outing for him :)

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We live near Blue Ridge and Ellijay GA, both very tiny towns, and tourist destinations. Because of that many of the stores here are pet friendly. They often have water bowls out front and benches for shoppers to sit on.

Maybe it's time to go on a vacation or take a day trip to a small town. ;~)


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Ditto to what Cynthia said. There is definately a lot of size discrimination.

That said HD and other "warehouse" type buildings are not a place for dogs or children due to safety issues. Just my opinion.

I am really surprised to see Rite Aid on the OP's list. Here any store that carries food products does not allow dogs other than service animals which is as it should be.

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My parents told me that in Florida they recently changed a law to allow dogs to eat in outdoor cafes or restaurants with outdoors seating.

You'd think there would be size discrimination especially with the department stores but I have asked many people that work in there and they say they have dogs of all sizes come in and they don't mind it and one of the people in Bloomingdales told me to go ahead and put my puppy on the floor and she offered to clean up any messes! I'm not saying that a dog that is rambunctious and not well behaved will be welcome.

Riteaid is the only one on the list I haven't tried because they seem to be only located in small towns far away but someone told be they asked and were able to. There are many riteaids so again, ask before you go.

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That is interesting. I am so afraid of dogs, and I couldn't imagine someone bringing a dog into a store other than a pet store. I hate going to Petco because of the dogs I encounter there, so I will keep my eyes open at these stores too!

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Trust me, I am not trying to start a war, but I have truly never figured out why people think they have(or should) the *right* to bring dogs into retail stores.

I have also never figured out why it was ok to bring FiFi in a tote bag, but Bruno on a leash isn't allowed. Just seems dogs are either allowed or not allowed; end of story. Not to mention how ridiculous it looks to see FiFi in a tote bag.

When I go in Petco, I expect to see dogs, (even though I would really appreciate NOT having a dog run up to me); I don't know why people think it should be ok in other retail stores though. Change the word *dog* to *cigarette* and all arguments fly out the window, even though both are one in the same as far as *rights*.

....... and truthfully, I just as soon people leave their bratty kids at home most of the time too, but I suppose that is another subject.

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We have a small shih-tzu and she goes to HD, lowes and local hardware stores with us. She rides in the cart. I do
understand why the stores don't allow it. What would happen if one of those dogs would bite someone while in
there place of business. Our shih-tzu would never bite anyone but it does upset me when we do take her ( even to the vet) and someone will walk up and reach there hand out to start petting then ask if she bites. Hello, it would be to late if we said, yes. She likes going to ballpark with us to watch grandkids play ball. She just lays up on the bench next to us and is not allowed to walk around.

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I can "maybe" understand Lowes/Home Depot, but I disagree with department stores. I know that I wouldn't want to buy a new outfit, only to discover it had dog hair on it, or the dog decided to mark it and the owner wasn't paying attention. Plus, there are so many people with allergies, I'm sure they don't want dog hair on it either. I have two dogs, both with shed, but still, I wouldn't want a strange dogs hair on it.

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Nice to see Cynthia! it's been a while. :)

I always check with stores before presuming it's OK to bring in my dog. As Cynthia pointed out, his is large, and arresting in appearance. Still, though, under control at all times because I see to it! (even when people give me a the "hairy eyeball" and fancy me too "strict"). I will tell you though, that there is nothing more gratifying than taking him into a business and calmly telling him "Down" and having him comply. Sometimes he whines, but a simple, "Quiet" and a "GOOD boy!" usually puts an end to any fussing. If I am unable to take him into places how am I ever going to put the "polish" on his manners? Dogs live in a world of our making. We must include them and be strict about controlling them. Anything less is grossly unfair to such loyal, and (I can't believe I'm going to say this, because I "hate" dogs!) intelligent creatures.

I sympathize with people who are "afraid" of dogs. To be perfectly honest, I am too! There are so many untrained, unsocialized dogs and so many PEOPLE who presume they may go through life never having to "deal" with a dog that we have created a "perfect storm".

It is my own belief that more acceptance of dogs in public places will further greater understanding and acceptance of a species inextricably tied to our's. I also believe that dogs ought to be regular visitors to schools. I meet so many children who have NO idea how to engage a dog; this forbodes danger to me; and I wish more were done to teach basic "interactive skills" to kids/adults who don't have them. Dogs bites are largely preventable. I suspect this lack of understanding is largely due to increased apartment dwelling (no pets allowed!), and lack of exposure. Fear is too often the result of ignorance... given the "tools", formerly fearful people have come to actually LIKE my dog and fear others less.

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I took my dog to Petco and he found a bed he liked and laid down on it. He was SO CUTE.

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Forgot to say, we also use to take out dog to the nursing
home to see my grandmother. When gram passed away our dog knew when we went pass the nursing home, but didn't understand why we didn't stop. Hospital in our area also
allow it on certain days.

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I'm undecided on the issue only for the reason that there are too many people who think they have their dog under control because it's on a leash when it's not. I worked for weeks on my dog as part of his "socialization" skills in order for him to pass his registeredtherapy testing. I took him everywhere, asked stores like Walmart/HD etc if he could come in and most were pretty understanding. Walmart only let him sit inside near the exits. He was and always is on a very short leash, about 2 feet which keeps him at my feet. I see too many people taking their dogs into Petsmarts etc on long leashes, letting their dogs run up to other dogs belong to complete strangers etc. Are these people not thinking?

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No, PK, they aren't thinking! It would be easier for all of us with dogs if more owners trained and controlled their dogs to a standard that made them less objectionable to people who don't care for them.

I had some errands to do yesterday and took the dog along. It's only enforcement and practice that makes obedience automatic and appear effortless. In the bank, he was required to "down/stay" right next to me. I am easily able to maintain control. He is friendly and curious and would, given the opportunity, "greet" everyone everywhere. But not everyone likes to be "greeted" and he must learn that the world ISN'T "his".

He was beside me, wagging his tail and waiting to "meet" a woman behind me in line. He sat up in anticipation, and I repeated, "down" and "stay". The woman assured me it was OK, but I told her we were training and if she wanted to meet him we would do so when both of us had finished our business. He was a perfect gentleman and the woman was charmed. (remarking, too, that it was a pleasure to meet a well-mannered dog... puffed me right up!)

I will take him into Petco, too. But when we are in that store he is required to "Heel", it's a far more "exciting" place than the bank. And I will take him to nurseries; always "Heel" and "down/stay" there, too. (LOL, Cynthia; wee-weeing on the stock is totally uncool). It takes a lot of care and attention to take the dog on "outings" and I'm not always up to it, frankly. But the effort is paying off, and it's getting easier.

