Soap dispenser

olivertwistkitchenMarch 3, 2013

Does it REAlLY matter?

I know all if us TKO obsess about everything, but isn't there one thing I could just leave to chance? To just buy the cheapest? Or to just by the one that looks "good enough"?

If I end up getting the Kohler Karbon (and that's a huge IF), I have to find a soap dispenser to go with it. Someone recommended a $95 Kohler model to go with it.

Really? I would already be shelling out mucho $ for the faucet, now for the soap too? Would I be unhappy with a $25 one from Home Depot?

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I didn't obsess about it. I bought one at home depot for $8. It top fills,it had a long spout(so if it drips which it doesn't, the drips end up in the sink not on the counter), and it came with extra tubing and instructions to make it into a neverMT scenario, which I haven't done. I am very satisfied.

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I bought a cheap one at the Home Depot and don't regret it. It was under $30, stainless steel, top fill. I have no regrets and no problems. It's been 6 months. I took a small part of my faucet to the store to make sure the finish didn't clash with my faucet.

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Don't sweat it. You will want it on hand before templating to make sure the hole they cut is positioned such that the soap drips *into* the sink and not the edge or wall of the sink.

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The long spout sounds like a great idea. How long is a good length?

BTW, I emailed Kohler for recommendations on what would go with the Karbon. They recommended a $95 one and a $250 one! Ha!

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I have a elkay dispenser planned next to my karbon.

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I have two Elkay Gourmet soap dispensers.

I most certainly DID obsess over my choice to find a long enough spout without being too long and to find one that coordinated well with the clean lines of my Hansgrohe faucets and the rest of my kitchen. I had used a cheap one from the big box store in my former kitchen to good effect, but I wanted just the right ones for my new space. After all, it's something you look at often and use many times per day. It's worth a couple of hours (much more in my case) to get it right. Left to chance? Very little in my kitchen.

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