Kinetico K5 system and ice maker

ljlehnJanuary 6, 2013

I am wondering if anyone has run into problems with the water pressure between their Kinetico K5 water filtration system and their fridge's psi requirement to make ice cubes? The minimum psi for the K5 system is 35 and my Samsung fridge's minimum psi requirement is 20, but it seems I may not be able to rely on these numbers to adequately make ice. If it is adequate as is, then great, but if not, then hearing from folks about how they solved this issue would be very helpful. My research appears to yield four solutions to ensure adequate water pressure between the K5 and fridge: 1) install a K5 flow suppressor valve, 2)remove fridge filter, 3)install a booster pump, and/or 4) install Kinetico's ice maker kit. The K5 is about 3' from the faucet and 10' from the fridge.
Thanks in advance!

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Did you ever find a solution for this issue? I am exactly in the same boat as you were now and looking to see what was successful.

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I've had them at two different locations with four different ref/ice-makers for many years with zero problems. (Household water-pressure 55psi at one location and 65 at the other.)

Kinetico offers an air-bladder buffer for "ice-maker issues" so I assume there are problems here and there. However, I strongly suspect the device isn't related to pressure as much as for applications with long runs of undersized supply-hose. My locations used 3/8 supply hose with long runs and had no issues. Because I had no issues, I never asked them about it directly. If I was concerned, which you seem to be, I'd call them and ask.

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Using any RO you'd want to bypass (eliminate) the fridge filter if it has one.

Call your Kinetico dealer. IIRC, there is a mod to address this issue.

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