SS sink vs Silgranit

jtalbMarch 29, 2008

We are trying to choose between an SS sink or Silgranit, but don't much about Silgranit. Does anyone have reviews, positive or negative about the Silgranit?

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I only have had stainless my entire life and I just put in a Silgranit six months ago. I love it! It is quiet, always looks clean and no more of those annoying water marks. I would get another one in a heartbeat.


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You might have tried searching on "silgranit" on this site. I got 49 hits. Now, many can be extraneous but the first one seems to address exactly what you are looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: What can you tell me about Blanco Silgranit ...

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Thanks for the link. We are still not sure about the Silgranit b/c of the reports of cracking & chipping during delivery & install. What would happen if something heavy was dropped in the sink?

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I've had my silgranit sink for about 6 months now. As I recall when I was researching, most of the negative comments were re-tellings of things contractors had "heard" but not "seen". ie- here-say or third-hand information. Some people had reported cracks from edge-drops during shipping.

There are similar comments about the sinks staining and being hard to clean- but none of these are posted by people that own them. Mine always looks clean- it's far superior to the previous Kohler cast iron (which scratched and discolored after only a few months).

My impression is that my sink is very strong, and it is certainly protected at the edges once installed. As for dropping, a heavy pan, I have a grid in the bottom. I have very heavy pans, but I've never dropped one, and I don't know what dropping would do to any sink. However, I got the sink grid, which I love, and this would certainly buffer any drop, if one occurred.

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I dropped a large flowerpot in my siligranite sink. the pot smashed, the sink didn't have a scratch. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one again, best sink I've ever had and I've had MANY.'s so BIG!...

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That sink is amazing! What size cabinet base do you need for that sink?
BTW your daughter is beautiful :)

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Thank you. My sink cabinet is 36".


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I have 2 Blanco stainless sinks in the kitchen and a Blanco Silgranit in the laundry room, all installed about 4 months ago. The ss sinks always have water spots unless I wipe them down thoroughly, which is a PITA.

I LOVE my Silgranit sink! It is the super single in anthracite. It is my dog washing sink (30# dog fits easily and her sharp claws don't faze it), rinse latex paint brushes sink, etc. I occasionally wipe it down with liquid hand soap and it always looks perfect.

Concerning cracks, I also was concerned, but it appears the problems are all related to shipping. I think it is possible if the shipping box gets dropped and twisted that the sink could crack. But once installed, it seems to be almost indestructible. I ordered mine through a plumbing showroom so they would be responsible for dealing with any shipping damage, just in case. IMHO, ss is more easily damaged with scratches and dents.

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To everyone who has a Blanco antharcite sink - what have you used to clean it?

Home Depot sells the small bottle of Blanco cleaner for 12.99 plus tax or a cheaper bottle called Zep granite cleaner for 5.87. Anyone use any of these products?

Sorry to hijack this post with my own question but it does go along with finding out info about Silgranit sinks.

By the way - I have had mine in for 31/2 months and I like it.

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dish soap and a sponge. sometimes i use the method granite cleaner from target, but that's it. it's very easy to keep clean. sorry about the lazy typing, i have a cat on my left arm so i'm doing the one fingered tap dance on my keyboard, LOL!

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Mine is white. I use Barkeepers Friend when needed (like marks from an aluminum pan). I also spray with a mix of water/bleach when I think it is looking dingy from coffee/tea. It brightens right up! I was so careful when it was new, but now (one year later) I just use it. It still looks like new. I love this sink :)

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White! I've yet to see a picture of Silgranit in white.(Hint)

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We've had the Blanco Silgranit single in biscuit for about a month now. Absolutely love it!! We got it from Quality Bath on ebay. The shipping was super fast and free. The packing was unbelievable. It looks like they sprayed that Great Stuff foam filler in the box after they packed it; not much chance of damage with that. We also got the small one for the island but it's not hooked up yet. I would not hesitate to recommend these sinks. I was considering Kohler until I heard all the unbiased rave reviews here.

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Thanks for the info...much appreciated.

I think we have decided to go with the Blanco diamond 1 & 3/4 in anthracite.

Our granite is tropical brown, think it will look good?

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We went with the Pegasus Granite (made by Blanco for HD) for all 3 of our sinks. We chose 2 different 33" double sinks (one for the kitchen, one for the BP) and an 11x17" prep sink. 7 weeks in, we love them. They are so easy to clean, seem tough... all in all, are great. They are all black (I think it is the same as the Anthracite)

Our first unit was cracked out of the box (our granite fabricators discovered it when they were templating), but HD exchanged it no questions asked. Other than that, no issues.

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Another rave review for the Blanco Silgranit sink. Ours has been in for five months now and I will never go back to a SS or Kohler cast iron sink again, for our kitchen or laundry room! It's strong, always looks great and is easy to clean up with water and a bit of dish soap on a sponge. We have the double sink in anthracite and , thanks to the great recommendations here on this forum, I couldn't be happier with the sink we chose.

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Thanks to everyone who responded!

I picked up my new Blanco Diamond U 1 3/4 Silgranit sink in Anthracite yesterday! It is currently living in my dining room, where I occaisionally take a peek & admire it :)

I can't wait to see it insitu.


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This may be too late, but Blanco now has a rich brown called Cafe, pictured and discussed right here in the Kitchens forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Cafe

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Just installed the Blanco Cafe sink I got from Home Depot, so far I'm impressed with the look and feel. Always looks clean.
I did chip the sharp edge during installation but my fault entirely! It however doesn't really show once in the counter..

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