Help! Canned Pumpkin Shortage!

lfnycJune 16, 2010

It seems that inclement weather last year has affected the pumpkin crop. My local supermarket in NYC in is out of stock and I just heard from a friend in Fla. who's cat also depends on Libby's canned pumpkin to help keep her regular, that it is unavailable down there as well. She asked if there was any thing else (her cat hates laculose)she could give her cat on a regular basis to relieve constipation.

A while ago, someone on this forum mentioned that Mirilax was ok for older cats but I was unsure of the dosage.

Wouldn't cooked, skinned zuchinni have the same affect? After all, it is a non starchy squash that is mostly fiber and water.

I have another month's worth in the freezer, but if the shortage still exists, will have to try something else.

Any advice is appreciated!

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You can read about various constipation remedies at the link below. Since your cat apparently does well with fiber, you can substitute mashed peas (or baby food peas) or 1/8 tsp of unflavored Metamucil for pumpkin.

Miralax is very effective and has similar action to Lactulose, but it is an osmotic laxative, not a fiber source.


Here is a link that might be useful: constipation remedies

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Sweet potatoes - the orange ones.
Winter squash - hubbard and butternut.

Both are high fiber and taste enough like pumpkin that they will probably accept it with no problems.

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i had heard, right around thanksgiving last year, that this was imminent so every trip i took to walmart, i bought 10 cans. my cupboard looks like a pumpkin canning factory!

good to know there are alternatives if i run out before the shelves are restocked!

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Thanks for the great answers, were smart, Ninapearl.

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I always raise and freeze pumpkin for pies, and guess who didn't last year? LOL. I scarfed up pumpkin when I could find it and there wasn't any on the market shelf the last time I looked. I made three sweet potato pies this week instead of pumpkin (can't tell the difference) and noticed the beaters to my mixer had fibres all over them, so I'd think it is, like lazygardens says, a good alternative source of it.

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If you are really desperate, has organic pumpkin for $2 or so per can.

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"Growing and processing remain highly concentrated, and one state and one company so dominate the business that a disruption in the annual cycle that takes pumpkins from patch to processor to grocery can cause a popular product to disappear from store shelves for nearly a year. It could easily happen again." Quote from the June 2nd Washington Post.

Majored in Ag in college. This is why the disappearance of the family farm is not only sad, but a loss of diversity of sources should one have a bad year is the end result.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washinton Post article on pumpkin

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