How do you decorate your corner walls?

heidizMarch 27, 2012

I would love to see pictures of how others decorate corner spaces like mine. As you can see from the photo, the wall still looks bare... I've considered larger frames/pictures, shelves. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

March 27, 2012

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Perhaps consider switching to six larger black-and-white photos -- then add a much-larger-than-the-photo mat to each one -- and frame in simple black frames.

Hang three of the framed photos on each side of the corner -- in a neatly aligned vertical row.

Then the viewer's eye will see the new grid of photos as a simgle arrangement -- but with the larger mats -- the arrangement will not look too busy.

Then add matching black bookcases on each side of the wall under the new grid of photographs. This step will "anchor" the new look.

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In the one house I lived in that had corners like yours, I used a three-panel screen to add interest in one corner balanced by a tall glass-fronted cabinet angled into the other corner of the room.

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Other options are tall plants and corner shelves.

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Can you show us a picture of the rest of the room? The eye goes to color and I think the set up you have now is too small and not bold enough. I'd have to see more of the room to make a recommendation. If you can't post a picture I would suggest putting a standing lamp to the right wall of the t.v. and place substantial floor plant next to the floor lamp, then I would put a large piece of art on the left wall to pull the eye away from the corner and the large screen.

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Could you arrange the TV and stand so it's not in the corner? While corner arrangements can work occasionally I don't think there is much you can do to make that arrangement look as good as if you placed it flat on a wall. Just my opinion.

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A picture of the whole room would help immensely. It's hard to say what would work in your room without seeing more of it.

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I agree about showing us a bigger picture of the room, and if possible put the tv against a wall.

The title of your topic made me stop and think. I don' thave one regular corner in my LR! It didn't even dawn on me until now. lol

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If your TV MUST be in a corner, I would take down all pictures....(after seeing the rest of your room) and as suggested by another poster....put a floor lamp with plants around it on one side of your TV and your little wicker basket on the other. The pictures make it look cluttery in your very nice room. IMHO

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Thanks again for all the advice. I've considered moving the tv to another side of the room but all of the hookups etc. are in this corner so at this point it's easier to keep it as it is (plus I'm not sure how to arrange the room another way:(
I'm going to see what it looks like if I place a floor lamp and plant on the right side. Any suggestions for a floor lamp style?... and height of plant(s)?

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I don't think I will care for a floor lamp there at all. I think it will only accentuate the emptiness of the corner behind the TV. I would much rather see two rather large corner shelves, which you could decorate with the photos and a few other accessories.

If you are a plant person and you get decent light there, you could always hang a few plants over the TV and possibly create a little drama by putting an uplight on the floor behind the TV.

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You have two tiny, timid patches of photos, clustered nervously in a huddle as if they are terrified of the television.

Wrap the pictures around the corner - make a gallery wall that runs across it. Use more and larger pictures to balance the dark weight of the TV.

Here is a link that might be useful: wrap-arounf gallery wall

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You obviously have good taste, I love the other side of the room sooo find a print or work of art that would look great on the wall to the left of the tv when you stand in front of it. I'd get a standing lamp that has black or brown base with a shade that is opaque, a gold or dark brown one would look super. Since you love the lime green as I see in the accents, you could find a plant that is at least four feet and put it to the right of the lamp or a shorter one on a low stool. Greens make a room look so warm and inviting.

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I think a "corner tv cabinet" would help to make the corner look more purposeful. I would also suggest that you find another place for the small table/desk and the wicker trunk. Your room is very nice otherwise but this corner needs a bit of tweaking.

Agree with previous posters that the wall decor is too small and a large plant on one side and a large artwork on the other would look better. I don't think I'd add another floor lamp as it might distract from tv viewing.

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You can buy long cables now so TV's can be moved from their original wall.

I like the idea of corner shelves which you can buy pre-made, instead of the pictures.

The short wall next to the sofa/window where the plant is would be a great place to put the pictures.

I love how bright your room is!

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So many great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I love this forum! I will post more pics after I play around with some new arrangements.

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