X-Post - Hood inserts: Best vs. Zephyr?

Kek10March 1, 2013

(Cross posted from Appliances, hoping to get some more traffic.)

Searching on "Best" give way to many off-topic answers so I thought I'd post. ;)
We need a hood insert. (Please forgive me if the terminology isn't right here, for some reason I can't get hood-speak straight.) We are getting a wood hood to match the cabinets and need a vent to go inside (that's an insert, right?!).

Best was recommended by the KD and appliance person. I saw Zephyr recommended here. Z certainly seems quieter, although I can't get the DCBL feature b/c of our sizing.

Specifically looking at, both 600cfm:
Best CP351369SB (max 12 sones)
Zephyr Monsoon AK9234AS (max 6 sones)

We're getting Wolf 36" induction cooktop. So not a lot of heat to deal with, but cooking odors, grease, etc..

Max size is 34 3/8 x 19 1/4, and this will just squeak into our space. Is this considered undersized for an induction cooktop? (They recommended a couple of 28" ones and I said that won't work.)

I am leaning toward Zephyr, thoughts?

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We have a 30" GE induction range with a 30" Zephyr Typhoon insert. In ideal circumstances we would have gone bigger on the insert but sometimes you have to compromise. Very happy customers!

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I have a Zephyr Range Hood that I love that is a lower model as I needed one that also did recirculating as well as vented in case I get permission from my townhouse one day to vent the range hood to the outside. Mine has carbon filters that work amazingly well and a very good filter inside. The Zephyr is quiet, beautiful, takes odors out, my carbon monoxide detector never goes off anymore when I am cooking using my GE Cafe Gas Range. I just found my model which is not powerful enough for you but it is a Zephyr and the best range hood I ever owned.

Zephyr Breeze II Series AK1200S. (S is for stainless)
30" Under Cabinet Range Hood with 400 CFM Internal Blower, 3 Speed Touch Controls, 2 Incandescent Lamps and Recirculating Option

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P.S. My range hood also came with halogen lights that I am using and they give off great bright clear light with no glare.

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Not to add to the indecision.... but these are made in the USA. Not finding too many reviews on them though....I know this model is not sized right for you, they make bigger ones :) I am in the same boat as you are right now and while I really want to buy made in USA the Zepher gets good reviews and looks to have a smaller footprint (but you need to read all the spec sheets to be sure) FWIW here is the link: http://www.ventingdirect.com/imperial-c2030sd4-430-cfm-air-ring-fan-range-hood-insert-for-30-custom-canopy-from-the-c2000-series/p398175

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