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Chelone, I don't appreciate your saying that my fear is out of ignorance. I loved dogs when I was a kid until I had one attact me twice. I did absolutely nothing to provoke this dog, and it lunged out the neighbor's door and attacked me (I was about 7 years old). This scared me but didn't totally put me off, but about two years later I encountered the same neighbor again on the street walking the dog. We talked for a minute or two and the dog went nuts and attacked me again. This time required a trip to the ER and stitches.

Ignorance had nothing to do with it. I did nothing to the dog, did nothing to provoke it, and did nothing "ignorant". It was an experience that I never forgot or got over, and to this day dogs frighten me and I will go out of my way to avoid them. I love animals, and am very gentle with all creatures. I can hold spiders and snakes, I caught a large iguana that made its home on the side of our house, and have three cats of my own. When I was very young, the people next door had a german shepard which was a retired K-9 force dog and very protective of its territory (the owner was a retired police chief). I used to hop the fence and play with him when I was about 4 or 5, he was a huge dog but I found nothing frightening or scary about him, he was my friend. I just don't like dogs anymore because of two bad experiences which were traumatizing.

Sorry, but that really struck a nerve with me when you say it is ignorance.

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There are any number of reasons why people might fear dogs that have nothing to do with ignorance. In my case, I just don't particularly like dogs, especially large ones. I'm not afraid of them, altho' I was bitten twice as a child -- and I know some absolutely wonderful dogs -- but on the whole they are not my animal of choice. And I don't particularly care for dogs in stores.

I understand people bringing their dog to some place like a pet store, but I don't understand the need to take a dog into a drug store, a department store, or the hardware store. Unless you're spending hours in there, it just exposes the dog to stresses, and the dog could be stressing other people. If either the owner or the dog cannot stand to be apart for the time it takes to do errands, I think there are other issues going on than an 'intolerant' 'dog-phobic' country.

I live in a trendy inner-city neighborhood where dogs are permitted just about everywhere. Including my favorite coffeehouse. Not just a bowl of water at the door and a biscuit-bowl-take-one-as-you-go, but the dogs come in, wait in line with their owners, and hang out while their owners eat and chat. This bothers me. Not from the sanitation perspective (I just assume they're not licking clean plates, and I'm not eating my bagel off the floor) but because people get engrossed in their own conversations and pay no attention to what their animals are doing.

There are portions of the neighborhood park where I simply don't go anymore, because there are usually anywhere between 5 and 10 dog owners who are letting their pets run loose. (Despite the fact that it's clearly marked that pets must remain on leashes.) When riding my bike thru the park, I've frequently had to slow down, or even stop, because dogs who "just want to play" are nipping at the tires.

Perhaps my attitude is because I have only very rarely encountered a dog as well behaved as the one Chelone describes. I think the emphasis should be on training dogs and their owners first, and only then introducing them to other areas as their behavior warrents.

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Michelle, it's not my intention to offend people. I'm sorry if you were offended by what I wrote. You had two nasty experiences with the same dog, obviously an untrained and unsupervised one. But I stand by my contention that most bites are the result of ignorance... inability to accurately "read" behavior or do the things that could have spared the attack... never forget that the dog's OWNER was included in my statement. Never confuse ignorance with stupidity or foolhardy action.

I am so irritated by people with dogs that are unsupervised/untrained (I loathe my boss's two dogs!). They ruin it for everyone else, frankly; and if the law is "on leash" then on leash they must be(and on leash requires supervision, too!). The rules are there for EVERYONE's safety and comfort. My dog is no angel... we work on the obedience thing and being "polite" every single day (it's hard work). I've dealt with his "tantrums" more than once in public... it sucked (I wanted to melt into the ground). But it had to be done, so I did it. And being steady, consistent, and undaunted by set-backs has gotten us to place where he's very dependable in a public setting. The onus is on ME whenever we're in a public space. I am ultimately responsible for my pet. NO way, would I risk a situation that could be dangerous for us or anyone else.

I strive to have a dog that "minds his own business" unless someone expresses a desire to "meet" him. He is part of the world, but the world is not "his oyster".

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"Reading behavior" isn't something I should really be forced to do just to go to a store, should I? I'm not afraid of dogs, but yes I am apprehensive of a dog that decides to come running over to me and I'm not about to stand there and "read behavior".

I had to put my 16 year old dog to sleep a couple of years ago, simply because we were walking down the street on a PUBLIC sidewalk and some idiot let their American Bulldog out of the house. The dog proceeded to run us down from behind. ..........and at that moment I wasn't into "reading behavior"; I did have the dog by it's rear leg trying to pull it off of my dog while the idiot stood there. I probably would have gone for a collar had there actually been one. Now hindsight being what it is, I know it was kinda stupid to try and take on this attacking dog, but I would certainly do it again - if I had too.

Now if you define "provoked" as walking down a public sidewalk, then I am guilty as charged.

I was at the vet's office last week with a terrified feral cat that I had trapped. Trying to fill out paperwork all the while some moron with a 100 pound plus dog on a retractable leash for a chihuahua, kept letting the dog nudge me and the cat in the cage. I let that moron know in no uncertain terms what I thought and that the poor cat was terrified enough and shouldn't have to deal with his dog.

Sorry, but usually it is only the pet owner who thinks their pet's antics are cute, and frankly I don't see any reason to have to deal with such stuff in the majority of public settings. If enough people feel so strongly about taking their pets in public settings, then someone needs to start doing a heckuva lot of training and common courtesy on John Q Public.

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Come on now! I don't think anyone here would dispute that out of control dogs are dangerous. You won't get an argument from me on that count... when I was kid our dog was savagely attacked by a German Shepherd that was unrestrained. I politely contend that you haven't really read what I've written thusfar.

As a dog owner of 16 yrs., I'm quite sure you saw more than one person approach your dog, presuming too much, never bothering to ask if it was OK. Do not misunderstand my statement incorporating "ignorant"... ignorance implies lack of understanding, NOT stupidity. Don't confuse the two.

"Reading behavior" is all about giving people (esp. kids) the basic TOOLS to understand dogs, engage them wisely, and protect themselves! For instance: dog races out of yard, barking its head off... what do you do? run? stand stock still and don't look the dog in the eyes? let them sniff you even when you're scared stiff? What we need is more education and greater understanding; when owners clearly flout laws regarding dogs the only defense left to the public at large is training/exposure/understanding. How about we greatly increase the fines/penalties levied on perpetual violators?

The guy with the uncollared, unrestrained Bulldog was a JERK. The results were tragic. No arguement from me! Anyone who uses a retractible leash when control is paramount is a JERK. No brainer! What you seem to be overlooking, though, is the simple notion that not everyone with a dog allows such behavior, let alone condones it.

I don't want to see the community I inhabit become more restrictive to dogs than it already is. I am grateful and respectful of those business that accord me the opportunity to bring my dog in. Please, do you seriously think I would do anything to jeopardize the slim opportunities remaining by allowing my dog to behave wantonly?

