mattress stain: dog drool, or pee?

buffylouJune 25, 2011

Fairly new mattress. Today noticed very pale stain near the foot of the bed, an area about 2 ft square, where Abby likes to sleep under the covers - until she overheats, starts panting like mad, and crawls out, waking us both up of course. :) Anyway, DH is convinced it's pee. I know she drools under there. I am thinking, if it was pee, the stain would be darker and it would smell, and we'd have noticed it way before now. What do you all think it is? Please, advice wanted! Thanks in advance! (I did already clean it with hydrogen peroxide and Oxyclean, came out about 95%. Just the stitching is a tiny bit yellow still.)

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If it's yellow, could have been bile. Maybe she threw up a little.

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how old is she? spayed?

my youngest dane was about 3 when she started having spay incontinence. like you, i found big stains. at first, i didn't know if it was drool from one of the dogs grooming herself or if it was pee. i was totally stumped. there was no color, no odor. i didn't figure it out until one day, pea got up from the couch and there was a HUGE fresh puddle right where her back end was.

started her on proin and haven't had a problem since. in fact, i just recently decreased her dosage without a problem.

you need to rule out a UTI first and then go from there.

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Yes, she is spayed. And it's not really yellow - very faint stain. Hmm, about the same color as my husband's pillow from drooling :) now that I think about it.
I saw the other post about throwing up bile - that is a problem for Abby, but she has only ever done it once on the bed, and I would KNOW if that was it.

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how old is abby? this could very well be spay incontinence.

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I bought from Stink Free, the Stink Finder. I call it the pee pee finder. I wait until dark and run a round with the ultra violet light. So cool. It can find blood, drool, poop, pee, vomit and one more.

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