my horse has 2 blown tendons

luvmypetsJune 14, 2011

My 26 yr. old quarter horse apparently slipped on ice. Came home to feed & could see he was lame on front. Had vet (a few actually & chiropractor (equine of course.) After thorough exams & x-rays, no one could find anything. The only diagnosis was, cushings & was told with weather his age how lame he was time to say goodbye. I instead gave him bute kept him in (if nice he would go out during day only.) Well I finally contacted my vet (retired) asked please come see him. He said "2 blown tendons" bute him & give him time to heal 1-2 years! My blacksmith came out yesterday, I asked him what do you think, am I doing him an injustice asking him to stay & heal? Its hot now flies I bring him in with fans & a shower but I just don't know exactly how much pain he is in. I don't want him to suffer as much as i love him and never want to say goodbye. Any imput would be appreciated

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Whatever your decision I wish the best for both of you. Saying good bye to a horse is gut-wrenching, especially when you have been together so long. My best friend had to put down her 31 year old thoroughbred and her 26 year old "mutt" when they became ill and it was heartbreaking.

In my opinion if he is pain that stops him from standing and moving around comfortably then it is time to consider the alternatives. That was the way the owners of Barbaro dealt with him - when he was not healing well, in uncontrolled pain and was not his normal, happy self then it was time to say goodbye.

I am sure you will make the right decision.

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You really need to find out how bad the tendon is injured before you make any drastic decisions, this will require an ultra sound.
You are not going to be able to figure out how bad things are until you get the ultrasound, once you get the ultra sound it is going to tell you how long the horse must be kept inactive. The problem with an inactive horse is colic.
You have alot to think about.
I have blown my tendon in my knee, it stings like hell at the best of times. The other issue you have is that if your horse starts activity too soon, it might reinjure its leg.
You really need to talk to an equine orthopedic surgeon or go to a teaching university to get a better idea on care for your buddy because quite frankly without an ultra sound and an expert in tendons in horses what you do may or may not be of help to your horse.
Good luck.

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Thank you for your well wishes & good advice. Yes I am going to call to have an ultrasound done, will post the diagnosis.

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Here's a thread you may find interesting. The owner was also dealing with an elderly horse.

Here is a link that might be useful: tendons

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A young horse at the barn where I board my horse slipped and fell in mud and tore a tendon in his hing leg (can't remember which one) Vet said to keep him in his stall for three months and then could go out briefly but should basically be on stall rest for a year. Owner wanted to put him down, the vet refused (I was there for this conversation) The vet said it should heal very nicely and he was too young and too nice of a horse to euthanize.

This horse, doesn't act like he is in pain. He is alert and friendly, greets people and begs for treats. It has been almost three months now.

Only you know whether or not your horse is in pain and if it is time. If he is healthy otherwise and has energy and seems bright and interested it may not be time no matter how old.

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