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In the case of the dog that attacked my dog; I think it should be a requirement that any breed with a propensity for attacking other animals - the owner MUST have obedience training with the dog. I'm totally against the idea of banning breeds, however the owner has to be able to control such a dog.

But for the majority of other breed owners, simple common courtesy goes along way when out in public with the pet. I never officially trained my dog, however I just never would have even thought to let her go up to strangers. Not, because I was afraid of anything she would do, but you don't know if the person is afraid of dogs, allergic to dogs etc.

I don't understand why so many dog owners, just assume no one else could possibly mind their dog going up to someone. The bonehead at the vet's office says to me "oh (blank) loves cats". Well that's great, so because of that the cat and I are forced to deal with your dog?

You can train that dog all you want, but unless you give the owner some common sense training it will all be a moot point. I'm afraid it just seems like the majority of people just totally lack common sense.

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Chelone, thank you for that. I do appreciate it, and I agree that owners have to do more to train their dogs, but fear is not ignorance. My mom is scared of heights; that doesn't make her ignorant, it is just something she doesn't like. There will always be something we don't like and are uncomfortable around, it is human nature, not ignorance.

I will admit that lack of understanding can sometimes be a cause of fear, but that doesn't make it okay to force someone to encounter something they don't like or understand. I would never, ever go into a coffee shop where they allowed dogs. Never. I can't imagine a place that would allow that! I am sure that it happens, I have just never encountered that anywhere I have ever lived.

Owners who have no common sense about their pets are definitely to blame for a great deal of dog attacks. But they can't always be forseen. I went for two years of visiting my friend and playing with their dog after the first attack. The second time it was just a freak thing, the dog was minding its own business while I was talking to my friend's mom and after a good two or three minutes the dog lunged at me and tore my leg open. No rhyme or reason.

Also, the allergy factor comes into play. My husband is totally allergic to dogs. Can't be near them or his eyes swell shut. He was on a flight seated next to a woman with a small dog in a carrier and by the time he got off the plane his face was so swollen. The flight was full so he couldn't change seats. Why, oh why, would airlines allow this? I would never consider taking my cats on a plane due to the fact that people are allergic to them (even more so than to dogs).

I don't care how well behaved a dog is said to be, I will never trust one again. Fool me once...

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Someone mentioned HD in New Hampshire as not allowing dogs. The HD near us, in Portsmouth, NH, does allow dogs. I really think the "take the dog everywhere" thing has gone too far. Petco, yes, reasonable. However, department stores? Even worse, pharmacies? I was at a CVS at the prescription counter having a full blown asthma attack (waiting for an inhaler) and in walks this woman with her sheepdog, and up the pharmacy counter she comes. People started petting the dog, of course, sending dander everywhere. I then started sneezing as well as wheezing. I asked the pharmacist to step to an area out of earshot and mentioned that I was allergic and not comfortable with a dog being in there. His reply? "Well, what is she supposed to do with the dog when she comes to the store". Huh? It isn't a kid, for crying out loud, leave it at home?! I have been in a small deli where people put their dog on the counter where other people put their food when they pay for it (the person behind the register says they can't say anything because the dog owners get mad). Would they allow their dogs on their kitchen counters at home? I have seen piles of poop stepped in and smushed by shopping carts at HD. I'm surprised no one has brought an ADA lawsuit against the stores for this - they show greater concern for dog owners than they do for people who have asthma and allergies or who are afraid of dogs.

As someone else wrote, I have also been seated on a plane next to someone with a little dog. There is no way I can sit next to a dog for 4 hours, so I went to speak to the stewardess. You would have thought I asked to be moved due to the other person's ethnicity or something, the way she reacted. They should have been tripping over themselves with apologies and offering up an accomodation. Instead, I get the "there's not much we can do about it" line.

What will it take? Someone having an asthma attack and dying or someone being badly bitten by a dog in a store for the stores/airlines to do something about this? It is out of control.

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There is no bigger animal lover than I am, but I am against dogs in stores except pet stores where you expect to see them. I grew up w/ no animals and vowed I'd have a house full some day which I do and always have since being a grown up. I might add my kids were raised w/ dogs and cats and now both have cats and always have. My mother always said I was going to get bitten because back in the day, I'd pet any animal I saw..and then of course w/o asking. One day when I was seven, my mother heard me screaming a half a block from my house. I was being escorted home by my scout leader after I witnessed an older girl...about 9 or 10 have her arm practically ripped off by the leaders little black scottie dog. My mother thought something had happened to me. I don't remember the girl but the scene is indelibly etched in my brain. All the blood and disfigurement. It didn't stop me from petting tho and I was lucky I made it to adulthood w/o being bitten. My last dog, a lovely greyhound named Ruby Tuesday ,loved going to Petsmart..her favorite place in the world..(mine too) where they gave her treats. The last day of her life she wanted to go to Petsmart and we did. I see many dogs there and now I ask to pet them if I choose to. But I don't want to see them in HD or Target. Nor do I want to step in dog poop which sometimes happens at Petsmart. I wouldn't think stores would want the liability.

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Oh goodie!! We can go to CVS too?

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"Gone too far"... hmmm...

Not from my perspective. Businesses where my dog is permitted are pitufully thin. I always ask if it's OK and the reply is generally confused. No one seems to have the balls to say "yes" or "no". And I have to say this! I've seen more than one kid have a total, screaming meltdown in the bank. If MY DOG did that, I'd deal with it swiftly, surely and the dog would end up in the car. Don't give me the "lip" about discipline or"training"!

Allergies... lol. Welcome to life, kids. Dogs/cats/wool/feathers... they're part of your daily exisitence. You have an allergy? guess what?! it's YOUR allergy. When, exactly, did it become everyone ELSE'S responsibility to factor YOUR immune system's shortcoming into our daily "rounds"?

Just some food for thought... :)

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Y'all need to get allergy shots... mmmkay?

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Lumberyards like HD and Lowes can be dangerous because of sharp scraps on the floor. Also, you can imagine the majority of people are not really responsible with their animals so it gets to be hazardous for other people

We have taken our dogs into many stores when they were puppies, wheeling them around in a shopping cart. Now that they are too large for the cart I want to get them much better behaved before I take them into some stores. We have one dog we would trust anywhere, and tow others we would trust most places

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So much for home depot!!!
Just went in there tonight and they stopped us at the door and said as of last thursday no more pets allowed. The reason was because Hershey's came in and installed those bubble gum and candy bar impulse racks at the checkout counters and since they now technically sell food (unlike the pharmacies and outdoor cafes and most department stores) they got a memo that said no more pets.
Ordinarily I'd say I'm going to boycott hershey products but yeah right. Who can boycott chocholate?

