Studor mini-vent relocation?

jajacoJanuary 12, 2014

Currently, this is what the plumbing looks like under the kitchen sink. The pipe marked in red goes up to a Studor Mini-Vent that is as far up as it can go behind the left sink basin.

I am wanting to get the counter replaced (granite with undermount sink). The problem is that I don�t think there will be enough room back there when I change to an undermount sink. From my calculations, the average dimension of undermount sinks are about 18-20" (external), countertops 24", and the mini-vent is about 3" in diameter. As it is right now, with the topmount sink, there is just enough clearance to unscrew it in case it needs to be replaced. So, I am thinking that I probably want to relocate it. From my initial research, it appears that it is fine as long as it is 4" above the p trap. However, I�m confused because some places seem to indicate you want it up as high as possible. It seems whoever installed this wanted it as high above the sink as possible.

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What problems will I have if I change the configuration to something like this? Is this even possible?

Note 1: I know I should get a high loop on the Dishwasher return to the garbage disposal. I plan on doing that when I replace the dishwasher.

Note 2: Currently, Studor Mini-Vent is in an upright position. The pipe slant, then go up vertically. I figured someone might make a comment on this.

Note 3: This does not appear to be a vent stack system. It is a single story house, and looking under all other plumbing, it appears it is the only place with a Studor Mini-Vent. The rest of the house appears to be on a standard vent to the roof (I have two on the roof, presumably for the two bathrooms).

Note 4: This is in Tennessee in case anyone is curious for coding purposes.

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Your plan does meet the UPC. The code is not clear about whether the 4" is above the top of the horizontal branch drain or above the centerline of that branch. Position it at least 4" above the top of that branch if possible.

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Sorry, I'm a noob and don't know what you mean by UPC.

I will go ahead and install it 4" above the T from the p trap and vertical waste pipe. Instead of T between them. If this is an issue and I'm missing something please let me know. Thanks!

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So I'm still a little confused. Am it supposed to used a wye or sanitary tee or some other type of connection for the Studor, p trap, waste line intersection? Also do I just use PVC schedule 40 for all of this? I also read that I shouldn't use any glued joints for this... Is this right?

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Bump... please help with the questions above.

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Bump... please help with the questions above.

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The trap uses slip fittings. And often the trap is made of polypropylene which is not "glueable'. The other parts must be solvent welded unless they are threaded. Threaded joints are not solvent welded.

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