how to combat the heat

NinapearlJune 22, 2013

well, at least for pigs. it's been in the 90's the past couple of days. i came home from work yesterday to find lilly napping. IN the pool...

arnold likes to **gasp** POOP in the pools so i am constantly emptying/refilling them. porkahontas loves the fresh cold water. i just wish she wouldn't sit on the edge and displace much of the nice, fresh water!

this is harley's first summer living full time as an outside piggy. his previous owner told me he wasn't much for the kiddie pool they got him. he would stay in it as long as there were cheerios floating around for him to catch. i'm beginning to wonder if she sent me the wrong pig because THIS harley is LOVIN' the pools!

one day last week, i came home to find harley stretched completely out in the pool, not moving. i gasped to myself thinking he had drowned. i jumped out of my van and hollered his name. he jumped up and scurried to the fence for a cookie. turns out, he has been resting his head at a corner where there was very little water but the rest of his body was almost submerged. whew!!

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What wonderful pictures, and you certainly do take good care of your piggies. It's a lot of work. Are their pools in the shade?

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yup, since they are my responsibility and they depend on me for everything, i care for them the best i can. :) i love these guys, they have SO much personality and each is very different from the others. i know it's hard to believe but they can be very cuddly.

i move the pools around a lot because they like to wallow in the wet sand right beside them so the ground gets very uneven. so, sometimes they are in the sun (as in these pics) but most of the time, they are in the shade.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

They sure are happy as pigs in...........pools!!! Nina, all your animals are so lucky to have you taking care of them!! I know the joy they bring you!!

Thanks for the fun pictures.

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I know they are smart, too. I remember from my childhood days thumbing through World Book Encyclopedia there was a graphic showing pictures of the "smartest" animals, and pigs were pictured there. I never forgot that because I was surprised even then. So if you sit down and give a little lecture about pooping in the pool, maybe they'll learn something! (Just kidding, of course.)

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