diarrhea in dogs

debd18June 23, 2011

I thought this information would be helpful to some of you, so I wanted to pass it along. My dog is sixteen years old and lately he's been having bouts of diarrhea off and on. I took him to the vet and he did a round of medicine for bacterial infections, but once he was off the medicine, it returned. I suspect that he's becoming intolerant to some foods and put him on a fish based diet, but it usually takes time for adjustments to new food and he was already getting so thin that I needed to make a quick change. I researched the problem and found an herbal solution called slippery elm. I started him on it yesterday afternoon and it immediately stopped the diarrhea and his poop was normal this morning.

Slippery elm works by coating the digestive system to protect it and to help it heal. It works so well that they say you shouldn't leave your dog on it for weeks on end because it can prevent the absorption of nutrients eventually. It also can prevent the absorption of medications if they're on any. Other than that, it is very safe.

This seems to be a great solution for easing a dog into diet changes, dealing with acute diarrhea, or helping with chronic problems such as my dog is having. They say if you use it long term you can prevent lack of absorption problems by leaving it off twice a week.

We all deal with this at some time or another, so I just wanted to share this in the hopes it would help someone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Slippery elm

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good post, deb. i have used slippery elm with my danes occasionally and used it for them when i switched them to raw diets.

another thing that helps is a probiotic. my senior girl recently had to have a round of antibiotics for a skin infection. the meds caused loose stools so i gave her a culturelle capsule every day. cleared up the problem overnight and i have kept her on it ever since. at 10 years old, she needs all the help she can get! :)

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Also Eagle Pack Holistic Solutions

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nhardy, I looked that up and it sounds like it could be useful for my dog long term. Thanks.

ninapearl, I'm glad to hear the slippery elm has worked for you, too. I give my dogs kefir every morning for probiotics, but that hasn't been enough to solve his problem. Maybe a combination of all these things will help him, though, along with the diet change.

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i had a kefir supply going but had to let it go when i had back surgery recently. never did get more grains to start it up again but my dogs all get yogurt twice/day.

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