Adopting a dog ...wrong breed or not???

aniceeJune 14, 2011

My brother adopted a wirehaired pointing griffon, purebred dog last Summer at the SPCA. He was to move with the dog this coming August but he was at my home a couple of weeks ago to tell me he was leaving and that he had taken his dog back to the SPCA. Abandoning a pet on any given day is terrible but abandoning a dog at the time where people are moving is really awful because all the shelters are overpopulated.

I have been terribly distraught since that day and am just thinking of the dog night and day because he knows my other 2 dogs and got along very well with them. He had a tendency to run after my cats in the house but was never mean towards them and some of my cats didn't mind him. They are hunting dogs who require tons of exercises and I am not a hunter but have decided to go and adopt him today eventhough the timing is wrong for me. When I called the SPCA to see how he was doing, apparently he didn't eat for the first few days but is now doing better. So I tell myself he will be a million times better here, he knows my house, my yard, my pets and I just have to walk him more than 3 times a days like I do my 2 others and once I trust him could let him run free with the others.

The other thing too...I am adopting him just as I am about to sell my house to move 1400km away to a country home with 9 acres so all this will happen amongst boxes, etc....But I say to myself he knows me and my dogs and I can provide a very good life for him and I am so afraid he will be adopted by a macho hunter who will not be satisfied with him as a hunting dog and he will finish his life outside tied up to a tree. I read a lot on the breed and know what to expect but I am ready, this dog deserves the best.

So today is the day..I'm going to get him with my 2 other dogs....I will have 3 male dogs. So when I'll be packing and all, at least he will be with me and my other pets...I think this is better than being at the SPCA.


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yayyy for you!!! it sounds like you have a good head start since you already know this dog and know what to expect. thanks for getting him out of the shelter, he will repay you tenfold over the years!

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Sounds like you've thought about this alot, and know that it's not the most ideal time for you or the dog ...but I think you'll make it work. You already know it will be difficult at first with the move and everything, so just give him plenty if time to adjust.

Good luck!

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Kudos to you, good luck with the adoption, let us know if we can help you in any way. PS - Good luck with the move as well

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Thank you for your good wishes. Murdoch came home with us yesterday afternoon and of course he recognized my house and was very, very, very excited about the cats but not once was he mean or too pushy, he is what they call conciliant. He is extremely active and agitated in the house and has to be the sloppiest dog I have ever encountered. When he drinks ( and he drinks enormous amount of water and have to take him out often) the area around him afterwards is like a little pool and he steps into it and he makes huge, perfect paw prints on my wood floors. My mop is out now in the kitchen next to the water bowl. Thank God for Murphy's oil spray bottle for the wood floor :-).
After I came out of the SPCA with him (I went with a friend), we stopped at a store to buy him a huge dog crate and last night, I told him 'coucher' (I,m french) and showed him the padded cushion in his crate and he went right it and I closed the door and he was quiet until 6h10 this morning when I heard him whining. I took him out for a pee and came back in and will around 8h00 take him for his first long walk, then come back and take my other 2 together for a nice long walk too. Repeat mid-afternoon and after supper.
I haven't slept much last night because my mind was going overtime with the moving and all. The house I have in mind with the 9 acres...I have to go and see it and will fly there at the end of June and will have my friend (the one who came with me yesterday) take care of my 'gang' while I'm away.
I will try to post a picture of Murdoch soon.

p.s.: yesterday at the shelter I noticed Murdoch's eyes were red and this morning he has yellowish discharge from his eyes. I think he has an eye infection (both eyes). I'll call the shelter today because there's a vet there and they give you a 30-day health warranty.


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I think you're a nicer person than your brother. Bless you for taking in this dog. Dogs are not's a commitment for life. Murdoch will love you forever for saving him from an unknown fate. Would your brother give away one of his kids because he was moving?

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I love his name, just seems to fit ... I had to look up conciliant ... accomodating ... that's a great trait!

Sounds like he'll be fine. And definitely call the rescue about his eyes.

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I am so happy he has a home with you. You are a good person!

lily316 took the words out of my mouth. I've always said, adopting a pet is not only for when it's convenient, "'s a commitment for life."

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anicee what a wonderful caring person you are! you have just the right attitude to make this work, it's obvious from your post that you've given it a lot of thought and you're willing to do what it takes for Murdoch to fit in and be happy, e.g. extra walks and exercise etc, even walking him separately from your other dogs. I have no doubt this will be his forever home, and you will do a terrific job with him!

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I realize how my brother was not training Murdoch the good way with all the yelling...and also realize Murdoch was not having the proper exercise. I am a big fan of Cesar Millan and am applying his techniques with Murdoch, as well as with my 2 others and so far so good. When Murdoch was coming over with my brother, he was the hound from hell and the bad energy my brother had with him and the yelling didn't work at all.
He is a challenging dog and I need to be at all time calm and assertive and he is doing quite good considering he's been with me, the dogs and the cats since Tuesday afternoon.
I took him to the lake yesterday and used a horse lead and he really enjoyed himself. He walks very well on a leash, he heels and rarely pulls.
Called the shelter for his eyes (they are much better), they told me he must be fighting a little virus and wait a few more days and come back to see the vet if it doesn't clear but I'm sure it will.
Each time I look at Murdoch...he wags his tail. He has yellowish droopy eyes, thick eyebrows, a beard... and my heart flips every time.
My digital camera is broken but here's the picture they took of him at the SPCA. He weighs 74lbs and is very muscular with a wide chest.
Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

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I am trying again..funny because it worked on the preview message..I was able to see him.

Hope this works:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Awww .. he looks just like I imagined he would look. How could you not love a face like that!

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He's adorable. Good luck with him.

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His eye symptoms could be from dust of pollen. He might have an allergy to something in your area...Good to know he is helping with keeping the floors clean!!

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No Mazer, no allergies thank God! Went to see the vet a the SPCA and his eyes are almost cleared. He's just fighting a virus...that kennel cough.


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Bird dogs are the best!

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Oh he's so cute. I adopted a dog when it wasn't the best time for me either. We were leaving two weeks after I adopted her for a two week vacation. I was so afraid she would feel abandoned again, but I explained the situation to the kennel I was bringing her to and they promised to give her extra TLC. They must have because she loved going there and she loved coming back home as well. She was the best dog and I was lucky to have her for ten years. I bet Murdoch turns out to be the best, too. Somehow they know you came to their rescue and are ever grateful.

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