URI in kittens

swallowtail_growerJune 12, 2010

Hello, I was reading some of your comments on older postings on this, I am fostering 11 kittens right now and I believe I wrote in here before. One of the postings talked about L-lysine in pill form and sprinkle it on moist food, I went to CVS and they only carried the 1000 form and it was mixed with a vitamin, the kittens are from 2 different mothers and I guess one had it I didn`t notice at the time, 5 of them had been put in a box on the freeway!!!! I can`t afford to take all of them in and the vet already mentioned he needs to see all of them Please I really need some help, oh its clear in their eyes and and nose.They are about 2 months old. Thank You.

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Ask your vet if you can make payments or contact a local rescue organization for assistance, they usually buy medications in bulk and get better pricing. You might even contact your local pet store and ask if you can get a discounted rate on what they carry OTC....you would be surprised at how many people are willing to help out - especially when it comes to furry cute and cuddly!! Good luck

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