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I totally understand the ban with the chocolate being displayed at such a low level. The best thing that could happen, a dog would be in line and totally ignore the candy. The most likely thing that would happen, a dog will smell it and dive right in. The owner knowing that it's chocolate and toxic,will take it to the vet and get a stomache pump. The store is now liable for the vet bill and we all know that some idiot knowing there is chocolate there and not controling his dog, sues the store. Thereby starting a big war of stores against pet owners and more and more stores will no longer allow pets in for fear of getting sued. Shame they put in the candy but gratful that someone had the forsite to not get sued.

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Why in the heck would installing Hershey racks in a store be a reason for boycotting a company? Uh like isn't that what Hershey is suppose to do, sell their product in stores?????????

Maybe I'll start contacting department stores and requesting candy racks at the counter BECAUSE I still don't want to buy clothes with fur all over them.

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If a customer's dog is not supervised or well mannered enough to not devour the contents of the candy rack, then they should be asked to leave. Similarly if a dog is in a dept store long enough to shed fur all over the clothes then I think there might be a problem. Has anyone ever found fur on their clothes at a department store because I sure haven't. Then again most of what I buy there is in bags... socks, shirts, undies.

Allowing pets into retail stores is a great way to promote customer loyalty through memorable experiences in the store. When the store employees come up and pet the dog and have nice things to say, it feels great. When other customers do the same thing, it's also nice. You leave the store feeling like everyone is a nice person and that there's no evil in the world and can't wait to go back to that store. As a retailer, I think you'd be nuts to trade rock solid customer loyalty (which is priceless) to a 99 cent candy bar. I don't see how much revenue that could possibly bring in.

My pets are like my family. I spoil them rotton. But I also feel spoiled rotton when the vet hands me a painful $200 bill and simultaneously ties an adorable bandana on my dog. This same technique can be used in just about any retail setting. I do draw the line at supermarkets and indoor restaurants though.

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Wow! Amazing what you find while browsing!

I clicked on this thread because I have two retired racing greyhounds who are both certified Therapy Dogs, volunteering with children in a school program and seniors in nursing homes and assisted living. They never "visit" (come close to) people until I give them permission, and are adored by their clients.

I'm always looking for new situations to keep their paws in, so dog friendly stores seemed a great idea. I usually only have them visit Petco and our local family owned hardware store. I guess I will not explore other options. So sad, because they need a variety of experiences.

I, personally, have a bird phobia, and leave places that have pet birds (caged or not, they freak me out, sorry!) I don't have allergies as such . . .

I had no idea so many people had such strong opinions about dogs, even well-behaved ones. We are whimpering our way back to our crates here!

But we will continue to spread doggy joy where we are welcome!

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How many times do you see a bratty kid, hanging off a rail or doing something else that could get him hurt and the store sued - and the store does nothing? Why? Because the store is TERRIFIED of pissing off the parent of the brat.

The store and it's policies would rather risk a child getting hurt and a lawsuit, rather than telling a parent to teach their brat to behave.

So, if your dog was causing a problem in the store and the store clerk asks you to leave - I can tell by your responses already that it would piss you off and you wouldn't be back to the store.

A dog policy has to be all or nothing. How would a store designate "well behaved" any more than what they do with kids? Frankly, Petco and Petsmart are stores of last resort for me, when I can't find something anywhere else. It gets old very quickly trying to dodge retractable leashes at their max extension and dogs constantly running up to you.

When all of you can 100% guarantee that EVERY dog and EVERY owner are trained and have consideration for others, then maybe my opinion will change. Apparently though the only people with well behaved dogs are only on this forum.

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Actually, I never see stuff like that.
Some people make a living by slipping and falling in stores or in some other way, get "injured" but they have to prove negligence and even then it's paid by insurance and not usually a huge reward for the person who slips. When I was a kid, I was at a water slide theme park and slipped in a puddle with slippery algae growing in it. I think they took me to the hospital and they paid the bill. The theme park was negligent because they should have pressure cleaned the algae from the walkways.

Now if I walk into the hardware store and go to the aisle containing pest control supplies, open up a box of arsenic and eat it, that is not negligence on the part of the store. And with all the warning labels, not the manufacturer of the poison either.

If a dog bites another customer, the dog's owner is liable. If a customer's child bites another customer, the same thing.... The store isn't liable.

Almost every phone book has an ad on the back cover for a lawyer who would be happy to sue the store anyway but in most cases a team of much better lawyers will see to it that that lawsuit goes nowhere.

There is also a limit... There might be a term for it. It's the same thing that prevents people from purposely crashing head-on to another car on a 2 lane road. Or the same mechanism that a slip & faller will use to make sure they really aren't all that hurt. Similarly, I wouldn't eat a box of rat poison and people wouldn't let their dog purposely devour the candy rack just so they can sue.

Another example would be if I put sharp tacks on the sidewalk in front of my house and a little girl stepped on them and got hurt, I would be liable. If someone was walking their malmannered dog in the same spot and it bit the little girl, that's not my fault. It's the dog owner's fault.

If you break it, you buy it. Same goes with fur on clothes in my opinion. In reality, the store would let it slide and send it to the outlet store or back to the distributor.

Making the stores reasonably safe is a top priority to prevent lawsuits. But there is also an obligation to shareholders to make money and doing so when competition is fierce requires making customers loyal and being accommodating.

And to answer your question, no I wouldn't be upset if they told me to leave because they don't allow pets. In fact the other day, as I walked in, the CSR at the returns desk stopped me and explained to me what the deal was. I said ok, I'll be happy to leave. Rules are rules and if I don't like them, I realize I can shop elsewhere. However all I needed was some mulch which is kept outside and the garden center was closed. She rung me up for the mulch at the returns counter and Beasley and I went to the back of the store to get the mulch and that was that.

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Hubby and I were at the grocery store yesterday afternoon, waiting in the checkout line, when we saw a VERY elderly couple walk in, pushing a cart and holding onto the leash of their ENORMOUS golden retriever. I highly doubt it was a service dog-- it was immaculately well-groomed with a gorgeous coat, but the dog was quite overweight and looked almost as old as its owners. It wasn't wearing any sort of "guide dog" notification, no harness, and it was just trailing along behind the cart with the couple... Its owners didn't look to be in the greatest shape, either; the wife was extremely stooped over, and the husband shuffled along as if he had Parkinson's... but you could just tell that they loved this dog, and the dog most likely goes EVERYWHERE with them, regardless of whether the store allows it or not. (And this as a GROCERY store, so I'm pretty sure the dog was not supposed to be there!)

The dog was quite well-behaved, didn't bother anyone, didn't even sniff at anything in the aisles... no one said anything to the old couple; they just did their shopping and went on their way. I just thought it was the cutest, nicest thing I'd seen in a long time, this old couple with their old dog, in the grocery store of all places... I'm GLAD no one told them to leave, it would have broken my heart!

