Has your decorating changed due to new colors & patterns?

OakleyMarch 27, 2014

If you're a member of Joss & Main, Wayfair, etc., you probably know what I'm talking about. Everything is so colorful now, and I love all the new patterns and color combo's.

MacKenzie-Childs is my favorite but good grief they're expensive! I do have a few pieces and I'm adding more checks & other patterns with color to each room. It really makes a difference and has changed the direction of my decorating.

But I'm a color person anyway and would fall asleep in all neutral. lol

The color and pattern of this M-C chair is a bit subdued but it's a good example of what's out there.

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Joss & Main had a lot of these chairs in different prints, and every single one of them are sold out. New trend?

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Holly- Kay

I love pattern and I love color. The pair of chairs in my living room were purchased about 15 years ago for my library. We moved them to the lr because they went so well with the colors in the room. Love the MC chair. I saw some of her chairs on another site and totally fell in love with them, and yowza, you are right that they are expensive.

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I wouldn't say my tastes have changed, but I was relieved to read in BHG that color is "in" again because it means more will be commercially available!

Very interesting chairs! I have liked several by this custom maker, like these:

My 4 y.o. (fan of purple) likes these:

Here is a link that might be useful: Jane Hall

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I too have never done the beige neutral thing so I have always liked color and pattern, but I admit to having a harder time using pattern than color. I am so craving a fun patterned fabric, like the ones above, for an antique settee I need to reupholster but I think I will probably chicken out and opt for a blue linen instead:(. I have used some fun patterned fabrics on cushions for window seats throughout my home so there may be hope for me yet.

I have been assessing how my style has evolved(or maybe devolved) over the years and I can honestly say many things I had and loved in my first place are still used 20 years later in my new home. Most of my furniture, with the exception of a new sofa and chair set , metal cocktail tables, cribs and one headboard were either mine or my DH's from our 20s.I have changed the paint colors and pillows from time to time but the major players are the same.

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About every 7-10 years the new trend is beige and white, or one color repeated in every hue in a monochromatic scheme. Then after three or four years, somebody discovers color again and it is as if no one ever heard of it before....the trendy young designers flock to it like birds to a feeder in winter. The Bunny Williamses and the Charlotte Mosses and Joe Ruggierios and others well established in the design world have signature styles that don't hop on the bandwagons, or not too much :-) I have seen this cycle repeated three times since I started buying shelter mags, and occasionally there are little beige hiccups in the midst of the bright color trend, and vice versa.

McKenzie-Child's is a stable, recognizable line of furnishings that appeal to a wide audience regardless of current trends. That chair is a good example of it; I don't think it will be "out" anytime soon.... If ever.

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I am drawn, trance-like, to everything that Anthro and their imitators do.

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I love this piece by Antique 2 Chic, a bespoke UK firm:

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Allison, I could handle that in my home. lol.

Anele, I'm with you on how pattern and color is more commercially available. M-C, along with Mary Englebreit, are the only ones who have stuck to color and pattern for years. M.E.'s house reminds me of a M-C's catalogue, so very colorful.

I have a M-C courtly check tray just waiting to sit on top of my newly painted distressed red table, hopefully tomorrow. M-C will have competition. lol

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I love the chair I have linked, but really don't have any place for it...the color would not go with anything in our house...etc...which is good because I also don't want to spend that much on something that would be bought as a whimsical touch. Still, it would make me smile.

Anyway, it is a marvelous chair I think. Artful Home has had these types (they have more than the one I am linking) for many years, so I think there must be a fairly consistent market.

