ever seen a pig smile?

NinapearlJune 15, 2013

no? well, you have now!

pigs don't share very well. they all like to be top dog...errr,..hog. but arnold and porkahontas are very tolerant of each other. sometimes, they take it to extremes!

people ask me why i have pet pigs. this is why! they can always put a smile on my face and sometimes, they can make me laugh right out loud! :)

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Priceless !!!! How do they like your danes?

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this is harley

harley and my female dane, swee' pea, have a little game they play. pea play bows at the fence, harley runs at her, gets to the fence, grunts, spins around and runs away. this game goes on and on and on. sometimes, i have to break it up because they get to the point of being overheated. harley is the only one of my pigs that will play with the dogs.

bentley looks at the pigs as food and he has an extremely high prey drive. neither dane is allowed inside the fence and if i let the pigs out to wander and root in the alfalfa field, the dogs are shut in the house.

mostly, i just hang out in the pig pen, dole out cookies (tiny puppy biscuits) and sometimes i'll sit on the ground. when i do that, i usually have either harley or arnold flop down next to me for a belly rub.

pigs are very affectionate with "their" people but are very standoffish to strangers.

everything you always wanted to know about pot bellied pigs but were afraid to ask! LOL

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awww! how cute are they sharing their paddling pond? In the first pic it's looks like Arnold is smiling big time! and thinking "life rocks when you're a pig" hehe, love it.

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that's porkahontas with the big smile. she is my first piggy. :)

i have 2 pools that are specially made for pots. they have styrofoam edges so it's easy for them to walk in and out of them. you can see the other pool in the background, empty. many days, they prefer to share 1 pool. so silly!

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I've been up and close to pigs in my lifetime, but not the pot-bellied kind..........the ham and bacon kind and have always had a special affection for them. What's not to love about a smiling pig????? He's like Wilbur on Charlotte's web. He's RADIANT.

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Too cute, you have your own enjoyment and never have to leave home. Thanks for sharing & letting us know how they play..... They really are priceless !!!!!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Oh nina!!! Those pictures made me laugh out loud!!! The look on her face is priceless and the one of the two of them sitting side by side would win any contest for sure!!

That's a lot of entertainment right there!!!

Thanks for sharing those gems!!

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Love the pictures. Tell your piggies that's one reason I have not eaten meat for 30 years.

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LOL, i DO have my very own side show here!

i always thought pigs just grunted but they really do have a very specific language. there are happy grunts, angry grunts, satisfied moans and when harley is anxious for food, he stands at the gate and whines. i swear, sometimes i can pick out "momma!!!" somewhere in his ramblings.

this is a picture of arnold when he was a wee lad. when the dogs would bark at him, he would bark right back!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Those are such sweet animals!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Nina, last night on a show called Too Cute on Animal Planet (I think) one of the breeds they were showcasing was great danes. There were 3 puppies in the litter. Two were black and white and one was gray and white. The gray and white one was named Pearl. Made me think of you. They were adorable.

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i watched the show with the dane pups. they are ohhh so cute! they once did a segment on some pot bellied piglets. holy cow, talk about cute!!

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Nina - I just love your pigs !!!!

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thanks! i love my pigs, too, but sometimes they can be a little embarrassing. i have a bench out there that i sit on and they all line up for cookies. porkahontas has a perpetually dirty nose because she LOVES rooting in the sand, especially after a rain when it's wet. if she thinks i've given a cookie to one of the other pigs out of turn, she will bump my leg with her snout. invariably, she leaves a spot on my leg that's dirty sand. did you know that dirty sand kinda stains? yeah, it does! i brushed my leg off one day, thinking it was "just sand" and went to town for gas. while i was pumping gas, i looked down at my leg and there was a pretty sizable dirty spot...for all the world to see!

i dunno...maybe i am part pig! :D

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