What soap leaves the least scum or film in shower?

sheilajoyce_gwMarch 25, 2008

What brand soap leaves the least amount of soap film on the shower? I am using Dove because it is somewhat moisturizing, but it is awful in depositing soap film. I know that liquid soap is the best, but I like the bar of soap and using a washcloth. Any suggestions on brands?

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Really, if you think leaves too much, there is no bar soap to use LOL. Dove and Lever leave the least soap scum - not much tub or tile buildup. I'm very picky about my tile shining, and neither of those work me nearly as much as other bars. I should insert that I have only used pink Dove for the past 12 or 13 years. Haven't used the white, so I don't know about that one. Just bought 4 bars yesterday, so I'll see. Coast is the absolute worst. Stopped using Lever after they took out the scent.

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Really, if you think Dove leaves too much

Missed it after I proofed it. Dang

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Could it be your water? I've used Dove for as long as I can remember and I sure don't see a problem w/ it leaving scum. I wouldn't give up Dove soap for anything!

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I never have a bathtub ring problem with either Dove or Caress....original Zest (for ones who prefer a deodorant bar) is the best for leaving no ring.....Coast, Dial and Irish Spring or the WORST I've seen for "scum-i-ness". I'm with Vannie...could be a hard water problem.....


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I'm finding that the liquid soaps leave less residue then the bar soap.


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Forgot about Caress. Kathy's right, it doesn't leave much soap scum either. I had to stop using it 20 or so years ago because of my allergy. I have eczema and the oil in Caress irritated me something awful. I really liked the soap though.

Zest, however, does not clean. I couldn't believe how dirty my light-colored drying towel was after showering with Zest. I stepped my butt back into the shower and used whatever liquid soap I had. They never promised Zest will clean you, only that it won't leave soap scum on you.

And if there are musty underarms, they will still be musty. LOL

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Liquid soap doesn't leave all that scum behind. Took me awhile to convince DH to change but he finally did and it really made a difference.


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I have a chocolate brown shower/bathtub combo. The only thing not leaving scum is liquid soap.

All others do leave a really visible soap rest.


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I have not been around for a while - don't go there!

But, I will tell you, I use "Gel-Gloss" on my tubs (not the bottom-too slippery). It is a cleaner and polish which is used for boats, marble, acrylic but also is great for porceline. When I take a bath (large tub), I drain the tub and wipe it dry. The Gel-Glos keeps it sparkling for a long time. I also use it on my other sinks and tubs (never on the bottom). I keep a micro cloth nearby the fixtures and use it regulary to wipe. Trust me, between the "GelGloss" and the microfiber cloth, your cleaning time will be cut in half, if not more.

Better - hire a person to do it for you!! I am thinking about how to fit that into my budget!!!

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There was a discussion about this topic on one of the other forums (maybe kitchen or bath) and several people said that liquid soap has a different make up and doesn't leave scum. One fellow was a chemist and he went into a lengthy explanation about the differences - bottom line - he said to use a liquid soap too.

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I know about liquid soap, but I just don't like to use it. So I guess our hard water is most the problem?

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shequit makes an excellent point. I don't know about the product she mentioned, but we actually applied boat wax to our tubs/showers when we moved in. About a one-minute swipe after each use is all it takes to keep it looking new.

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Hard water definitely could be your problem.

I use a product called Shower Shine by Scrubbing Bubbles. I spray down the sides of the shower after I'm done. It seems to help a lot.

PS.. another Dove bar soap user here. AND we have hard water. Double whammy :(

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I battle Bath Scum on my old pitted tub. Thanks for all the info.


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Don't know if it is available in your area, but I used to use a bar soap called VEL. It's the only one I ever found that didn't leave soapscum. Had to quit using it, made my husband itch.


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Nannybird....my Grandmother always used Vel....a nice creamy soap....I love it. Too bad your DH had a problem with it. Its still available at a few stores here. Love it and Sweetheart soap (my favorite).


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Sweetheart soap is such a pretty bar. Woodbury soap was great with my allergies, but it is no longer available too.

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