yew haz cooookies?

NinapearlJune 15, 2012

wee haz bin sow guuuuud!

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Cute, I think they should get 2 cookies for being so guuuuud!

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ninapearl, your posts & pics always make me smile!

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I see they are getting along just fine! How are your Blues doing? Huggs!!!!

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Although nina's pic is of piggy *faces*, it reminded me of a story told by a young woman who was driving her grandmother to a wedding when a car full of young guys passed them, honking & hollering.

Two of the guys had their bare backsides hanging out the window-
they were mooning the young woman & her grandmother!

Her sweet little nearsighted grandmother said,
"Well, would you look at that?
Those people are carrying pigs in their car!"

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LMAO sylvia, that's hilarious!

lisa, they are getting along great now, never a single problem! i often see lilly and arnold laying together and one day this week when i got home from work, i saw them "spooning". it was so cute!

i had the vet out last week to trim lilly's feet. the change in her was instant! she is moving SO much better and i believe she had been in some pain since 2 of her dew claws had curled under and were practically growing into the bottoms of her feet. i could not believe how someone could have a house pig and let it get to that point! she is becoming downright affectionate with me and i really think it is because she is so much more comfortable!

the blues are doing great this year! i had all 4 fledglings in the back yard recently and because the wrens were doing a lot of pestering, the blues have built their second nest in a box out in front. as of yesterday, 4 beautiful eggs. yipeee!!! and hugs right back at ya!

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