Would a new cat(s) pee in old cat's smelly pee spot?

phish_gwJune 21, 2011

I have an older cat and we lost his brother a few months ago. I and am considering getting either one or two new cats.

My current cat's brother had kidney problems at the end and there were certain parts of the carpet where he had peed. My current cat also does not have stellar litter habits and he has some areas he pees on the rugs. I don't see the need in replacing any rugs until he is gone since I'm afraid he might still pee on them even if we replaced them (and I'd much rather have a house that smells like pee and have my awesome kitty than to have neither of these).

However, I am afraid that if I brought a new cat(s) into the house, they would start peeing in these spots too.

Has anyone had this type of problem? Did you bring in a new cat with good litter habits only to find him copying off the old cat and peeing on the rug? Any advice on how to prevent this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Not necessarily so but yes, you could be headed into a problem. Scent is a big thing for cats and the new one may start marking because he smells marks on the rug already. It's probably going to be dependent on the cat.

Why is your cat peeing on the rug? You didn't mention him having medical problems so that leaves a behavioral issue. What have you used to clean your rugs? If you can still smell pee in the house (unless its from a brand new pee episode) you haven't used the correct cleaner. I've learned the correct cleaner is a necessity. You've got to get a good enzyme cleaner designed for pet urine. Soak the soiled areas and you might have to go down to the padding/floor boards if it was deeply soaked. Sometimes you have to do it twice. It's a chore but try to eradicate any sign of odor to see if you can correct it if he's having a behavioral issue. (They sell black lights that you shine on your carpet in the dark and urine spots show up to help you find the places needing treatment).

Does he seem lonely for a playmate? He might be happier living out his days as a solo cat if he's elderly rather than being introduced to a new guy. That's a consideration, too all dependent on his personality and age. I'd personally try to get his problem corrected before bringing in a new one. Pee smell in the house is awful! Remember, a new guy is going to cause him some type of stress which might exasperate the situation.

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spedigrees z4VT

I think if it were me I would not add another cat until after your old timer is gone. Bringing in a new cat is likely to upset the older one, and the peed areas of carpetting are almost certain to confuse the new kitty and cause litter training problems. I'd enjoy your old cat while he's with you, then change the carpet and bring in a new younger cat or two.

Kudos to you for valuing your old kitty above having an immaculate house. Far too many people choose their house furnishings over a dependant living being.

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