Here is a link that might be useful: Artful Home

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No, the current color trends have not changed my decorating style. My style has evolved over the years and I am finally comfortable in that style. Pink and green have always been my favorite colors although not it is more aqua and turquoise. I've had pink in a sunroom, a guest bedroom, etc. but find it hard to use and not have the rooms overly feminine. While I still love pink, I don't love it for our home. This is the first time we've had a solid sofa in our great room over 30 years! I have found that we both really like a neutral base and we are now going that route. Our sofa and one chair in the great room are very light. The chair has a small pattern - almost color on color. We do have alot of wood in the room and texture. I love color but prefer to add it in small doses. I find aqua/turquoises/blues calming. I lean towards texture more so than pattern. I do add pattern in with pillows, rugs, artwork, accessories and smaller upholstered pieces. I love now being able to change out a few items (pillows, etc.) and change the room - if I want. I finally found fabric for kitchen/breakfast nook window treatments that have some red and turquoise, and our home office also has some red. So we do have color, just in smaller doses.

I love Mary E., have several of her books, but I could never have that much pattern in our home. It would drive me to distraction - not to mention all the "stuff" in her home.

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I love color, but am intimidated by pattern. I just don't think I have the knack for it. I'm getting braver as I get older.

This is a chair I'm using as inspiration for reupholstering an old, ugly, super comfy armchair. Dfferent style than mine but I think the patterns and colors are so yummy.

Traditional Chairs by Dallas Furniture & Accessories Horchow

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Allison, my DD would love that settee for her drum room! Well, sort of room.... she moved into one of the penthouse lofts in her building and now has the drum sets up in the loft, with all the framed Beatles albumn covers we gave her as a housewarming gift, and the life size cardboard black and white Beatles from one of their tours.

Editing to say I've just inquired about one of their Beatles pillows, thanks so much for posting that photo. DD does not have room for the settee, but everybody can use another pillow :-)

This post was edited by kswl on Thu, Mar 27, 14 at 22:26

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Oak, I love the chair! When DD's and myself went on our girls trip to Palm Beach last year, we went into the McC shop and not only did I see it I sat in it, and it's as comfy as it looks and more vibrant IRL. I bought the cream/black check sugar bowl and creamer since I use black in the kitchen~is your tray the check? I know you use black too, and anything in that grouping is a perfect accent. We're going to Charleston in May, and need to check and see if there's a store. They're my 'souvenirs'. ;)

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I agree and I'm totally in favor of this new phase. I think it adds an element of complexity when your designing for your client. Makes things a bit trickier when tying together a room.

I saw a chair exactly like this one at a west elm retail store. Not exactly a huge fan, just making an example of the direction design is going.

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Had to laugh only because I just unsubscribed to Joss & Main about 15 minutes ago. Once I figured out my interior style and have stayed true to it for the last few yrs. I found myself looking at sites like those less and less. So i guess my answer is no. I had no idea stuff like that was so popular! I decorate in neutrals w/ bright pops of color and pattern in pillows and linens and that's about it.

Our oldest son would love that sofa w/ The Beatles!

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Cyn, I want that chair!! As long as new patterns & colors are showing up I don't think I can ever tire of them. I think it's an art to whomever does the designing of the fabric mixtures.

Patty, yes, the tray is b&w checked..."Courtly Check." After I bought the tray I was on ebay looking at ceramics and came across the cutest rabbit in the same type of check, but it was only $5! Of course I had to have it.

I have the b&w check scattered here and there, but it's not really noticeable.

One doesn't have to go overboard to add a bit of whimsy and color to a room. That's the beauty of it.

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Elraes Miller

CYN....you are right. My best guess is seeing this concept of bright/mixed fabrics about 10 years ago. I loved the idea then, but thought it had gone by the wayside. Other than bedding which has been mixing such in so many wonderful options.

Oakley...I love the first chair. This creative use of fabrics is a home upholster addict's dream. There used to be warehouse stores all over with decorator fabrics. I could spend forever in them digging through their rolls and piles of offerings. When first seeing this style, buying fabric could have put me in rehab.

Current trends have not changed my style or colors. I am a color person, but shades/hues of reds/greens have always been around me. Admission the recent threads on Design Seeds have broaden interest in other colors.

I like the addition of color to homes. It takes a good understanding for using them and an eye in making all work. Perhaps I stay with what works for me and am missing trends.

Fun thread reading all.

