Adopting a Cat

californiangardenerJune 6, 2010

Hi Guys,

I live by myself and I'm looking to adopt a cat. I grew up with a cat, and I really miss having one around. However, the cat I grew up with generally had at least 1 family member home to keep him company.

My concern getting a new cat for myself is that at the moment financially I am only really able to care for 1 cat, but I am away about 9 hours a day when I work. I'm at home in the mornings and evenings, but not around during the day during the normal work week. In your experiences, can certain cats handle this much time alone?

Stories / opinions welcomed! Thank you.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

A cat will have no problem being left alone for that amount of time. While it would be nice to have two cats, one cat is fine. I might suggest getting an adult cat, rather than a kitten. A kitten still needs attention, if only to watch what they get into!! I have had several cats while being a working person and they have never complained!! :) I hope you can find the cat of your dreams and I'm sure you and he/she will be happy for many years to come. Good luck.

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I agree completely. Get an adult cat! There are so many older cats waiting to be adopted, and it will suit your situation perfectly. Many cats like to be "only" cats. . .you can ask how independent or sociable the cat it.

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I agree with the others ... one cat will be fine, and an older cat will be better than a kitten that will get into mischief while you're not home.

I started with one cat, almost 30 years ago, now I have 5! LOL!

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Cats make great companions for working people. They have no problem amusing themselves when alone, especially if they have a window to look out of and a toy mouse or two.

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I think an older cat would be better than a kitten. My daughter has two adult males, and they aren't home during the day and most weekends ,but her cats are very social when people are around. Kittens can get into too much trouble alone all day. Good luck. I could never live without a cat.

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I think it depends on the cat. My two previous cats were fine without "siblings". But my current boy cat did not do well alone (and he was rarely alone more than a few hours when we first got him because I wasn't working). The vet said some just need another. So we got my girl cat when he was about 6 months old (they are siblings but not littermates). He adores her and walks around the house bellowing for her if he can't find her. And he still sticks to me like glue (he's on my feet right now).

I sometimes look through Petfinder and they will sometimes say a particular cat needs to be an only pet. If you absolutely are not willing to get another cat I would try to find one that prefers to be an only.

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A cat should be fine by itself while you are at work, as long as it has food, water and access to the litter box.

If you find a local cat rescue group, they will have cats of different ages and can tell you about their personalities.

They will want you to promise to keep the cat indoors, not to declaw and to give it proper vet care when needed.

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I agree, you should look for a cat that is advertised to be an 'only' cat. It will be an adult. I've got four, and one should probably be an only cat. She has nothing to do with the others and would not miss them in the least if they disappeared. She was close to our dog, but after he passed, she stays to herself. You definitely don't want a kitten - they are so full of energy and need someone to play with. Also, kittens seem to do the best when you adopt a pair. You can find an adult kitty that is content to sleep in the window while you are at work, but will come sit in your lap when you are home.

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Look for an older kitty that should be adopted as an only cat. They have a hard time getting homes, so you would be doing a great thing! We adopted a 10+ year old cat 3+ yrs ago - she is great! Doesn't mind being home alone at all - she is so happy when we get home, but not "overly" stressed happy. She absolutely hates dogs and cats, but likes people. She is very cuddly and is social with people.

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