petra, question about asthma meds

sduck2June 12, 2009

Petra, I have "Mary" on 10 mg of prednisone pill once a day starting in the spring and lasting until the end of fall. We assume it is seasonal allergies since the snowy winter months she has no symptoms. She is extremely overweight so I think I need to find an alternative method before I run into the diabetes problem. I'm very interested in getting more information on the aminophylline.

Can she recieve a daily pill or an injection? I am at work during the day and I'm afraid I won't be home if she had an attack. She's suffered from this for 3 years now, and her only "attack" is wheezing so far. She has ilbuteral in the cabinet for emergencies but she's not a fan of the inhaler.

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Hmm, I just checked Minnie's prescription and the label says "give 1/4 tab by mouth twice daily". But the vet told me to just give it to her if she coughs more than a couple times over a few hours. She rarely has asthma attacks now, but she used to have really bad ones while she was on the steroid shots, as soon as the shots would wear off.

I also have asthma and have tried the albuterol on her, it's impossible to administer. There IS an inhaler system for cats, called Aerokat inhaler. That was going to be our next move in case the Aminophylline didn't work, but as it is working so well, Aerokat hasn't been necessary.

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Forgot to add, they are 100 mg tabs.

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