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I'm very fickle.....I will love it today and hate it 6 months from now. My last color scheme was basically taupe because I was stuck with a blue carpet I couldnt change out (leftover from my peach/blue phase of of the 80/s/early 90's. I redid my main level last year (finally got rid of the blue carpet) and, tired of beiges/taupes, I went with trendy gray with gold/tan and rust accents. While I don't hate it (yet) I'm kind of wishing the rooms were a little brighter and livelier. OTOH, I've had a bold pattern in my bedroom for a few years and am now tired of it. I can't win when it comes to decorating!

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Annie Deighnaugh

When I was younger, I was more influenced by trends than I am today. Now my decorating is more geared toward my personal taste and needs I have for my environment to provide for me...comfort, stress free, ease. My days of living in a high-energy office environment (red carpet and all) are over.

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Good question. My bedroom is an example of when I was not aware I was following trends, problem is, I paid a lot for what I have (at least in my world) and don't want to replace. I still think it looks nice, but I would completely change it now, not because I am following the new trend but because it would suit my current needs more. I must admit that blue is looking pretty good to me and I see it everywhere now. I notice a "gypsy" thing going on with those patterns that I think would be more palatable to the mass market, you know, one chair in a colorful pattern, or if you are even more conservative, pillows. Its fun to get something new and fresh and updated if its a small investment and can be changed out easily.

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IMO color and pattern are not new altho only occasionally trendy. For those who like BoHo style we've always used color and pattern. I've adored MacKenzie-Childs style since I first discovered it years ago and that first chair you posted Oakley would work well in my house. Don't have any M-C as IMO it's overpriced altho if I ever have a chair reupholstered I would definitely use several colors and patterns.

I think full-on M-C style could be overpowering so for me a few items would be enough. I do love some quirky/whimsy in every room tho. IMO it makes any room less serious and therefore more comfortable.

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Lucky, I'd get dizzy living in a room with all M-C's furniture. But I'd love to have one of their patio sets!

Katrina, I think one colorful chair is plenty, along with some throw pillows and accessories.

Patty, here's the tray on the table I got back today. It's bigger in person and adds just the right touch of whimzy. :)

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I love looking at bright colors and patterns, but I only want to live with them in small doses so that I don't get tired of them. If I had an unlimited budget and could redecorate completely every few years, I would use more pattern and color. As it is, I have a wardrobe of accessories, throw pillows, bedding and table linens so that I can add interest to my neutral palette at the whim of my mood.

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The current trends have not changed my decorating, actually I rarely change my decorating! LOL! I love color and do not do neutrals, so I'm glad a trend finally caught up with me. Not that I really care, I'll still do colors after this trend has gone by ...

My favorite colors are purples, blues and greens. And my house and barn have been decorated with those colors for years. Some day when I decide to sell, I know I'm going to be told to paint over some of my colors, but I doubt I will. I couldn't even live in a beige or white house for a little while.

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Actually I saw my first multi pattern furniture almost 10 years ago. It was at an antique/flea market fair in Ca. I guess since it's definitely not the norm, you won't see such items on your regular furniture website~it's a speciality item for sure.

I've done my own version of a McC chair using a quilted fabric and a plaid fabric. The plaid is an ivory background w/small burgundy rosebuds w/plaid being olive, ivory, burgundy, rose pink. I painted the wood on it white and it's a Bergere style. Not really my colors anymore, but I ended up re-doing a bedroom around it, and added a cream/black toile bedskirt/pillows(cream bedspread), an oil painting having a black background, black lampshade, and black toile trays. It all comes together although it probably sounds like a hot mess. ;)

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I recently started experimenting with color in my home. I've taken some leaps of faith (my office wallpaper is a bold colorful, pattern of teal, gold, orange and midnight blue). I painted my LR a deep blue that looks great with my white trim. We've kept our upholstery pieces solid - so we can add pops of color and pattern with pillows and/or throws.

However, the rest of our home (hallway, DR, FR and kitchen) are more neutral so as to let our artwork be the star.

Our bedroom is calm - which I really love.

My tastes have changed in the 20+ years I've been a home owner - and I think it's due mostly to working around the things we've collected, especially artwork.

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