Now THIS is a Statement Stone!

purplepansiesMarch 6, 2013

Just looked at the Houzz email and saw this ideabook. Although it's not for me, I think it is incredibly cool!

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Oops! Let me repost with the live link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Agate Counters, etc.

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not for me. I have textural issues. "Patterns in Nature" as my dd calls it. Looks like cells.

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Stunning. Way too busy for me in the kitchen, but the installations in the living area look like art. My tile store has one counter in a brown-beige agate with buried lighting and it is amazing.

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Would love in a restaurant, not in a home. Nature is pretty neat : )))

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"Budget for this wall: $75,000 for the agate; $40,000 for fabrication (about $450 per square foot)."
Owie! Hoo boy. Gorgeous. Loud.

It is fun to look in Houzz and Architectural Digest and similar things once in a while to see really outstanding design. The concepts can often be translated into attainable design. The one thing missing, always, is the soft human touch. How would it look with the counters cluttered with today's junk mail, dinner half-made, plates waiting for the dishwasher, and kid's pictures on the cabinets (cuz' the fridge is non-magnetic)? I think the posters here do better design for real families.

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Hmmm, I think it's cheesy. (Sorry!) those sliced open geodes remind me of gift shops, particularly the blue ones which are dyed an unnatural color. And the price, seriously? Seems awfully wasteful to me. Sorry to be a downer, but I can think of more useful purposes for that much money.

That said, I love looking at outrageous ideas like this, even if I don't like it. So thanks for sharing!

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I'm with Bee and Karin. There's something icky about it. And for all that money, the effect is ruined with seams. Give me a geode, just one.

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I've seen that in real life - it's sort of cool. Also stones with amethyst, tiger's eye, or embedded ammonites. Neat for someone else, not for me. And I went for a crazy - but at least real! - stone myself.

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Wow, that's really bold! I sort of like the powder room where it's not very blue. But I think you'd have to have just the right house to use that kind of material. And I wouldn't be happy having it in a kitchen or on a fireplace.

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Thanks for posting this, purplepansies! Interesting!

My first take just glancing at some of the pictures was that it was kind of cool, but then I went back and read how they do it. I agree with the Houzz poster who said it was a shame to use the agate in this way knowing that down the road it would be tossed. And I don't like that glow-in-the-dark dining table. That is cheesy.

I do like the Marinace granites. But they are all natural, right?

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I definitely agree that for the most part these are a bit much and ridiculously expensive. Out of all of them I like the last one best. I found a better view of it, and I actually like it here. With its natural color, in a SMALL area, I think it can be an interesting focal point.

Eclectic Kitchen design by Atlanta Furniture And Accessories The Furniture Guild

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It reminds me of cells like someone else said - or that last one of horseshoe crabs!

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Oh my.


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I think it's really cool and a great example of the very wealthy finding new ways to differentiate themselves from more the more pedestrian looks of marble and granite - which is basically required these days.

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