Severe calcium buildup in showerheads, all faucets - Desperate!

MojaveLoveJanuary 2, 2011


We have had this townhome for 3 years, it was brand new. The water in our area has a high concentration of calcium and it builds up like crazy on the faucets. CLR gets rid of it but it takes a lot of scrubbing, time and patience, and then I have to do it all over again just a few months later.

It's really bad.

The shower in the master bath - there is a regular shower head, a handheld shower head that extends off of that, and 4 small ones coming out of the wall. The handheld hasn't worked in 3 years, clogged up after a few months. The main showerhead still works but I don't use it anymore because the water pressure is so bad it doesn't even do anything (this happened about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago). The little 4 ones on the wall are what I use and they are fine, but they have a shell of buildup on them. I've cleaned them numerous times. The buildup is white and hard.

How do I clean out the shower heads? We took the head off but there isn't a way to get inside. Do we have to buy new ones, and then buy new ones every time they stop working? How can I get it off the faucets around the house? Also, is there a way to treat the water so there isn't so much calcium? We have a water softener but it doesn't seem to do anything to affect that.

Everything is chrome - I've heard it you let this stuff sit in lemon juice or something like that over night it will come off but I don't know if that would damage the chrome.

Thank you - I am so frustrated with this and am praying there is a solution out there!

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"How do I clean out the shower heads?"

Soak them in white vinegar.

If they are well made it will not harm them.

If the plating is poor it may flake off.

It can take a few days to eat away a lot of buildup.

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A correctly sized and properly set up softener is THE way to remove hardness. Your water softener is apparently not working.

Bear in mind that that calcium is also collecting in your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances. You should resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Are you on a well or water system?

Do you have the results of a water test? Hardness, iron, manganese, PH?

What brand and model softener do you have?

How long have you had that softener?

Has the softener been using salt regularly?

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