Never so happy to see pee

schoolhouse_gwJune 18, 2014

I've been keeping my cat indoors for awhile on account of some bully cat out there chasing her. In almost 48hrs. I had not seen her use the litter box which she is accustomed to using when indoors for any length of time. Finally she pooped yesterday - but no pee. I was starting to fret and decided a trip to the vet was in order today if she had not peed.

In the meantime I start to wonder about the large terra cotta pot with the geranium sitting on the pantry floor. day before this all began I saw dirt all over the floor and a hole dug but nothing else. Last night I smelled some of the dirt in the pot but couldn't really make out if it was urine or fertilizer. So I get the idea to put the plant out on the back porch over night. Well isn't it a coincidence that she used the litter box last night? lol that rascal.

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At least she used something other than the carpet or flooring! Is she driving you crazy to get out? Bully cats can be rough on nice kitties.

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Being an indoor/outdoor cat I know what you mean, but so far she isn't making a real big deal of it. It's been hot and humid the last couple days so we are both laying about trying to stay comfortable. The house is fairly cool during the day.

I can't understand why that tom cat has suddenly taken to chasing her. SHE used to be the one that kept HIM in check and did the chasing. All I can think of is that he must have gotten the upper hand one time and that gave him confidence. Either that or there are females in the area and he's feeling all lordly.

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