Financial Support for Feral Feeder?

not2brightJune 9, 2014


I am an animal lover and spend most of my free time feeding/caring for stray & feral cats. I'm a responsible care-giver, always getting "my" cats fixed, vaccinated and medically treated. I want to keep the critters well fed and cared for, but I'm really feeling the financial pinch. I realize things are tough all over and the feral cat population shows no signs of slowing down, so I may only be making a very small dent in the problem, but I'd still like to continue doing the best job I can in my own world here.

With that in mind, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any way to get financial support for people responsibly taking care of stray/feral cats. I have asked my vet (a cat doctor) and have searched online, but haven't found much myself yet. I thought perhaps someone here might know of some gem of a resource I haven't discovered.

Thanks for any comments! :-)

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Have you checked with you local SPCA and see if they can spare any food? Our local food pantry's sometimes has dog & cat food for anyone that needs it. I would also check with the local super markets and ask if they have any broken bags they can donate to you. I hope that helps and gives you a few ideas. Others will come along and give you some advice. Good Luck its a wonderful thing what your doing.....Christine

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I second what Christine suggested. Our local feral cat association gets broken bags and excess cat food from grocery stores/pet supplies. You could ask the respective store managers if they might consider donating.
And kudos to you for doing this, those poor animals need all the help they can get.

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Thanks for the comments!

I will certainly look into the grocery store suggestion. To be honest, though, I would almost think they would prefer donating to a bona fide organization of some sort, than handing out damaged pet food goods to some nobody who claims he's feeding ferals. But I can still try. :-)

Re: the SPCA: I had to read that one twice! :-D I would think shelters like that are generally so undersponsored that they would always be in need of donations of various sorts. It would never occur to me that they would have any surplus foods to offer people like me. But we do have a big SPCA facility about 15 min. away that just opened within the last year or two, so I'll call them and see what they suggest or if they actually have food to offer.

FWIW, I suppose one problem with my situation is that most (not all) of the cats I take care of started the relationship by coming around our place. I didn't have to bring them here by a rescue or have to go somewhere else to feed them (though I do do that with a few of them). Then after I caught them and got them fixed, vaccinated and made sure they had good food and water, some of them will mellow out over time, enough so that they aren't quite so 'feral' anymore. Some even end up being litter-box trained indoor-outdoor cats, and may even like sleeping on my bed! But it's still the case that they're all a part of the total cat group I'm caring for and need financial help with. IOW, I still need $$ help, even though many of the ferals have 'graduated.' I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think it will feel a bit strange to ask for food to help feed feral cats when, at present, a number of them have gotten more subdued (which is a good thing, right?). :-/

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback!!


P.S. If anyone wins the Powerball, I'll be glad to send you my name and address for a small donation! ;-)

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If I win the powerball, I will set up an open account for you at a vet clinic and a pet food place. :o)

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Talk to your local PetSMART and Petco store manager. They sometimes donate torn/damaged bags to rescue/shelters. If you shop there and they know you, they may be willing to help you out.

Alley Cat Allies is a well established feral cat resource, you might try them.

Good luck and thank you for everything you are doing.

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