My GSD is snapping :(

sharon620June 14, 2011

I adopted a beautiful German Shepherd 8 yrs ago from our local shelter. She is very protective of us and not very social at all. Despite training we found she has been severely beaten by her former owner

She has been nothing but a help to me and sweet to my family. I had epilepsy and believe it or not Bella could tell when they are coming and alert my family. She licks my face so it stimulates my brain.

Well, right now she is snapping at me. Lately she hasn't been sleeping in the bed with me and today just started snapping at me when I started to brush her.

I went thru her fur ( she is a short hair shepherd) to see if I could see anything but I couldn't.

I have an appt. with our vet tonight. But I am so upset. What could this be?

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it could be any number of things but i'd put my money on the fact that she is in pain somewhere. at 8 years old, she could very well have arthritis that is causing her some significant discomfort. your vet may want to do some x-rays or he may be able to tell just by a hands-on exam. he will likely put her on some pain meds and joint supplements.

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Is this something new she just started to do? I agree must be in some kind of pain. It doesn't sound like all the love she has for you it would be a mean thing. just trying to tell you it hurts. With being beaten severely, could have an injury or having flashbacks. Please do whatever you can for her & you to resolve this. Much luck to both of you. Keep us posted plz

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At 8, she could indeed be having some pain, & it's possible that something somewhere (bb pellets, etc) has moved & is pressing on a nerve.

If her exam/tests come back negative, I'd make an appointment with *my* doctor;
seizure alert dogs are hyper-sensitive to changes in their owner's physical status, & she may be stressed out by something she's sensing.

I'm so glad you found her & she found you, & I wish both of you the very best.

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It could be anything from a cavity to a pulled muscle. Have your vet be thorough. I doubt it is you, if you could give me more information on what you both are doing when she snaps it will help me figure out if this is behavior or not. Good luck with the vet.

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First of all dogs tend to live in the here and now and what happened to her 8 years ago has no bearing on her behavior today.

She is not getting on the bed anymore... one sign that it may be her back, hips or legs, jumping up on the bed may be painful.

Was there a particular area that you brushed when she snapped at you? That could be a clue to where some pain may be.

Good luck at the Vet.. hopefully they can help you.

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Listen to Joepyeweed. She is right on target with the bed behavior (watch for hesitation on stairs too, and don't let her jump into the car for the ride to vet.) Hope your special girl is ok and feels better soon!

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