spoiled rotten

mountain_ladyJune 19, 2013

I have not posted in some time. Life happens and you get busy with other things. Here is a picture of my spoiled rotten Dog. It happen to be Wet cold and raining. Bubba J had been outside and then had to spend some time in puppy jail till he was dry. Once he came in he jumped up on the sofa and laid his big head on a pillow. husband decided that Bubba needed a blanket to warm up with.

Bubba laid under that blanket and head on the pillow the rest of the night into morning. what a big baby he is...

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What a life! I've always said I want to come back as one of my own spoiled rotten pets!

Smart dog ... and really cute too.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Spoiled rotten? Nahhhh, I don't think so. LOL LOL LOL

He is very cute and looks quite at home under that blanket. Obviously living the good life!!

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Bubba J is spoiled, and very much loved... He does have a good life with us. He was a Dump... He has been with us coming on a year. When we found him on our farm he was all bones. It took some time for him to warm up but once he did it was game on. He learned what a good life is.... What good food is, what love is and most important that he will never be mistreated again. We call him spoiled because He is allowed to sleep on the sofa, In bed with me, gets treats daily and gets his daily run. He thinks that he needs to sleep on the pillows and yes he loves warm blankets.

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now that is the picture of contentment!! he has a gorgeous coat (what i can see of it LOL)! what do you feed him?

rescue dogs rock!! they just seem to know they have been saved and will never go hungry again. it's all good! sweet, sweet, sweet!!

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We feed all our dog's Iam's. Plus he get a farm fresh egg in his food once a month. His pupper treats are dentacare and smoke pig ears. I also give him snacks of fruits and veggies.

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Small little puppy, isn't he.

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Here is Bubba's story, a sad one but with happy ending...

Bubba found us Aug 12, We live 23 miles from town on a very much dirt road. It was a warm day, I remember that much about it. At the time we just had the few outside dogs that are kenneled and our inside old dog, plus a cat. I had been at the computer working on paper wrk for our company for some time. I did hear the other dogs barking but didn't think about it. My little dog wanted outside and was doing his potty dance. I got up and let my little dog outside. when I opened the door all I saw was this big black head looking out the wind brake. Soft golden eyes . I didn't know if he was going to be a nice dog or not so I rushed to pickup my little old man.

I put my little guy back inside and walked back out there. by then "bubba" was over by the other dogs . All I could see is bones, and I felt bad for him. I walked over to the shed where I keep the outside dogs fed at and grabbed a small bowl full. I sat down on the ground and started making sounds in hopes he would come to me. He did. I placed some food on the ground and let him eat it. Then he was in my face looking for more. I feed him all I had. I touched him and could feel all the bones in his poor body. He was covered in ticks and flea's. So I had to make a phone call. I called my husband who was at work and asked him to pickup some dip. I called our vet and asked them what I should do with him. They told me to take a picture of him and send it to their email and they would post a lg dog found please call. I didn't bring him in the house at 1st just because he was covered in bugs.

that Night when my husband came home we gave him a bath and removed 15 lg ticks off his body. We fed him again and placed him in the shed for the night.

the Next morning I was out there again messing with him and I hand fed him this time. We did this for almost 2 weeks before our local Police dept called about him. Because he had no collar and no tags they didn't think anyone would claim him. plus we live so close to the REZ. I made an apt for him on the 3nd weeks , we had him looked over and from what they could tell he was about 3 to 4 yrs old. He had some teeth that needed to be cleaned and he had to have his shots, plus toe nails done....

From there he came back to the farm with me. He was moved into the house with the little dog because bubba just don't have the long hair like our other outside babies have.

We where still feeding him 3 small meals per day and working on some of the bad parts about Bubba J. We could not leave him alone at all. In 3 months he had pushed out 5 panels of glass in my house. When though one picture window because he didn't want to be alone. pushed his way past our 3 year old grandson when the door was opened. head butted husband and knocked him out. Got beat up by the cat where bubba was bleeding. In Feb bubba was back to eating one meal per day he was looking great. He had put on most of the weight he needed too. We know that he can not be left alone because it makes him stressed out and sick. Plus he turns into a Rotten dog.

He has turned into a wonderful dog. He is mostly my dog he does claim me. I am not allowed to be out of his sight. If I move he moves. If I go outside he follows me. If I am working in the yard he is No more then 10 ft from me.

Bubba came from rags to riches.... In that he learned what a spoiled dogs life style is all about.

And now Bubba J has a good home with lots of loves....

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He's a beautiful dog, and I love the picture of him resting on your DH. I usually don't read long posted stories, but I read Bubba's whole story. He's one lucky dog to have found you. He could have been dumped or just neglected enough to wander off before finding his new home. Sorry about the broken windows, but it sounds like you have everything under control now and understand his issues.

There are different kinds of spoiling. There is the kind where misbehavior is tolerated, and there is the kind where the dog is kept safe, comfortable and well fed.

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