My dog has scabs, help please

jannieJune 17, 2010

My female dog doesn'y scratch or lick a lot, but I found several black scabs in the area of her groin and belly. I looked really close, ruffled her fur with my hand, but I didn't see any fleas. Anyone have experience with this? I hate to take her to the vet, because my vet, tho very competenrt, is also very expensive.

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It could be a staph infection. I would take my dog to the vet.

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Is there a low cost vet in your area? Here where I live there is Florida Aid to Animals. They get some funding thru the state, and can therefore charge less for simple visits. See if there is anything similar where you live.

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I had a doggie who had this for years and I spent a fortune combating it with various shampoos from one vet, until I got my present one. This one took one look at it, said it was bacterial (like trinigemini said) gave him a script for antibiotics and he lived scratch and scab free until he died a ripe old age. They should all be so easy, and I don't know what I'll do if my current vet ever retires. LOL.

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