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cats.and.dogJune 26, 2011


I recently found a stray dog. I think she is part german shepherd mix of some kind. I have named her Pippa. She is sweet and gentle and I know she has had puppies in the past and I would say more than one litter because she has permanently drooping teats. When I found her she was very skinny, covered in huge fleas, tearing patches of fur out of her hind quarters and with big scabs on the ends of her ears. Now with three months of frontline she still has a couple of fleas but her scabs and red irritated skin are all healed and she is a very happy dog, and we are happy to have her. I've always been more of a cat person but I have to say that I love her endearing doggie ways. I work at home and so I spend all day with her and love the way she follows me around the house and parks herself wherever I happen to be.

I also have 3 cats. Mama cat Angel and her two bachelor sons Simba and Marmelade. I've had all since kittens. Angel is kind of grouchy but can be very nice when she wants to be. Marmelade is dumb as rocks and rough with his claws without really meaning to be. He is also scared of everything but still a sweet cat. Simba is the best cat in the world. Smart and super friendly and always gentle. Unlike his brother, he knows how to jump up in my lap without digging his claws in.

I can tell that Pippa likes the cats and wants to be friends, but the cats will have none of it. They are mean and from time to time will chase her around. I know that this is because they are afraid of her. Simba will lay in the same room with her, and because she is such a good dog she will leave him alone but if she gets up too fast or comes too close in an attempt to leave the room, Simba loses his cool completely. There is often a ruckus of hissing and terrified whimpering and crazy chasing but so far no scratches or bites on poor Pippa.

I am hoping that the cats will eventually realize that Pippa is no threat and that they will all become best friends. Am I being unrealistic? Please share your experiences and any advice will be appreciated.

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Just give them time, they will probably end up surprising you!!

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spedigrees z4VT

As one who has belonged to multiple generations of dogs and cats, I agree, all that's needed is time for your pets to integrate. Bless you for taking Pippa in. Poor doggie, she was very lucky the day she found you! What a perfect home she has landed in! She is probably trying hard to fit in, and she will succeed in time with the temporarily temperamental cats!

Cats can be set in their ways but once they discover that Pippa is not a threat, the kitties should accept her as a part of the household. Best advice is to let them work it out amongst themselves.

Let us know how it goes!

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Thanks for the replies. I will definitely give it time and I agree wholeheartedly with the comment about letting them work it out amongst themselves. I find that Pippa pays a lot more attention to the cats when I am around which makes them nervous. If I leave she settles down and I find that they all lay fairly close to one another with no problems.

I hope to someday get a picture of Simba and Pippa together-best of friends!

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I was also a cat person, and got dogs when I moved to a rural home. My oldest cats, who were here before the dogs .. 13 years, want nothing to do with the dogs.

My younger cats, either tolerate the dogs, or play with the dogs ... I have great pictures of my big 20 lb cat snuggling with my female dog Lily ... a german shepherd/aussie mix.

As everyone one said ... give it time ... it will work itself out.

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It may take a very long time. At least thats what I keep telling myself. Three years and counting... my youngest cat who had never seen a dog before I brought one home has yet to accept thhe dog. She hisses, sometimes lashes out, but mostly just stears clear of the dog and will leave the room when the dog enters. Wish it wasn't like that. The dog has learned if he doesn't make eye contact he is generally safe.

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Thanks for the additional replies pamghatten and jackieblue. I know what you mean about the eye contact. I can tell when Simba is about to pounce on Pippa by the way he stares at her and she does her best not to look back thank goodness!

The other day I was at my desk with Simba under my chair and Pippa laying on her side just behind with her paws blocking the easy way to the kitchen. Ordinarily Simba would walk the perimeter of the room to leave but I guess he was feeling brave that day and instead opted to very carefully step over Pippa's paws. She watched him the whole time and was careful not to move even the tiniest bit. She is such a good dog! I'm pretty sure he thought she was asleep.

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