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"If a dog bites another customer, the dog's owner is liable. If a customer's child bites another customer, the same thing.... The store isn't liable."

Sure they are. Welcome to the 'deepest pocket' theory of litigation.

Actually I like the idea of no free-range children in stores. Babes in arms, or toddlers in strollers excluded. It's the uncontained sticky-fingered kids who haven't learned to pause before colliding with your path or purse or cart that keep me primarily shopping in peace on the internet.

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Touche' to the first part and
Aaaaaaamen to the second part.

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Not being a dog owner, I guess I'm unclear on why a dog owner feels they have to take their dog shopping with them?

Unless it's some kind of assistance/guide dog, why should a dog go to the hardware store, the pharmacy or the corner store?

I don't shop as a social activity; I do it to buy something. Is anyone so wedded to their pet they can't be separated the time it take to pick up a prescription or pick out paint?

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I for one would very much appreciate being able to take my dogs into more stores. Not for a day of shopping, but just for a quick errand. I live out in the country so when I need to take a dog to the vet or a show or training in town and also need to run a few errands, being able to take my dog in with me would save me time and gas. Otherwise, I have to drive all the way back home and then back into town since I can't usually leave the dog in the car.

Years ago, when I was vacationing in England and France, I was surprised at the places that dogs were allowed. Especially France, where they were even allowed in restaurants. The thing was, all the dogs I saw were extremely well behaved. The dogs in restaurants were just quietly curled up under the tables. All were behaving just as you would expect to see a service dog behave only they were just pets.

As far as allergies and fears go, I do sympathize. My husband has allergies to cats and perfumes, etc. There are no laws or rules banning the wearing of perfume though. And I have a phobia about passing bicycles in my car because of an accident when I was young. My heart races every time I have to pass one. But I realize that my fear shouldn't deprive bicyclists of the right to use the road. I do wish they would be more considerate and not ride four or five across.

Unfortunately irresponsible owners have basically ruined things for everyone in this country. I can't even walk my dogs in my own neighborhood because people let their dogs run loose despite a leash law. My dogs are very small and are no match for those dogs running loose. Dogs have been banned from some parks because so many people paid no attention to the leash laws or didn't clean up after their dogs. Now no one can enjoy the parks with dogs. If everyone had just been responsible and followed the rules to begin with there wouldn't have been a ban. One park they even warned people on the news that there would be a ban enacted if people didn't start following the rules. It didn't do any good though.

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Alison, for many people, their dog lives out in the backyard and gets very little attention and love. For others the pets are like family members and we enjoy spending every minute we can with them. Taking the pets places is fun and therapuetic. And more importantly it keeps the dog stimulated and socialized. I don't understand why there is so much resistence to this concept on a pets forum.

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UGH, I HATE it when people take a thread called "pet friendly stores" and turn it into, "Why you shouldn't take your dog to a store." GRRR, that's not what I come here for! Lol, anywho a huge part of Europe is totally dog friendly, unlike here. We're so behind.. ::sigh:: I'm not saying let big, huge dogs in your local grocery store, but what the heck kind of harm is my almost 100% hype-allergenic Bichon Poo who weighs less than 15 lbs. and is the most AWESOME and well behaved dog, and who loves her carrier, going to do to anyone or anything? She sits in her little carrier for an hour or 2, and we have that extra time together.. she's not left at home alone, where she gets super depressed, and I have my best buddy with me. She's in a bag, for pete's sake! She doesn't shed, bite or pee in stores! GRR! Lol anyyway, here are some pet friendly stores.. remember that most places that sell food items will not allow pets. I'm surprised Rite aid is on the list, and I doubt they'd let me take her here in Burbank, CA. Anyway, here's the list of not so obvious stores (not including pet boutiques) in Southern California (Los Angeles):


Pretty short list, huh? Considering there are 1000's upon 1000's of places in LA.. anywho, let me know if you know of anymore! Thanks, all!

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Can you still go into home depot there???
Ours even have signs up now citing the reason is they now sell food (candybars/soda) then again so does petco/petsmart.

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The reality is that 95% of dogs aren't well behaved, and a lot of owners who claim their dogs are well behaved really are not. The only place in my city where dogs are allowed are pet stores like Petco and Petsmart, the feed store (yep we still have one) and Calebas. Although, downtown many of the coffee shops allow customers to keep their dogs at their tables (outdoors of course).

And frankly, when I go into a retail store, I don't want to see dogs there. I don't want the dog hair on the clothes; I don't want to deal with poorly trained dogs who jump on me. And I actually have bigger issues with little dogs, in general, than big dogs, because often they've received little to no training.

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The same can be said for dog parks. The concept of this post was so that people who care about their dogs behavior and socialization (requires routine maintenance) you can take your dogs to certain places to better adapt them to behaving good in those environments. It wasn't about is it right or is it wrong, it's about taking advantage of these lenient policies to sculpt a well rounded and well mannered dog. Especially with puppies.

It should go without saying that if you take a dog into a store that it should not only be capable of leash walking but leashed with a maximum of 2' of slack so that it can't wander away or jump on people.

I'd really appreciate anyone who wants to debate whether this is right or wrong to please start a new topic in the pet debates forum.

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I've taken my dogs to Jiffy Lube - stopped by on my way back from the park and had the dogs in the car with me. They let me take them inside and no one seemed surprised or bothered. Of course, my dogs played it cool and simply went to sleep (a walk in the park always tires them out).

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I know the Lowe's near us in Ohio does not allow dogs, even tiny ones. I haven't tried Home Depot, but I'm going to. I think I'm actually going to get my phonebook out and make a few phone calls. If I come up with any pet-friendly stores, I'll make a posting here. I hope I can find some stores to take my "little" Jasper for a visit (he's a saint bernard).

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I manage a retail outlet, and while some folks in my position do not enforce their company's policy of no pets, I do, to a T. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs and cats,my establishment sells groceries and, with the exception of aid dogs, I am in violation of state, local, and federal codes to allow it. What gets me, though, is when I politely walk up to someone and tell them that the dog has to stay outside, they look at me like I just asked their grandmother to take a hike. I've had to dodge pee puddles more than a few times at our local Petsmart, that's why I don't shop there anymore.

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I'm in western WA and both HD and Lowe's have large "No dogs allowed" signs. I've seen people inside with their dogs (but invaribly small dogs - mine are large).

A nursery where I used to work had to institute a "No dogs" policy because customers would let their dogs pee on the plants and poop in the grassy areas - and they would not pick up after their dogs. The nursery employees complained to the owner about having to pick up dog poop, so the policy was instituted.
It really is too bad that a few irresponsible dogs owners can ruin things for all dogs owners. I'd really like to have my dogs out around people more, but it is so hard to find dog friendly places to take them.

