What flea treatment is best????

whimziklJune 7, 2011

I would like to know what everyone uses on their pets for flea tratments! I go through this dilemma EVERY year and each year the vet says something different!! Grrr!

We have tried Advantage, Frontline and Comfortis. I love the idea of Comfortis, but now I am scared to use it cuz of some bad experiences I have read from others! I absolutley hate the greasiness of some products, so I am at a loss of what to use this year!

We have a golden retreiver and 2 old cats...I pretty much treat the dog with a product and comb the cats daily.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...thanks!

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Since the "greasyness" only lasts 24 hours, I go with the application (I cant recall if it is fronline or advantage) you can recap and use only half of it every month. It is such a minor inconvienence for such great benefits.

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spedigrees z4VT

I use frontline on my dogs and revolution on my cat. In some areas of the country, ticks have developed a resistence to frontline, but it works fine on my pets here in northern New England.

I switched my old cat to revolution a few years back on the advice of my vet, when it was discovered that many cats get heartworm, and revolution protects against them. I give my dogs a monthly HW pill (Valuheart, aka ivermectin) but since cats are more prone to occasional vomiting than dogs and might regurgitate a pill w/o my knowing, a topical HW preventative is a safer bet for kitty.

I'm happy with my current methods of flea control. Never see a flea and the ticks I find are dead and I can pick them right off the dog.

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We have four large dogs, a golden and three collies, my daughter is also a groomer and we have found that here in southern New England fleas and ticks have become resistant to Frontline, We use Advantage now, so far so good and we were having a real tick issue this spring.

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I use Frontline Plus on my dogs (and Iverheart plus for heartworms) and Advantage Multi on my cat. I treat all of them every month year round, even the cat who is 99% indoors (I take her on porch sometimes).

If ticks are a major problem, add a PrevenTic collar for dogs ONLY. Works great.

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I would never use a chemical spot on treatment on my pets. They contain neurotoxins and can cause seizures and are known carcinogens for people! I use an organic product called NomOflea (flea and tick repellent) and I use Program, which is a pill that is pretty inert. The combination of these works like crazy and the past 3 years, none of my dogs have had a flea and we have gone from 15 to 20 ticks after a romp in the high grass or woods to 2! And, it smells so nice (cinnamon, clove, etc.). And, it's cheap!

Almost forgot. I got a discount code from them last week and used it over the weekend to place my order and got 15% off! The code is 15CRAZY1 and you type it in the discount code box when you check out and hit "apply coupon" button. Just sharing the love :)

Here is a link that might be useful: nomoflea page

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THANK YOU kygardningal!!!!! This is what I have been hoping for! I already ordered the NomOflea treatment...and I will look into Program! It says not to use on cats, so hopefully if my kittys get too close, it won't harm them! Do you put it on your dogs about twice a week?
Also, thanks for the discount code! Every little bit helps!!
I am sooooo happy.. you made my day!!! :)

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I use Frontline Plus on the indoor cats and also the two dogs. The dogs also get Sentinel pills. I noticed that the fleas are back and it's not quite a month yet, so I'm thinking Frontline isn't working. Besides a few days after giving all five cats a dose in May, Lily my little 6 pound cat, suddenly died. My dogs get dosage by weight but my Henry at 21 pounds gets the same as Lily did. I hope I didn't kill my little cat.

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My cats get revolution. The only major pest it does not control is tapeworm, so they get an occasional treatment for those seperately. Frontline was not holding my dog's fleas........so switched back to Vectra, and a once a month heartworm med.

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I use Frontline Plus but I was not applying it every four weeks, only when I saw fleas.

Well, my 16 year old cat nearly died last week from flea anemia...:(

Whatever you use, make sure you do use it and vacuum your house, and wash rugs, pet bedding, any fabric pets come in contact with as they drop eggs where they sleep.

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I've been using Comfortis on my 12 lb mystery terrier and it has been fine. No side effects, and NO FLEAS.

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I just frontlined my dogs. Have not done the cats this year yet. It doesn't seem to work anymore. It doesn't make sense that I give the same dosage to my 8 pound cat as I do to the fatties, particularly Henry who's 25 pounds. He freaks out so bad I'm not sure it even get thru his fur. I'll need to order more dog FL and am deciding what to do with the cats. Is there an organic herb or citrus product I can repel fleas with? I comb them every night and no fleas till this week. Now I see a few. The cats are never outside.

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I bought Kirkland Flea and Tick treatment for cats at Costco, thinking I was getting a decent product and boy was I wrong....The cats not only freaked out when I used it, it certainly didn't help with fleas.....Now I'm trying to get in touch with someone that will tell me if I can return the unused vials......GRRRRRR

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frontline plus has been great for my cat! I've used it on him for years now and he is both outdoor and indoor. FLEA COLLARS SUCK!

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My husband and I have the same problem. Use everything nothing seems to work especially for our dog. I have read that if you use vinegar and water it really kills the fleas. Also, give them a bath and use irish spring. I know it probably seems weird but it really works. If you just let your dog outside and not walk it that causes all the fleas. It would help to walk the dog if you don't.

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