My Lucy being a dog

Elly_NJJune 4, 2011

I adopted Lucy about 2 months ago. She had been turned in by a (backyard) lab breeder who also gave up 20 of her other breeders. She felt it was too much, so she surrendered the older ones, since the ones that came to the shelter were 5 years old.

She does this every few years, surrendering her breeders to the shelter after selling God knows how many puppies.

I wanted a dog and would only get one from the shelter. I wanted a lab, though, and the chances of getting a lab without major issues from a shelter is small.

I spent 2 mornings with her, then took her home to see how she would do with my cat Puja (who loves dogs).

I could tell she had pretty much lived in a kennel and whelping pen. She was a bit shut down. She didn't know her name (which was Annie at the time). She was very curious about everything and tentative around strangers (except at the shelter, where she loves every one). She was fearful around some people.

She'd never been up or down stairs or in a car. She didn't want to step into water. (A lab afraid of water?)

She lacked confidence. She also had never made that deep connection with an "owner" that is the foundation of the pet-person relationship. I felt if that were fixed, everything else would follow,

Well, 2 months later, and with lots of fun work, she's blossomed into a lab. I take her on long walks, taught her Sit, Wait, the recall Here, Let's go and This way (the command for changing direction when walking).

She is very attached to me as I to her, and that has accelerated her progress.

The best illustration I can give is in this video.


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what a sweetie! She looks happy, confident & so excited running in the water.

One of our shelties was let go in the woods by a breeder, w/5 more shelties. He was very nervous when we got him, and now he's a happy, relaxed boy.

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What fun you must be having as you give her a REAL life and watch her learn! What a happy girl she's becoming under your care :)

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I used to have a very small garden pond in the middle of the garden. My dogs would go in and lay right down and stay there until they cooled off. One dog would paw at the water over and over until she nearly splashed it all out. Needless to say eventually I had to fill the pond in with dirt and plant flowers in it.

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oh elly, she is just adorable!! every shelter dog should be so lucky!!!!!

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Perfect - so many dogs like yours are dealt with emotionally and not with boundaries and training. Good work and Kudos to you for adopting.
Too bad they can not ban the woman from continuing her practices, if she only knew what a burden on the County she was being.

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What a day-brightener! Thank you for rescuing Lucy, wish more people would do what you have done. She looks so happy and full of life..

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She is a happy dog now thanks to you.

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