Help me find the perfect random brick tile?

heidiaMarch 31, 2014

Okay I have decided I need tile. I will keep the 20 inch riser and shelf but tile above it. I am loving the random bricks. I want to do either a marble that matches my quartzite or a white, maybe a crackle porcelain and matte. Can anyone direct me where to find such tiles? My quartzite looks like marble but compared to marble it is really warm. So I think a carerra would look too blue, so maybe a warmer marble? But white might be what I need to cool down all this cream and brighten it up. Open floor plan-entire first level is dark gold and cream. Thanks! And excuse mess. Partially moved in and school day morning!

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This is what I have found so far:

This is carrera but it looks warm-it may just be the white balance though:


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I LOVE this tile-

The link is not accurate I think though as these are all the same size, not larger ones mixed in.

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Your cabinets are beautiful, but it's getting too busy with all the different finishes. Frankly, you are ruining the look. Sorry to be so blunt. Bite the bullet and remove the quartzite splash and tile or get the correct size SS backsplash. Adding more to what's there won't fix the problem.

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Beautiful kitchen! I would pick between the quartzite splash OR tile by itself - I agree with mayflowers. I personally think the quartzite splash by itself is fine and nothing else is needed :)

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May_flowers and Feisty68 I do appreciate your input-be blunt! I need it! I am at design dilemma for sure!

So, after the thread I started about the gap areas under hood, I debated two ideas-

1. filling space with stainless or
2. ditching upper stainless and using tile...

My only reservation with the stainless is that the riser shelf is not as wide the space. It won't look seamless on the sides. Unless I ditch riser shelf, get custom piece and have a shelf built in.

With tile-this was my inspiration:

Granted it has a 2 inch b/s not a 6 inch.

Originally I wanted no tile, hence the 6 inch b/s but it looks unfinished with those gaps...

If I do a bigger stainless, do you think seeing that the riser shelf is a separate piece is a big deal, or should I try to make it totally seamless by just starting over with a new big sheet, ditching riser, and having custom shelf?

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heidia, i would copy that last pic you posted but ditch the SS backsplash altogether, leave the ledge and fill in the remainder of the backsplash with the small tile you posted. i wish you didn't have that partial quartzite going on but i think it could still look good with the little tile.

btw, who makes your cabinets, they're very pretty!

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Thank you AAGK2003-They are Haas. :)

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I think it will look choppy. It also mixes too much traditional with contemporary elements. Stick with your original vision.

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Thank you Mayflowers. :) I go back and forth but I am leaning towards that now... I may have some custom corbels made to entirely fill that space and have it look like part of cabinets like these:

Or these:

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Hi heidia, I have no suggestions, but I do have a question about your beautiful kitchen if you don't mind.
Can you tell me where and what your hardware is?
Can't wait to see all the details!
Thank you so much

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Just another suggestion....

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Your kitchen is beautiful. I think it looks great without a tile backsplash. If you don't like the spacing between the SS & cabinets, then maybe putting corbels up can fill it up & would look great. I too, think if you go w/ tile, it'd look better if you take the quartzite backsplash off. I'd love to see pictures of the rest of your kitchen. Your cabinets, counters, hardware, everything is wonderful. Love love your quartzite! Where did you get the light fixture next to sink? They look very cool.

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Thanks Susie23 :) They are the aubrey pulls from restoration hardware. From uppermost are 3.5, uppers are 4, top drawers are 6, middle and lower drawers are 8 inches. In polished nickel. :)

Keep your eyes peeled for sales-I got all these at 25% off last year! :)

Thanks LisaDR :)

Thank you Bicyclegirl! :) They are from the york collection from Troy Lighting : They come in black or white. They are narrow and look great between the cabinets and my window. :) I got the pendants over island too. :)

I promise to get more pics up soon! :) This build has been...well...I guess it is how most builds go, lol! ;)

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