Hot Water Heater: Reset Button tripping

bluepitaJanuary 4, 2010

The reset button on my hot water heater needs to be reset everyday. We have replaced the lower and upper elements, as well as the thermostat. It's been drained repeatedly and seems to heat when it runs. We haven't found any water that would be a sign of a leak. I am running out of ideas. Any suggestion??

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"the thermostat"? Which one? Upper or lower?

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The re-set button on electric water heaters is typically a separate part of the upper thermostat block that functions as a high limit cut-off by using a bi-metal disc ("Snap-Disc") to interrupt power.
The disc can fatigue, though rarely. The back of its housing should be in contact with the tank.
The elements themselves should have no voltage leaking to ground (tank). Test that first. If unfamiliar to you, or lacking a tester, hire an electrician.

I will assume you have set the thermostats to a reasonable level and verified output water temp. with a thermometer, that the heater itself is not in a high ambient temperature location, and that all wiring connections are tight.

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