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carmen_grower_2007June 14, 2010

I have neutered and spayed cats that are four years old now. The male was neutered before becoming sexually mature so could he still be a danger to 5 week old kittens? It sure seems like it! Our 2 year old lab is protecting the kittens as best she can (although she is also friends with the big cats) but the creeping toward the kittens and hissing really worries me.

I can't constantly watch them all but keep the big cats out of the guest house when I am not there (if I can find them in there.) I am trying to give the big cats extra attention to avoid a jealousy thing, but the male is pretty persistent about trying to get close to the kittens. At first, the little ones would run right up to him and then he got very aggressive and would hiss (they gave back little kitty-hisses). They keep away from him now, but he is starting to stalk them.

Anyone with experience with multi-cat environments, please help me out. TIA

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Your male can and just might kill the kittens...He needs to be kept completely clear of them. I know this because it happened to my friends kittens, the male killed all but one of them- horrible

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Males want the nursing kittens gone because a nursing mother cannot get pregnant. That means she cannot mate.

To a male cat, that means, get rid of the kittens then she is free game again.

That male needs to be neutered ASAP and so does the mother. she's already had the kittens.

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I just noticed the male is neutered already. Neutering does NOT take away the mating drive altogether if it is done too late. That is why it should be done when the pet is young.

However, he still has this drive. Spay her asap, and wean those kittens. that is the best answer i can give.

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He was neutered as a little kitten and I do plan to have the mom spayed just as soon as the kittens are weaned. I am not going to hurry that process.

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Some cats simply don't like other (new) cats. It may have nothing to do with sexual behavior at all. If that is the case, nothing you can do about it, except keep them separate. Once the kittens are older and more likely to cause retaliation type damage, your troubles may be over. They may just be working out the social hierarchy.

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