Dog afraid of fireworks

debbie097June 23, 2009

What do you do when your dog is afraid of fire works? We usually go camping where there is no firework allowed. This year we will be around fireworks and my schnauzer so afraid of them. I plan on turning on a radio for noise. He has a bad heart so I don't know if he can get a sedative to relax him. What do you do for your pets on the 4th of July?

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do a google search of "dog anxiety wrap". you might still be able to order one and get it in time for the 4th but if not, or if you don't want to spend that much, try putting a snug-fitting tee shirt on him. that's what i always used for my siberian husky who was terrified of thunder and fireworks.

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Oh gosh, our old dog who is no longer with us, was horrible at fireworks time, so I can sympathize.

One year the neighbors fireworks had him so upset that he busted through the screen door, busted through the fence gate (that was normally very secure) and was off running.

We did find him but it took several hours, was very scarey.

The lab we have now, doesn't like fireworks either. Last year she pooped in the house (which she never does), on the 4th of July... I assumed it was because she was afraid of the noise - again our neighbors like to shoot off a bunch of stuff.

I try not to get anxious myself and I make a point of not rewarding any anxious behavior either. If your dog is scared and panicking, don't pet him or pamper him as that encourages the behavior.

This year, I am going to keep the dogs in the basement on the fourth, to help keep them from noise. We have a family room in the basement and their crates and dog dishes are there. I think being in the basement is quieter than upstairs and we will keep the TV on real loud as some white noise.

I haven't heard of the anxiety wrap before. We may just try that also...

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We also head for the country-side to avoid the noise.

Since you can't, I second the recommendation for a snug fitting t-shirt. Try Goodwill's children section for cheap ones.

Rescue Remedy is helpful as well. We use it for long car rides. Heck I use it before big meetings for work ;) It's safe and easy to administer. It's available in health food/suppliment stores, Whole Foods, or online. The website has a searchable "where to buy" section. :)

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Debbie - if your dog has heart issues, check with your vet, they can give you an appropriate sedative for your dog to take daily for the 5 days they must endure these celebrations. Just so you know I do the exact same thing with my dog, take him camping, except this year, when I wil just have to drive him into the country for a break when the fireworks start. Good luck with your puppers.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I agree with many other posters. THe fear is real, and can become very harmful.

Your Vet will have evaluated his heart anyway, so ask him/her about what is appropriate. My experience is that you must must must start the medication early to make it work. That more than likely means that you must give two pills on the Fourth.


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My parents had a wonderful dog who was afraid of fireworks. They had to make a trip and to keep him safe, boarded him at a vet's on the outskirts of town. Shooting off fireworks is illegal in this county, unless done as part of a professional display, but the city sounds like a war zone anyway. To make a long story short, the vet had an eight foot tall fence around the run off this dog's cubicle and the kids next door to the vet started setting off their payload. The poor dog, pumped by adrenalin climbed up eight feet of fence to get away. And that he did, into the traffic of the mall strip where he was hit by a car and killed.

Do your dog a kind deed and find someplace where he won't have to suffer if you must be around fireworks. Then put him there where he can be comfortable and you can enjoy yourself without worrying. Maybe leave him with a trusted relative for the day, or a boarding kennel away from 'the action'.

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While looking for a product to ease my dog's fear of grooming I found something that is also good for thunderstorms and fireworks. They sell it on Amazon but I ended up buying a bottle from because I had other things to buy. How many you feed them depends on how much the dog weighs. There are other products on the market too that you dispense into their water bowl but I liked being able to control how much they get with the chewable form. It's getting rave reviews.

For a 30 pound dog 3 tablets will calm him, 4 tablets might make him fall asleep. For a 60 pound dog 5 tablets should do the trick. Consult the company via email if you have any questions regarding dosage, that's what I did. Calling and leaving a voice mail message was futile, they never returned my call. It's all natural and very safe. A heck of a lot safer than using acepromazine. If you let it build up in their system by feeding them 2 tablets a day for 10 days that will have the best effect.

Here is a link that might be useful: TranQuil-Tabs

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I agree with northy -- Rescue Remedy -- however, make sure that is's the one for pets. Apparently they also carry one for people?? I believe. I slice off a piece of Velvetta cheese, make an indentation in it, and place 4 drops of this stuff. So far, he has had no problems ingesting it without it spilling out.

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