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I was at Home Depot yesterday and at the entrance to their garden area, there was a sign (looked new) that said no animals allowed except Assistance dogs.

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It disturbs me that Rite Aid would allow pets in it store, as theRite Aid in our town probably has a 15-20% mix of food groceries and fresh items. This would be a blatant violation of county health code for most cities around the country. No one should be above the law. I would be inclined to report the store to the local health department if it were in my neighborhood

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Thought this fit the topic pretty well!

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Please post only if you have names of pet friendly chain stores to share with us otherwise don't post in this thread.

This thread is not to discuss whether it is right or wrong or if you are allergic or if pets pee on plants or jump on people or smell bad or pass gas.... this thread is only I repeat only about what stores allow dogs for socialization of under control dogs.

If you want to share your feelings about dogs in public stores then I suggest you start a new thread in the new pet debates forum where it will not clog up this topic with irrelevant gobbeltyguk.

Thank you for your cooperation. Love, Origional Poster Quirky T. Quercus.

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Well, #uck You, AHole!! I'll post whatever the #uck I wanna post, &ickhead!

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I don't recall the forum rule that states the OP can dictate what direction a thread takes. Although I disagree with the manner in which pat09 chose to express his/her point, I agree with the basic sentiment.

For those of you that think people with allergies should just learn to deal with it, I hope you or someone in your family has a deadly nut allergy and has to deal with packages of nuts being handed out to 200 people on a crowded airplane with a recirculating air system.

Dogs are not people. And if you think they should be accorded the same rights, you really need to get a grip. And probably therapy and medication.

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It's called forum having good etiquette. You don't go into posts and talk about unrelated subjects and this is not about debate, just to compile a list so when people type in "pet friendly stores" on a search engine this will come up. Start a new topic out of consideration for others who are trying to find information. Not just because I said to, ok?

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This is an interesting post. I bring my dog into Petco all the time, she loves it. when I was visiting Toronto, I visited a shopping center and there were quite a few people walking dogs on leashes. I can't remember the name of the shoppuing center,it was not Eaton Centre. I wish we americans were less pet phobic. I see signs all the time regarding blind and service dogs.

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I'll add a couple. Michael's and A.C Moore (craft stores) have always let me bring pets in.

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I notice there are a lot of Michaels stores in the same shopping centers as Petsmart or Petco stores - maybe they are more welcoming knowing that people stopping at the pet stores have their dogs with them and will only shop if they can bring their pet in with them. I'd think it would be worth exploring the stores that are very close to pet stores.

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Hey that's weird my petsmart here is right next door to Michaels. I'll call them a little later on and see what they say.

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Well, qq - I can't help but disagree. This is a forum - you can't dictate if people want to voice an opinion about what you are posting. It isn't anything worth geting mad about anyways. Lighten up!

Having said that - I didn't realize that all those stores allowed pets. Interesting.

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Well here is a little food for thought.You go to the store and cross those floors which are chemically treated to keep them clean and shiny.When you go home you take your shoes off and shower.Your dog,on the other hand ,sits down and licks his feet to clean off anything he has inadverdantly been exposed to...fertilizer and pest products at the garden store,cleaning chemicals and wax products at the drugstore and grocery. My dog suffers from seasonel allergies as well as food additive allergies.I wouldn't take him to an indoor store because at 86 pounds he is to big for my purse,and making him walk through God knows what is UNSAFE for HIS health.

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I asked nicely.

Please have some respect for others.

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Well I attempted to go in Michaels tonite after petsmart and no they don't allow dogs. I have noticed that there is a Michaels next door to practically every petsmart but is evidently not a company policy to allow pets citing the whole "we sell food" line.

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QQ you broke my eardrums. lol
You can bring your dog, cat, pig, goat or horse to Long Vally Feed. We even have treats.

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I work at a Lowe's and I can assure you all that Lowe's nor Home Depot allows dogs in store. It is to much of a liabilty issue. Nobody is 100% sure if their beloved dog will cause harm to another person. Nobody. And if you notice before you enter Lowe's or HD on the automatic door their is a sign with a set of rules on it. One of them is that you can not allow a dog in the store unless it is a hear and sight dog for the blind. Lowe's does not want to be held responsible for any dog related accidents. The only thing though is that most Lowe's don't really enforce the rule. But that way if something were to happend Lowe's can argue that their was a sign on the door stating dogs are not allowed.

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Fine with me if they have a sign on their door, as long as they don't kick you out.

I bought a puppy a couple of months ago. The breeder lived on the other side of the state. Neither of us wanted to drive that far so we agreed to meet in between. We met at a Lowe's. We walked down to the patio furniture department and they'd just gotten some furniture in, but nobody much was looking at it in the cold weather. We sat there discussing details for over an hour and not a soul bothered us. I had my old dog with me and she brought the pup. Everyone was friendly to us. It was great!

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My daughter has a pet stroller and we have taken her two dogs in, Goodwill, Joann Fabrics, Micheals, Hobby Lobby,Walgreen's and one Lowe's. There are some Lowe's that do not allow them. Also Menard's would not allow the dogs in their outside lawn and garden and they were inside of the enclosed stroller, could not damage anything or bite anyone. To me that made no sense. We have taken them to a funeral home to pick out funeral arrangements, for me and when I see the owner at church, she always comments how well behaved they were and better than most children. When a group of our family were baptized, we were allowed to take the two dogs in their stroller into our church and they were very good. We even got to take them down to the big meal the church provided for us. So being able to do that is very helpful when you can not leave a pet alone because of possible seizures. I think if more stores would allow them, as long as they would not damage anything or hurt anyone, it would be a better world.


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WOW Quirkie.......that was a really LOUD post:)
I live in a pretty small town (pop.around 25,000) and I don't know of any businesses here that allow pets.I know Wal-Mart doesn't either.We were in a chicken place a few months ago and a stupid woman brought her kitten in and was waving it around.The manager told her she couldn't have it in there because it was an eating establishment and against the health code and asked her to leave.She threw a fit and finally left.It wasn't that she couldn't leave it alone in the car,(which is a stupid excuse anyway as far as I am concerned).She was on the passenger side of the vehicle and someone else was inside ordering the chicken.
I know opinions about whether it is right or not are not wanted but I'm going to give it anyway!You can yell at me if you want to:)
I would not take my dog into any business and impose her on anyone else,except maybe Petco or Pet Smart.
Many years ago there was a upscale dress shop here where the owners little poodle was a permanent fixture.I went in a couple of times and the little dog was so yappy and her "Mommie" so obnoxious about her that I never went back.Of course "Mommie" thought her $@@$ didn't stink!LOL Just because we may think our pets are the best behaved,well mannered,cutest little things doesn't mean they really are or that others think the same.Kinda like "my" kids never do any wrong!

