Cat Killer in Miami

stir_fryiJune 10, 2009

Some people are so sick...

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Wow ..sick indeed. I'm very disturbed by this. I hope whoever it is caught and punished!

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Keep your cats in , folks!

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"Keep your cats in , folks!"

If people always did, then things like this wouldn't happen so often. Just one of the many dangers of letting your cats roam around outside with out supervision.

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A suspect has been arrested in this case. Check out the smirk on this guy's face.

Here is a link that might be useful: Police Arrest Suspect In Cat Killings

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If you read some of the comments, people are asking what the big deal is about killing cats when there's wars and such going on. Even if you don't care about animals, he would have progressed eventually to people. If they had harsher penalties for animal cruelty, maybe that wouldn't happen quite so often. Maybe people would be prevented from moving on to killing people.

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There are no excuses for animal abuse. A war going on has nothing to do with animal cruelty. People who make those kinds of statements are indifferent to animal suffering and have no compassion for them. Not having anything positive to say, they should just be quiet, but I've known many cat haters and they just can't shut up when there's a chance to show the world how much they hate cats. Pathetic beings. Notice I didn't include the word "human" to describe them. LOL

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