progress with lilly

NinapearlJune 3, 2012

yesterday afternoon, lilly ventured up to the gate where i go in and out and where most of the activity takes place in the pig pen. i threw some sweet feed out for them to root for and she loved that.

and here she is this morning, eating with arnold and porkahontas!! this is a HUGE breakthrough for her!!

and meeting swee' pea at the fence. LOL

i am hoping that today, since it will be in the 80's, she will discovery the joys of the piggy wallow! i am SO happy with her progress, she is becoming quite the social butterfly...errr...pig! :D

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'm glad she is doing well! Love the pictures.

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Love them and I'm glad you named her after

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LOL lily from PA!! :p

lilly (with two l's) finally found the joys of the piggy pool today. i coaxed her in with some little pieces of dog cookie and when she was in, i threw a handful of seedless grapes in. she spent 20 minutes bobbing for grapes and blowing bubbles. :)

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So cute! Is she affectionate with you? (are piggies affectionate in general?)

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marita, she isn't yet but she allows me to pet her and rub her tummy so we're getting there.

to answer your question, oh yes they are very affectionate! i often go out there, spread a blanket under a shade tree and within 30 seconds, arnold is in my lap and porkahontas is laying down beside me. they thrive with lots of human contact. lilly will get there, she's already come much farther than i thought she would in just one week!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Poor ole' lily, I feel such tenderness for her. She has had a hard life and now has love, kindness and a perfect piggy park for her to live.

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same for me beez! i have always had a special place in my heart for the underdog (or underpig, in this case). it was so hard to keep my distance, i just wanted to scoop her up (figuratively, of course) and tell her everything would be just fine. with pigs, you have to get to know them on their terms. the first 2 or 3 days were dicey, she was so fearful that she would charge at me if i got too close. we have graduated to her eating out of my hand and following me around while i clean up piggy poo. much like arnold, she grunts while she's walking behind me. i think it translates into "i just KNOW you have goodies in that fanny pack!" :D

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It looks like she's fitting in already -- such a cutie!

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