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teeman11January 26, 2012

Hi, I'm looking for a little feedback on updating my dwv. I've attached 2 images, one is the floor plan, basically two stacked bathrooms and kitchen right next to the first floor bath room. Currently there are no vents for the shower, tub and laundry, there is no laundry sink, and the vent for the kitchen sink is about 6" below the the flood line instead of above. Also, there is a mix of cast iron, pvc and copper. I'm hoping to fix all of that. I'd like to start with just the layout out so assuming the correct pipe size, slope and connections how does this look?





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assuming the correct pipe size, slope and connections = wow that is a lot of assumptions.

a bathroom (if small enough distances) can be vented from the lav vent. Tie in the shower or tub before the WC. You've got more vents than that. I cannot comment whether they are connected right. I would tie the lavs and showers and tubs together first so that they are all upstream of fecal matter in WC drains.

You can vent the combined WC's near the stack and Wye that line down to the stack underneath the bathroom group.

But, not a plumber, I will leave the final analysis to others.

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The overall layout looks okay,BUT:

On the 3" watercloset fixture arm from the stack you show two bends making an offset. If you make a 90deg bend you would have to use a Wye & 1/8bend or combo with a cleanout on the top end of the wye,,however if you make that offset using two 1/8th bends (sanitary 45deg elbow) and a 45deg offset you do not need the cleanout and you could run it as shown.

You did not mention which code your under..

Under the IRC if the total developed length of a vent exceeds 40' you have to increase the vent pipe by one nominal trade size.

Under the UPC if any horizontal offset exceeds 3' you have to increase the vent line by one nominal trade size.

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