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Fashion Island, a high-end mall in Newport Beach CA is very pet friendly. Department stores include Bloomingdales (listed elsewhere as pet-friendly), Neiman Marcus (don't know about other locations, but I am told that this one is pet-friendly) and Macys (do not know if pets allowed). The public (non-store) areas of the mall are outside.

Some restaurants allow dogs on patios. Citrus City Grill in Orange, CA and some of the restaurants at The Block in Orange are examples. All of them have patios that can be accessed without going inside the restaurant.

Since some restaurants at the Block welcome pets, I assume that some of the stores do the same. Haven't tried with our dog.

I'd ask any restaurant with a patio that can be accessed without entering the restaurant.

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Where is Quirkyquercus? Haven't seen any posting in quite a while.

    Bookmark   July 4, 2008 at 9:04PM
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My 2 dogs ( a lab x and a greyhound) ARE very well behaved. They have their CGCs. One competes in agility and the other is in training for agility. We regularly go to Petco. I have been permitted to taken them into Pike Nursery and I have recently been taking them to my local Lowe's. They have been welcomed not only by the staff and the patrons, but even the Lowe's management. But then again, I keep doggie cleanup bags attached to leashes with me at all time. Heck, my 2 dogs behave better than most kids.

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Taking dogs into stores that you really are not supposed to, such as where its posted its not allowed only makes it that much more difficult for us that actually do have have service dogs. It means that we are questioned, and examined like criminals simply because some of us don't have obvious disabilities. We are lumped in with people that feel its somehow their right to take their dog regardless of the rules. So the next time you consider breaking that rule think of the next person that NEEDS a dog with them, and how much your sheer selfishness is causing them problems.

    Bookmark   April 22, 2009 at 9:03AM
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Bratatat, most legal service animals are marked as such. My cats are my service animals, I need their company and love but I don't take them to stores. They aren't legally service animals. If you are having a problem with being questioned, make sure you have the proper tags and perhaps a vest. No problem with the ID.

I personally am glad to see less and less stores allowing pets and enforcing it, now I know that Home Depot is safe for me again!

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I went to Calloway's Nursery today. I asked at the front counter just as a woman brought her dog in and put it in the seat of the cart. The worker assured me it was perfectly fine to bring my dog in so long as it was leashed and didn't cause a problem. They even had doggie treats for them!!
It was a lot harder to shop with the dog along than I thought it would be. :)

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Not sure if anyone will read this.. but, here I go. New hampshire is somewhat behind on the times when it comes to allowing dogs into stores. Yes, I understand some stores dogs should not be allowed in. However place like Homedepot (which here in NH they are not allowed in but depends on the who is working that day) dogs should be allowed in.
I myself am a dog trainer, and the major reason why dog bites are on the rise even for the friendly golden dogs is mainly due to the lack of Socialaztion. This doesn't count just going to a dog park and letting your dog of leash and letting him play. There is a major lacking when owners just do that. You have to go to different places let dogs see different things, including people.
This doesn't mean the dog should be allowed to meet every person. However, having a owner with a dog on a leash working on training walking around in these areas and seeing and hearing the different things is how you DO bomb proof your dog. Which down the road will get rid of these "I don't understand why my dog bit someone".

As for people who do not like dogs. If you see somone with a dog in a store just go to a different part of a store for a moment. Wait for the other person to leave.. As for the people who say why should I have to deal with you and your dog. Don't just simpley leave the area i am in during the time and come back a few moments later.

Let me turn it around to you: Why should I have to deal with how you act, or smell (some people come inside right after smoking and yeah it smells a bit!) or how come I have to deal with your child screaming Child in different places.

Some may say well leave your dog at home. This is not solving the issue here in the USA with dogs. Other countries welcome dogs into stores, and homes and most other countries have more behaved dogs.
Dogs are pack animals they perfear and become a happier well behaved dog by sticking close to the pack leader.. Such as the owner of the dog.

Yes, the owner needs to be in contorl of the dog at all times, however teach your kids and yourself to ask first before running up to a strange dog to meet the dog.
Don't get upset if someone says please not right now we are training, be understanding this is how a dog learns how to act around other humans and sights.

If the owner has the dog marking things well then i guess one the owner should have to buy the item, or clean it up simple as that. If the owner breaks the rules then they are not welcome into the store with their dog.

However, humans are taking over more and more of this world and limting more and more places for dogs/owners to go and do the correct socail training. You will see more untrained dogs, when they are allowed to go on their few walks out on the street. You will see dogs who do not know how to meet and greet the right way.

Yes, dog owners should take their dogs to doggie school however, owners MUST be able to work with these dogs in other settings or they will never learn. Simple as that...

As for those who say why should dogs have these rights, they are not childern. For many their dog is a family member and for many are a child to the owner, so allow the owner to do the right kind of training so they become "bomb proof" and cause less dog fights, bites, and all around crazness.

I understand that some places such as grocey stores that there should be a limit. And I am not talking about homedepot where they say well we have soda and candy bars so really we can not allow dogs in. That is just a lame excuse.

As for people who say they have issues with dog hair and dead skin. There has been new findings stating that if you expose yourself to items you are algeric to then you become immue to whatever you are having issues with. Human stores you are already breathing in dead human skin so just keep that in memory. If you want to read more about what I mentioned above look it up in dog fancy I believe it was about six months ago where they wrote up the findings..

If you have a massive reaction to dogs, you may want to start having shots giving to you so within a year you are perfectly find with dogs hair/skin... mainly due to the fact that you are going to bump into a dog here or there.

I also believe that there should be a week or a few days at least each years in schools teaching our children how to react, touch or deal with not only their own dog however, stranger's dogs as well. This would also cut down on bite issues.
It comes down to this: Owners being able to train their dogs 100%, and being watching their dogs 100% of the time..
And other people being understand as we ourselves have to be understand about you.

If you are scared about dogs, but, want something where the dog is, as the owner nicely "Hey would you mind if I could get something where you and your dog is I feel a bit uneasy around dogs." You would be surpise how many dog owners will be UNDERSTANDING and move out of your way.

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Great website. I wanted to add Wal-Mart to the list. I have been taking my 9 month lab puppy and so far nothing has been said. I dont take her anywhere near the food section and I get some funny looks but hey, I figured until someone says something to me IÂm going to continue to take her. I try to take her everywhere I can. I figured by the looks of how some kids act and look no harm would be to take my puppy. I give her a bath almost every day, which is more often than most people give their kids baths and even though she is not super well behaved, IÂve seen worse kids who were permitted to enter a store.

