How Many Plant a Vegetable Garden

marilyn_sueMarch 25, 2009

I have a nice size plot tilled for my garden, it is around 25 by 100 feet. I could have them make it bigger but for now it is big enough. I did get my onion sets today and also some more potato sets. So lets see how many of you put out a garden each year, not just here in the states.


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I have started my first vegetable garden, but it's a fraction the size of yours. I have put in onions, garlic, bush beans, carrots and turnips. Oh and a couple of tomatoes. I've enjoyed it so far, everything has sprouted, so I'm hoping for a harvest.

Almost forgot--I did plant 4 cabbages over the winter. The cabbage worms just at the plants up so badly, but when I harvested them and peeled off all the eaten-up leaves, there was a nice cabbage inside.

Good luck with your garden.

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Onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, 4 kinds of peppers are all in. So is the basil and the parsley. We've finished all the lettuces and tender greens - it's already getting hot enough to make them bolt. Swiss chard and kale will go in this weekend - they've been in the greenhouse until now, just because we got a late start on them.

We don't get reliable results from the cole crops - we either freeze to late or go to 90 degrees to early.

We have a new bed of asparagus in, which we won't be able to harvest for a few years, but it looks like it will produce heavily.

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Oh, I forgot the two types of eggplant and the bok choy. They will go in this weekend also.

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It is still too cool here for green beans and tomatoes and things like that. Closer to the end of May usually, sometimes if the weather is really warm early some things will get planted earlier. If it doesn't rain by tomorrow, I may be able to get into the garden to plant those onions and potatoes. I don't want to be tromping around in the mud. I have two daughters that put out a garden and the other daughter plants just a few tomato plants and maybe a few peppers.


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My early garden is doing really well. I have Cabbage, broccoli. kale, mustard, onions, spinach. and sweet peas...I have lots more to plant before it is over and done with....

Did you know that we have wonderful gardening forums right here at Garden Web..

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We have always gardened--at least for 30 years. Fortunately, we now have space to have a really big vegetable garden, not only for ourselves, but also for the local food pantry. We have peas, potatoes, broccoli, several types of lettuce, spinach, radishes, beans, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. When the early crops come out we will put in okra and melons.
Gardening in Texas means we have two seasons for gardening, IF it rains!

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Marlingardener, do you have much trouble with pests? If so, which ones? I had so much trouble with the cabbage worms, I just wonder what else is going to attack! (I know about tomato worms.)

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Yes. I have perennial herb garden and I add annuals, like basil in season.
I usually grow a Fall/Winter and a Spring/Summer vegetable garden.
Right now I have lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. Later in the season, I'll add some squash and some okra.
Marilyn, I wish I had your kind of space.

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I have onions, lettuce, spinach, & radishes planted now. A little later I will plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers.

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You gals are just making me hungry...we don't have the snow off the ground.

DH and I decided last fall we would not do a garden this year but now with the poor economy and food prices, we are thinking we will do one again. There is too much for us and we share a lot with the neighbors.

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I have always worked in a veggie garden as far back as I can remember. I use to help my dad when I lived at home who always had one. When I moved out I always had one of my own too.

I live on 2.5 acres, but only part of that is the veggie garden. I have 6 raised beds that are 6ft X 3ft. I use to have 2 greenhouses, one big walk-in one which I sold and smaller 4ftX4ft one. I use it to start tomato, pepper, veggie and flowers seeds that I will put in my garden end of April.

In CA I grow veggies all year long. Leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach and swiss chard plus root veggies like parsnips, carrots, rutabagas in winter. In summer it is tomatoes, peppers, winter and summer squash. I also have a herb garden.

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I will, was planning on planting peas this week but it's been raining. I also want to plant tomatoes, bell peppers, watermelon, asperagus, squash (summer and winter-specifically Delicata), long beans, okra, canteloupe. I think that's it.

I still haven't gone through my seeds to see what I need.

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I plant a vegetable garden every year, and I will plant one this year. But we are being water rationed, so don't know how well we will do. Several years ago, DH and I built raised beds. They are 3 feet wide and altogether are about 70 feet in length. Now, that may not seem like much of a garden, but we have figured out how to grow nearly every vining or trailing thing "up". We have built frames on some of them and devised movable trellises that hang from the frames and I move them around to wherever I need them. Then I use old socks and nylons to tie up the melons as they grow and some of the squash, etc. I use tomato cages for the peas and cucumbers as well as the tomatoes. It makes for an unusual looking garden to say the least, but it works.

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For many years, my DH and I grew all sorts of vegetables in garden with 60' rows. These days I grow only a few varieties: yellow crookneck and zucchini squash, pole beans, Swiss chard, cukes. I love to grow tomatoes, but am not growing them this year as I can no longer eat them. I'm going to try beets and lettuce in containers this year. I'm hoping to avoid critter damage without using fencing.

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I don't know what all I will have in my garden. I will probably let my girls help decide as I won't need all the stuff that comes out of it. Youngest daughter has two greenhouses and raises some starts of veggies and flowers, so will she what she has started. I think I will let her raise the sweet potatoes, though I would love to, but the rabbits like to eat them off before they get a good start. I will probably get just about all the sweet potatoes they raise to do something with. I did last year. We canned a lot of salsa last year. It is good to see that so many are planting a garden no matter how big or small. I too started helping on the farm before I left home with the garden. I had a pony and we didn't have a tiller way back then, so my Dad would hitch my pony to a walk behind cultivator and I would have to ride the pony up and down each row to keep the weeds out. It worked! We used to raise some strawberries and pick them and sell them for $.25 a quart! What would that buy you today, two or three berries?


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