    Bookmark   July 21, 2010 at 4:48PM
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I agree that NH is behind the times about letting dogs/pets into stores that aren�t pet stores. I think it�s about time we catch up. I�ve seen small dogs in shopping carts at Target stores. And, I�ve seen on tv where companies even let their employees bring their pet to work with them and it makes the workplace less stressful. They say to get a pet because it makes you less stressful and you live a longer and healthier life but they don�t say have children and it will make you less stressful. Someone told me that it has to be posted on the doors of the stores that they don�t allow pets. I agree about leaving your children at home when you go grocery shopping. I can�t stand having to deal with waiting for your children to run by me or in front of me screaming and running up and down the isles before I can get to my destination in the store especially when I�m in a hurry. People, kindly control your children. My dog (a maltese) would never be running up and down aisles at a grocery store � she would be sitting right at my side or wanting me to carry her while I shop. Also, we are forced by the grocery stores to put our food into the same shopping carts that these people put their children in with their poopy diapers. Talk about cross contamination. Yuck!!! Also, sometimes people that come into grocery stores and other stores reak of urine or body odors and no one says anything about them. We just have to deal with them.

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 10:50AM
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Keep the dogs at home when you go shopping or leave them in the car or truck.
Dogs don't belong in stores and especially Grocery stores.
Dogs carry germs and when they ride in the shopping carts they leave those germs behind and the next shopper gets those germs on their food and produce and also small children who do ride in those carts will also be exposed to those germs.
Some people are afraid of Dogs and don't expect to come into contact with them while shopping.
And then there's the chance your dog may bit somebody and then you got yourself a law suit.
Get wise and respect others and leave the dogs a home.
Don't create a public health problem.
Only service dogs are allowed in stores and that's the law in most states.

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I agree pets shud stay home unless it's a PET STORE. I have 2 dogs and they wud never go shopping with me any more than I would go to kennel and spend time with them. You may think Fluffy is the cutest most wonderful mutt in the world but to the majority he is JUST A DOG. More stores shud enforce the no dog rule.Next it will be pigs and goats. Why not? their owners feel just as entitled I'm sure.

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you are a responsible dog owner.
Unfortunately there are those that feel they have the right to impose their pets upon others.
I love cats, but would never expect to get rave reviews if I walked into Walmart with one on a leash or riding around in a shopping cart.
However, if the cat was big enough you might clear the place of all dogs.
Pet stores are fun to visit, but sad as well seeing all the caged animals and wondering if some may not ever be adopted.

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I have worked in retail, and most places aren't necessarily dog friendly, they just abide by the saying, "the customer is always right." Generally stores that carry food (Wal-Mart, Publix, ect.) will ask you to take your dog out of the store. For the response that said she takes her dog in Wal-Mart, it could be that a bold enough employee has not noticed yet. I work at both a Belk and a Charming Charlie, and our policy was that as long as the customer was holding the dog or it was secured in some kind of carrier, we didn't mind. We didn't allow dogs on leashes, no matter how big or small they were. I have never tried to take my dog into a store that sells food, but I have taken her into TJ Maxx, Ross, Hobby Lobby, JC Penney, and a few other retail stores. i have never had anyone say anything about it, but they just might not have noticed as both of my dogs are toy breeds (long hair chi and pom). Also, if I have to deal with people who bring their whining, screaming children to a store, and then proceed to let them run a muck in the store, why shouldn't I be able to take my well-behaved, safely secured dog into a store that does not sell food?

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Powell, Wyoming. Limton's Big R,
All the banks
Big Horn Feed
Ace Hardware
Aldrich Hardware
Any store downtown that does not process food(make a sand which, prepare food)

I have had Rottweilers and Danes for years. They are socialized from day one. There is not a day that goes by that I do not get feedback on how well behaved my dogs are. There is no pulling at leashes, no excitement, no pushing up to people. Because of their good behavior, we are ASKED to come back.
Any 'outside' deal is a good way to introduce your puppy to people and noises- art fairs at a park, flea-markets, the garage sale in the neighborhood, a restaurant that has an outside patio(start out in a quiet corner), a local sports event. There are many places.
I do not want to go anywhere , where I have to encounter a dog that is aggressive, jumps on me, pulls their owner to come to my dogs, barks, or I has poor manners. This goes for dogs that pee/poop either. Your dog should NEVER be allowed to pee on someone's lawn, flowers or at the plant/nursery! Teach your dog to do his/her business in a designated spot and teach him it is NOT ok to use any ole, place as a toilet!
My dogs are better behaved than many children we encounter. It is a lot of work to have animals behaving properly in a social setting. I just wish parents would take as much time with their kids as I have with my dogs.
BTW, in San Antonio, Lowes welcomes dogs, Home Depot has asked us to leave. Office Depot also asked us to leave. Both when I had a 9# dog with me, also well mannered.
I really do not want a dog in a department store because there are so many OWNERS that let their dogs behave so badly/pee/poop wherever!!
People, even at Petco/Petsmart, please do not let your dog run up to another dog. It is rude. Would YOU run up to a human and jump on them? Put both of your hands on their shoulders? Tangle your belt/purse strap around their legs? Pee on the floor in front of them?
And for Pete's sake don,take your dog to a friends house and let him jump on the couch, run wild around the house, etc. good manners are expected there also. You wouldn't,t believe how many friends bring their dogs over to my house, because "you love dogs so much" Their animals are the true sense of the word! They run all over the place, have peed on my furniture, my floor. "Oh, I am so sorry... I don,t know why FiFi does this every time! DUH!

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Dogs should be allowed in most places and kids should be tied up in the backyard.

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One day I was looking for a place to tie my 70 pound mix up outside the Office Depot. The cashier motioned to me to bring him inside. So for about 18 months we both went in the store instead of just me. He never let out a peep, just slowly wagged his tail, usually got petted by the dog friendly customers and employees. One time as we waited in line to check out, the person ahead let out a shriek that everyone in the store heard. The dog did not react at all. The next time we went in the store manager said dogs were not allowed unless they were special needs dogs.

I did not get upset with the store, maybe they changed their animal policy (and maybe they didn't have one). But I noticed with some amusement that while the dog was calm outside the store before; after his inside visits he barked at most people who went into the store while he had to wait outside.

Seems like most folks who want to pet dogs don't know how to safely pet one (IMHO). I try to get the neighborhood kids to learn properly how to pet older dogs, but the folks at the nearby Petco just bend over and pet dogs like the average person does.

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In my municipality, it is against the bylaws to tie your dog up outside a shop/store while you are inside. However, it is quite legal to leave Fido outside in a sit-stay, untethered...

Gosh! Which do you think is safest????

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When I tied my dog outside the grocery store for periods of one to ten minutes, a number of folks asked if the poor dog wasn't cold (Don't you think...). He was never tied outside in weather below 25F, and out of the wind. I had to explain to these folks that the dog's long and dense coat protected him down to around -30F!

I'm sure some of these folks had dogs that never are taken out of the yard. No wonder so many dogs are not socialized properly.

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